"I Tried to Kiss My Sister's Boyfriend": Relationship Coach Warns of Potential Family Fallout

"I Tried to Kiss My Sister's Boyfriend": Relationship Coach Warns of Potential Family Fallout

  • A 23-year-old woman opened up about having a secret crush on her sister's boyfriend whom she even tried to kiss once
  • The woman shared what she finds attractive about the man and thought the feelings would go away with time
  • A relationship expert, Coach Nonnie spoke to Briefly News about important factors the woman should consider before acting on her feelings
woman has crush on sister's boyfriend
A woman confessed to having a secret crush on her sister's boyfriend of one year. Image: Westend61
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Anonymous wrote: "I am a 23-year-old woman who has been hiding a secret from my older sister. She's been in a relationship with her man for almost a year now. The problem is, I've got a crush on him. He's handsome, funny, educated and works a really good job. I thought I could ignore it, or that the infatuation would go away with time, but it just hasn't. I even tried to flirt with him and attempt kiss him on one tipsy occassion. But he dismissed me. Should I tell my sister how I feel? Or how else can I better deal with this crush?"

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Relationship coach highlights potential for emotional harm and family conflict

Coach Nonnie is an influential matchmaker and dating coach mainly based in Johannesburg Sandton. Her experience stretches over seven years in dealing with relationships, making her an expert on matters of the heart.

Speaking to Briefly News Nonnie noted anonymous' situation as an interesting one as there were multiple variables to consider. These include whether the relationship between her sister with her man was monogamous or not and whether the man played any role in leading anonymous on.

Nonnie provided advice assuming the couple is in a monogamous relationship and both of them are unaware of anonymous' interests.

"Having feelings for any man who shows characteristics you are attracted to is normal for your age. Research has shown females normally fully develop their frontal cortex at the age of 25 and thus allowing them to make more sound decisions.

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"It is also important to remember that every action we take and the way we behave should not inflict pain or harm affect others in a bad way. In this case, approaching your sister's man may cause a big problem and the rest of the family may even get involved. This could be the beginning of family history and bad memories for many times to come," Nonnie shared.

Coach Nonnie shares questions to consider

Nonnie said that it is best for anonymous to make her decision based on the following questions:

"Will I be fine with how my sister will react after I disclose my feelings? If he accepts my advances or rejects them, am I ready with how this action will empact my sister and the family? Also ask yourself, how would I feel if I had a man who is handsome , works well ,and more , and my own sister attempted to “snatch him”.

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"Also, ask yourself, how would I feel if I had a man who is handsome, works well, and more, and my own sister attempted to “snatch him”?

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