Riana Nel biography: age, baby, husband, sister, songs, albums, and Instagram

Riana Nel biography: age, baby, husband, sister, songs, albums, and Instagram

Who is Riana Nel? The latter is a multi-talented artist who is famous for songwriting and performing country music. You might think she is South African, but then she was born in Namibia, after which she relocated to South Africa where she established her career in music. That is how far she associates herself with South Africa. She is one of the oldest bust most consistent artists. The country is super proud to associate with her. Going through her biography will reveal so much information that most people do not know!

Riana Nel biography: age, baby, husband, sister, songs, albums, and Instagram

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South Africa is one of the countries which is richly invested in the entertainment industry. The country's music industry is one of the most flooded industries whose representation cuts across nearly all genres. For you to thrive in the industry and make the best out of it, it is key for you to be consistent and try out the unique styles to capture the attention of your audience. That is exactly what Riana Nel is doing, as depicted by her biography.

Riana Nel biography

How well do you know Riana Nel? Her biography will provide details on the artist and her music.

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How old is Riana Nel?

She was born on 9th November 1982; in the year of the Dog. She was born in Namibia where she also grew up. She later on relocated to South Africa to develop her music career. As of date, Riana Nel age is thirty-six years old. Looking at her photos on social media would make a dispute that she is thirty-six. She looks way younger than that, probably you would judge her for a twenty-four-year-old.

Riana Nel family

Very little is known about the latter's childhood life and her family, apart from the fact that she has a sister called Nianell. Nianell is her elder sister who is forty-seven years old. Nia Nel has also ventured into music, as she is a composer and a singer too. Apart from that, she also plays the guitar and the piano.

Besides that, Riana Nel got married in 2013, and the name of Riana Nel husband is; Cornel de Beer. The two had their first baby whom they named Tristan in February 2016, and the second baby boy, Sebastian in September 2017. Her Instagram page depicts her life as a mother.

Riana Nel music career

Riana Nel songs

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Riana Nel started her career in music way back in the early 2000's and has been keen to ensure that she releases hits. Her music depicts emotions. She has done songs in Afrikaans and English.

Riana Nel albums

He remarkable artist has given her musical career her very best. She has been releasing her albums and taking a hiatus which would consequently be followed by another album. So far, she has done six albums which are the reason behind the love and fame that she has from her fans. These are the titles of the albums that she has done so far;

  • Oopmond’ wic se released in 2001.
  • The cure which she released in 2003.
  • Someone With Skin released in 2005.
  • Die Moiete Werd that she released in 2011.
  • Die Regte Tyd that she did in 2014.
  • Jy Sal Weet, which she released in 2017.

Needless say that the latter takes time to invest in her career before she releases an album. The best part of it is that the albums have been performing well and are the reason for her fame.

Riana Nel songs

Riana Nel albums

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If you were not sure about the style that the latter has been pulling for her music, then you need to take a break and listen to her song. They will automatically make you fall in love with country music. They are the type that will serenade you into getting into the mood of the song. So far, these are some of her most-loved songs;

1. Lord You Know

Are you in despair and are looking for a song to clam your soul and lift your spirits? Listening to this song will change your situation for the better. The song is two years old and has accumulated more than 1.6 million views on YouTube.

2. Riana Nel skouers

This is another beautiful piece that the artist did in Afrikaans. Her beautiful voice blends perfectly with the beats in the song. Listening to it from afar will make you think that it is in Spanish. It is the kind that will touch your heart, even when you do not understand the intended message.

3. Riana Nel weier

In this hit, Riana has showcased her diversity in trying out a style that is completely different from the one that most people are used to watching her perform in. She is bolder and the beats of this particular hit are fast and more pronounced. You cannot help but fall in love with her style in this case.

4. Riana Nel dans

It is beautiful how Riana can juggle through gospel and love hits in her country music style and not sound odd.

5. Riana Nel Glass feat. Coleske brothers

It is amazing how fluent Riana can sing so fluently in Afrikaans and reciprocate the same in English country songs. This piece, for instance, is a masterpiece. The message of the song comes out so flawlessly. She hits the highest notes with ease and blends in her voice with the guitars and pianos. This is one hit that you would wish to listen to over and over again, despite it not being among the Riana Nel new songs.

Rian Nel is by far one of the best South African country songs artist. It is amazing and encouraging how one can thrive in a genre that is not flooded, the type that stands out from the rest. Her music is so calming and brings forth good vibes. She is the type of artist that you would listen to and not get bored.


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