List of the best law schools in South Africa

List of the best law schools in South Africa

Searching for the best law schools in South Africa is an overwhelming experience that can sometimes end with frustrations. Both local and international learners often run out of choices when determining where they can enroll for a wealth of legal knowledge. While several law schools in South Africa have the capacity to train legal practitioners, only a few ranks top in our list. These institutions rank exceptionally for their holistic approach to learning and unlimited practical life exposures.

List of the best law schools in South Africa
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Which universities offer law in South Africa? Some of the best law universities in South Africa find pride in their cross-border recognition as legal study centres. These legal academic giants not only offer standardized lessons but also blend a mix of cultures in their learning environment. The country prides with more than 17 law schools, all of which feature across the continent. Most of these iconic institutions have an extended history with an enriched heritage in their training programs.

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Which university in South Africa is the best?

Top South African universities are not necessarily the best when it comes to law studies. For this reason, we have assessed our high ranking schools on an exclusive measure of legal study requirements.

Top law schools in South Africa feature in the list of 500 best law schools across the world. The QS World Rankings by Subject 2019 determined that seven African law schools qualified for the record with four of them from South Africa. It is no doubt that top tier law schools in the country offer the best legal education across Africa.

South African law schools employ conventional teaching methods including the use of English as a standard dialect of instruction. Top performer institutions also share a longstanding history stretching into the early 1800's. Large library systems showcase this heritage providing learners with a broad scope of information ahead of their graduations. Affordability and diversity of study subjects are also aspects of concern when it comes to our conclusion regarding the best universities in South Africa for law studies 2019.

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The list of South African universities offering law studies

List of the best law schools in South Africa
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Provided is a list of best law universities in South Africa needed to start a legal career anywhere in the world.

1. University of Cape Town (UTC)

Local rank: 1

Global rank: 101 - 150

Overall score: 44.1

Year started: 1829

2. Stellenbosch University

Local rank: 2

Global rank: 201 - 250

Overall score: 27.1

Year started: Over 100 years

3. University of Pretoria (UP)

Local rank: 3

Global rank: 251 - 300

Academic reputation: 22.1

Year started: 1908

4. University of Witwatersrand

Local rank: 4

Global rank: 251-300

Other law South African universities

Other competitive institutions not featured in our list include:

  1. University of KwaZulu-Natal started in 2004
  2. University of Johannesburg started as a merger in 2005
  3. University of the Western Cape
  4. University of South Africa
  5. University of Fort Hare
  6. University of the Free State
  7. University of Limpopo
  8. North-West University
  9. Nelson Mandela University
  10. Rhodes University
  11. University of South Africa
  12. University of Venda
  13. University of the Western Cape
  14. University of Zululand

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Popular law schools in South Africa

List of the best law schools in South Africa
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Source: UGC

Different law schools are uniquely competitive for their domestic and international rankings. For instance, the University of Cape Town holds the record as the earliest south African law school and the second oldest of its kind in Africa. The school was first established in 1929 and has an average population of a thousand law students.

The University of Witwatersrand, popularly called the University of Wits, is the second tier and among the most prestigious institutions in the region. Did you know that Nelson Mandela was a student here?

Stellenbosch University is yet another excellent legal centre with over a century of existence in the Western Cape.

Top law schools worldwide

Which university is best for law? Law schools that made it to the top worldwide include:

  1. Harvard University- United States
  2. University of Oxford - United Kingdom
  3. University of Cambridge - United Kingdom
  4. Yale University - United States
  5. Stanford University - United States
  6. The University of Melbourne - Australia
  7. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) - United Kingdom
  8. University of California, Berkeley (UCB) - United States
  9. Columbia University - United States
  10. New York University (NYU) - United States

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South Africa dominates in the list of top 5 law universities in the continent, therefore, attracting thousands of learners from across the region It is evident that the country is home of the oldest and quality-centred law schools graduating Nobel Prize winners and other competitive persons in the legal faculty. If you are sure that you want to pursue a law course, do not hesitate to enroll in these best law schools in South Africa for quality education.


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