"My Boyfriend Left Me in Airport Because of His Mother": Relationship Expert Analyses Breakup

"My Boyfriend Left Me in Airport Because of His Mother": Relationship Expert Analyses Breakup

  • A young woman opened up about why she broke up with her boyfriend after 12 months of dating
  • She revealed that her man's mother bought plane tickets for everyone for a family vacation except her because she wasn't family
  • Relationship expert Shelley Lewin spoke to Briefly News about how the woman could make sense of her hurt and the breakup
Woman dumps boyfriend
A woman broke up with her boyfriend after 12 months because his mother excluded her from a family vacation. Image: stefanamer
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Anonymous wrote: "I dumped my boyfriend of 12 months at the airport after his mother decided to not buy me a plane ticket (but bought for everyone else) for a family vacation because she doesn't consider me as family. I only found out at the airport before the flight registration.
"My boyfriend didn't stick up for me against his mother, he never does. He was just standing next to me silently and I felt like I want to disappear. He onboarded the plane and I left in the airport embarrassed. Was I right to end the relationship?"

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Relationship expert makes sense of the woman's breakup

Professional relationship expert Shelley Lewin is the founder/owner of The Relationship Architect Coaching and Education. She is a certified SACAP counsellor in private practice and has been designing bespoke processes for intra-personal and inter-personal development since 2006.

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According to Shelley, Anonymous appears to have felt hurt and unsupported by her partner when his mother decided not to buy her a plane ticket for the family vacation.

"Ending a relationship is a personal decision, and there could be multiple factors at play. In this situation, it's important to consider whether this incident is indicative of a larger pattern of her boyfriend not standing up for her against his mother," Shelley explains.

Shelley said that to better understand and be more helpful, she would need to know how this incident made Anonymous feel and what she believes it says about their relationship.

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"Additionally, it may be helpful to explore if she has communicated her concerns to her boyfriend in the past and what attempts have been made to address the issue.
"Taking these steps can provide a clearer picture of the situation and help her determine whether ending the relationship was the right decision for her. One incident like this need to be viewed within a broader context," Shelley concluded.

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