2-Time Graduate in Gauteng Takes on Entrepreneurship While Thriving as Healthcare Worker

2-Time Graduate in Gauteng Takes on Entrepreneurship While Thriving as Healthcare Worker

  • A young woman in Johannesburg who is a healthcare worker recently started a floral and events company
  • The 28-year-old holds two qualifications, one in business, with the other in occupational therapy
  • In a follow-up chat with Briefly News, Sinqobile Mdlalose shares that she would love to empower women through her business as the company grows

A lovely young woman from KZN who now resides in Johannesburg, Gauteng, is incredibly multifaceted.

A lady in Gauteng grinds hard with her floral business and thrives as a healthcare worker too. She is a two-time graduate.
Sinqobile Mdlalose is a multifaceted woman in Gauteng who works hard as a healthcare worker and businesswoman. Image: Sinqobile Mdlalose/Supplied.
Source: UGC

In addition to being brainy and taking on the medical field as an occupational therapist, the University of Pretoria graduate is also a businesswoman.

Briefly News previously reached out to Sinqobile Mdlalose, who shared that her mother was one of her key inspirations for taking on the floral and events field, which led her to start a company called Amora Blooms.

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Now, in a follow-up chat, the young woman shares where her inherent love of business first emerged from.

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Graduate shares business journey

The 28-year-old says that from a young age, she wanted to contribute to society and have a meaningful and fulfilling career. The medical field was thus the obvious choice for her:

"I always found purpose in being of service to people, and so naturally, I knew that being in the medical field only made sense."

However, lamenting on her journey, Sinqobile explains that there were always traces of entrepreneurship embedded within her:

"Searching through my memories, I realised that I always had an entrepreneurial spirit as a young girl. I have beautiful and funny memories of me taking all my clothes out of my cupboard and telling my parents that I was going to sell them in our neighbourhood.

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"I would also make juice in the kitchen and tell my mom that I was going to sell it to my neighbours. I also enjoyed saving money and always wanted to know how I could make more."

Sinqobile initially started an events business in 2018. She describes this period in her life as a stepping stone to greatness and a learning opportunity:

"I started to ask myself what more I could do to maximise my income. I gravitated towards my passion, which was my ability to make things look good and that’s how I was exposed to the events and floral industry.
"I started it off by hosting a women empowerment event, which was a success, and a stepping stone into the industry. In 2021, I then decided to study a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management [at MANCOSA], because I felt I needed the education that came with having a business and managing one in this day and age.

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"I wanted to equip myself and make better and more informed decisions when it came to my business and future businesses."

Gauteng businesswoman wants to study further

The talented woman shares that obtaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a dream she has:

“Pursuing an MBA is the next step, which I feel will sustain my longevity in the entrepreneurial space. I will always be an occupational therapist though and also plan on building future businesses with that.”

Sinqobile also wants to use her business to help and empower other ladies:

“As my business continues to grow, I would hope to have a bigger workforce of women. The floral industry does not just end or begin with a flower shop; there is a farming industry that has to take place before that, which is a great space to develop into and employ more women.
“I am also looking at hosting more women empowerment events in small towns and giving platforms to women who are doing amazing things to inspire others.”

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Source: Briefly News

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