Bryte travel insurance in South Africa review

Bryte travel insurance in South Africa review

Bryte travel insurance is the perfect fit to consider if you need travel insurance that has the prowess in developing the control to a situation before it surfaces, instead of waiting until it happens.

How do I qualify for complimentary travel insurance through Bryte Travel?
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Bryte travel insurance is an enterprising firm that has distinctive understanding, validated mastery, and foresight into business risks across the globe. Bryte travel insurance reviews and feedback from users shows that they partner with customers and vendors solely to protect their clients, through an in-depth sector knowledge, that is not only excellent but also fit for future focus. It is a marketable hazard specialist based in South Africa.

Bryte travel plans

With Brtye travel insurance, there is nothing to worry about regardless of the risk exposure. So, depending on your needs, there are various plans that you can choose from. They are discussed below.

Business Insurance package

This plan is solely for business travellers. It is open to business owners within the ages of 16 years and 75 years. The policy covers all emergency medical expenses. It is also suitable for entrepreneurs who have to take another flight due to delay, cancel or postpone their trip.

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Golden Years Insurance package

This plan is suitable for ageing citizens. People within the ages of 80 years and 84 years are eligible for the Golden Years plan since it covers their emergency needs.

Group Insurance package

This plan is for a small family or corporate gathering. The coverage is open to travellers that are between 3 months old and 69 years. However, the total number of travellers should not be more than ten people. The group plan is affordable to groups who are on the same destination.

Inbound Insurance package

This coverage plan is for tourists or visitors who are coming to South Africa. It is open to foreigners within the ages of three months and 75 years old.

Island Hopper Insurance package

This package covers trips within eight days’ duration. Nevertheless, the protection plan can be extended after the stipulated days. But then, the extension will be purchased daily. The Hopper plan is for travellers between three months old and 69 years.

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bryte travel insurance policy wording
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Jet Set Insurance package

This plan is cost-effective. The package only covers current medical conditions. The Jet Set plan insures travellers within the age range of 3 months old and 69 years.

Lite Insurance package

This plan is more cost-effective than the previous one. The reason is that it is designed for basic coverage needs, and it is available for travellers within the age range of three months and 69 years.

Local Insurance package

This plan is for South Africans in the country. The package covers all rental services that are needed, provided you can not travel with your vehicle. It is open to the citizen within the age range of three months old and 75 years.

Premier Insurance package

This plan is suitable for the citizen who needs a complete coverage pack. With the Premier Insurance plan, you get insured for both current and previous medical conditions. It is available to travellers within the age range of three months and 69 years old.

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Top Up Insurance package

This plan is ideal for travellers that buy flight tickets through their credit card or bank account. It is open to travellers within the age range of three months and 75 years.

Vintage Insurance package

This plan is available for citizens within 70 years and 79 years old.

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What does Bryte travel insurance policy underwrite?

Bryte travel insurance policy wording gives the full schedule of the benefits and how it works. Areas that their policy covers include:

  • Personal accident and liability
  • Medical charges and related benefits
  • Cancellation cover
  • Luggage robbery or destruction
  • Delay of travel and visa
  • Air space closure
Bryte travel insurance
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How do I qualify for complimentary travel insurance through Bryte Travel?

It is by using Bryte travel insurance Investec visa card to purchase a voucher for a trip that stops and commences in South Africa. The eligibility for this voucher is age, and it is available to anyone from 79 years and below.

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Bryte travel insurance reviews

Check out what some of the clients of this company have to say on their services below:

I had a building claim with Bryte, the turnaround tint for processing the claim and updating me with the progress was very poor initially. I posted on hello Peter . Got a response from Sante Dubber ( customer service specialist ) , and within 2 days she escalated my claim and resolved it. Thanks , excellent service. - Yusuf A
I would like to compliment 2 people at Bryte Insurance Company because of the good service i received from them although i didn't always get or never got calls from this company to inform me this process i used a lot of my airtime up for updates and follow up. - Shawn T
In august last year i had a vehicle claim and as usually i was taken from pillar to post by the insurance company EPIC making all excuses and delay tactics,until i got in contact with the underwrite managing company Bryte insurance and great THANKS to the relationships manager Mr Kiren Singh who provided me with his cell number so that i reach him directly who made promises and he keeped even with a simple promise to call back he would do it. - Tumi S

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Where is Bryte travel insurance located in South Africa?

Bryte travel insurance South Africa headquarters is located at:

15, Marshall Street, Ferreirasdorp

Johannesburg 2001, South Africa

Phone: +27 (0) 11 370 9111

Also bear in mind that they have branches in different locations across South Africa, including Pietermaritzburg, Port Elizabeth, and Pretoria.

Bryte travel insurance is a firm that has proven that productivity and excellence have nothing to do with longevity. It would not be surprising if they take over and become the top coverage firm of all time in subsequent years from now.


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