Tbo Touch Weighs In on SARS Wanting R3M From the Late Zahara, SA Reacts: “Taxing Them Even in Death”

Tbo Touch Weighs In on SARS Wanting R3M From the Late Zahara, SA Reacts: “Taxing Them Even in Death”

  • Radio personality Tbo Touch weighed in on SARS demanding money from the late singer Zahara
  • A video of the star commenting on the issue that the deceased singer Zahara owes SARS R3 million
  • Many netizens were stunned by SARS still wanting money from the singer even after her death

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Tbo Touch said if you don't engage and plan with SARS then you'll be in trouble
Tbo Touch talks about SARS demanding money from Zahara. Image: @tbotouch
Source: Instagram

Tjo, mara SARS doesn't have any timing. The nation's tax collecting authority had many netizens unimpressed with their recent stunt regarding the late Zahara.

Tbo Touch weighs in on SARS demanding R3M from the late Zahara

Social media has been buzzing since many public figures and socialites found themselves in hot water with South African Revenue Services (SARS).

Recently, the late singer Zahara became a hot topic online as news of SARS serving her family with a Letter of Demand that she allegedly owes them R3 million circulated.

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South African radio personality Tbo Touch weighed in on the matter during his sit-down interview on Podcast and Chill with Sol Phenduka. The star mentioned in the video that when you down-engage and plan with SARS on how you'll repay the money you owe, the joke will be on you, and you'll be in trouble.

Tbo Touch, speaking from experience of being in hot water with the nation's tax collecting authority, also mentioned that many don't know that the government owns 20% of every citizen's assets. Whatever they have under their name, the state owns 20% of it.

MDNews posted the clip of Tbo talking about Zahara's situation with SARS on their Twitter (X) page and captioned it:

"Tbo Touch on SARS serving Zahara with a final letter of demand, and now targeting her estate for R3 million tax debt."

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Watch the video below:

Netizens react to SARS demanding money from the late singer

Many fans weighed in on Zahara's matter with SARS:

@Keep_IT_Closer responded:

"Such conversations i would like to hear coming from our brothers. I didn’t know about 20% thing…"

@McFumbata commented:

"But that’s not how Estate Duty works though… at least the mechanics of it. There’s at least a R3,5m abatement on the estate’s net asset value, then that’s the dutiable amount upon which 20% is applied…"

@Thand0rr said:

"Hawu kahleni bo!"

@ThoughtsRhymes tweeted:

"Taxing them even in death."

@eyevusi mentioned:

"It's so unfortunate that those who are enjoying her Royalties while she was given leftovers are not held accountable for it, SARS should connect the dots and follow the money crumbs to where the real money is. Let Zahara RIP and be remembered for all her good music."

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@ThabsTh57682 responded:

"Yhoooo...nohh ngi cool with being broke!"

Zahara concert halted as family lacks cash

Briefly News previously reported that Zahara's family, the Mkutukanas, had a whole show in the works to try to raise money and repossess the late singer's home. In honour of Zahara, the show was meant to feature other artists, including Vusi Nova and Nathi Mankayi.

Many South Africans expressed doubt that the concert was for Zahara's benefit. The late singer's sister, Bandezwa Mkutukana-Febana, opened up about how challenging it has been to put the event together.

Source: Briefly News

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