Doodsondes 3 Teasers for April 2021: Lila and Yigit get married

Doodsondes 3 Teasers for April 2021: Lila and Yigit get married

The third season of Doodsondes on eExtra and eTV premiered on 15th March 2021, and fans cannot have enough of it. In the April episodes, Lila and Yigit get married, and he assures her that they will never divorce. Elsewhere, Yildiz hands Halit the divorce documents, but he is not ready to break the marriage. Discover more from the following Doodsondes 3 teasers.

Doodsondes 3
Doodsondes 3 premiered on 15th March 2021 on eTV and eExtra. Photo: etv
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Nadir plans to get closer to all the people in Halit's life, and he later reveals to Yildiz his dark past with Halit. Will Yildiz believe his narration? Why is he after Halit?

Doodsondes 3 teasers April 2021

Doodsondes telenovela continues to be a great source of entertainment for families across South Africa. Will Ender get what she is after? Here is what is coming up in the Doodsondes 3 April episodes.

Doodsondes 3 Teasers
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1st April 2021 (Thursday – Episode 14)

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Ender asks Halit for her cash as she is still a partner in the company. Elsewhere, Yildiz is disappointed when all the paternity tests turn out negative. Ender finally gets the opportunity to talk to Erim.

2nd April 2021 (Friday – Episode 15)

Yildiz decides to go to a medical facility for a maternity test, and the results shock her. Sahika continues to perfect her plan.

5th April 2021 (Monday – Episode 16)

Halit returns Yildiz's child while Kaya and Leyla go on an official date. The baby's return makes Sahika lose her cool. Elsewhere, Lila tries her best to make Yigit envious.

6th April 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 17)

Yildiz asks Halit to make a choice between her and Sahika. Otherwise, she will not go back to the mansion. Ender schemes on how she will have possession of Sahika's cell phone.

7th April 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 18)

Yildiz and Halit are looking at how they will hold Halit Junior's circumcision ceremony, but Sahika does not like the sound of it. After regaining her strength, Ender nominates herself to the position of chair of the charity organization in which she is a partner.

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8th April 2021 (Thursday – Episode 19)

Yildiz gives Halit the divorce documents. Why did she take a long time to decide? Who will be her attorney? Later, there is tension between Halit and Sahika because of how Halit reacted to the issue.

9th April 2021 (Friday – Episode 20)

Yildiz tries her best to follow an ancient custom as she wades through the changing situation at Argun Holding. Elsewhere, Zehra gets ready for the big interview, but there is a catch.

Doodsondes 3 Teasers
Doodsondes 3 episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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12th April 2021 (Monday – Episode 21)

Leyla is guilt-ridden after telling Kaya lies, while Caner, Yildiz, and Ender are planning to surprise Sahika and Halit. On the other hand, Lila accosts Yigit, while Zehra seeks help from Yildiz.

13th April 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 22)

Leyla is haunted by events that happened in the past. Elsewhere, Yildiz and Ender have organized a dinner party and have invited all the children to bond with their youngest sibling.

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14th April 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 23)

Yildiz informs Ender that Halit is not ready to sign the divorce documents. Zehra shoots her first video as a social media personality.

15th April 2021 (Thursday – Episode 24)

Sahika has surprising news for Halit. On the other hand, Sahika's husband intimidates Kaya but today is not the best day to mess with the attorney.

16th April 2021 (Friday – Episodes 25)

Yigit and Lila tie the knot. Elsewhere, Ender asks Halit to give Yildiz something in order to keep her, and he gives back all her jewelry, including a credit card, so that she takes care of her expenses.

Doodsondes 3 Teasers
Doodsondes 3 episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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19th April 2021 (Monday – Episode 26)

Zehra has to comfort Lila, who comes home upset, and Lila has to make up lies. Sahika organizes her engagement ceremony, but the situation changes for the worst when Ender arrives.

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20th April 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 27)

People are yet to come to terms with the revelation that was made at the party. Meanwhile, Sahika tries to win back people's confidence while Ender tries her best to give her sons a believable explanation.

21st April 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 28)

Halit accosts Kaya and Yigit regarding the revocation of his marriage to Lila. Later, Yigit reassures Lila that he will never divorce her, while Yildiz, Emir, and Caner rescue Leyla from the claws of her abusive spouse.

22nd April 2021 (Thursday – Episode 29)

Yildiz offers Leyla a place to stay. On the other hand, Ender warns Halit regarding her revenge after being compelled to sign over her shares.

23rd April 2021 (Friday – Episode 30)

Halit gains consciousness at the medical facility where he was brought after being poisoned. He later finds out that Aysel, Ender, and Yildiz were also poisoned. He is also troubled after discovering that an old acquaintance paid him a visit at the hospital.

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Doodsondes 3 Teasers
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26th April 2021 (Monday – Episode 31)

Halit tells Metin to investigate Nadir and find out when he was released from prison. Ender comes up with a plan that will make Yigit and Lila meet as a way to show gratitude. Meanwhile, Nadir is planning to create a close relationship with the people in Halit's life. Why?

27th April 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 32)

Halit gets a surprise from Nadir. Halit purchased a house for HalitCan and wants to bring him up alongside Yildiz. Elsewhere, the envy that Ender has over Leyla is getting toxic.

28th April 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 33)

Yildiz and Halit are left reeling after Ender takes another side while Yigit tries his best to make sure that his marriage with Lila remains intact. Later, Kaya introduces Leyla to Yigit. How will it change the situation?

29th April 2021 (Thursday –Episode 34)

Yildiz is trying to get to the position of president in the ladies' company. Elsewhere, Ender tries to make Yigit like her as she plans to bring down Halit and his company.

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30th April 2021 (Friday – Episode 35)

Nadir opens up to Yildiz regarding his dark past with Halit. On the other hand, Kaya and Ender are given a harsh ultimatum by Yigit.

Doodsondes 3 Teasers
Doodsondes 3 episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to Doodsondes 3 characters?

Doodsondes has remained one of the best telenovelas on eTV and eExtra since season one because of its talented cast and thrilling storyline. What happens to your favorite Doodsondes 3 cast in April 2021 episodes?


Since getting married to Halit, she witnessed a drastic change in life. Now she wants to break the marriage, but Halit is not ready to let her go. How will she break free? Will Ender help her?


She reminds Halit that she is still a partner in the company and that she wants her money. Halit compels her to sign over her shares, but she warns him of her revenge. She later comes up with a plan to ruin him and his firm.

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From the above Doodsondes 3 teasers, fans have every reason to look forward to April episodes. How will Yigit make his marriage to Lila work? Follow the action on eExtra at 9.30 p.m. and on TV at 5.30 p.m. from Mondays to Fridays.

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