Meet Isabella Guzman: breakdown of her case and where is she now

Meet Isabella Guzman: breakdown of her case and where is she now

Isabella Guzman became famous after her trial for a murder case was live-streamed and uploaded on TikTok. Since then, her name has become famous on the internet. Where is Isabella Guzman now, and what is the current state of her case?

isabella guzman
Isabella Guzman during her court trial. Photo: @isabella.guzman.161009 (modified by author)
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Isabella was only 18 years old when she was prosecuted for murdering her mother in cold blood by stabbing her with a knife. She pleaded not guilty to the crime while her defence counsel cited that she was schizophrenic and mentally unhealthy.

Profile summary

Full nameIsabella Yun-Mi Guzman
Date of birthJune 1995
Age 29 years (as of 2024)
Zodiac signCancer
Place of birthUnited States of America
Eye colourDark Blue
Hair colourBlack
Height5'6" (168 cm)
Weight123 lbs (56 kg)
FatherRobert Guzman
MotherYun-Mi Hoy
StepfatherRyan Hoy
Marital statusSingle

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Who is Isabella Guzman?

Isabella Guzman is an American who became well-known in 2013 due to a highly publicized incident in which she was involved in the stabbing of her mother. She was born on June 1995. As of 2024, she is 29 years old.

Guzman's mother's name is Yun-Mi Hoy, while her father is Robert Guzman. Her stepfather's name is Ryan Hoy. She is of mixed ethnicity, comprising Hispanic and caucasian ancestry because her mother is Hispanic while her father is caucasian.

After Isabella Guzman's parents divorced, her mother married Ryan Hoy. This led to Isabella living with her and the stepfather for some time before living with her biological father.

isabella guzman mother picture
A smiling photo of Isabella while in court. Photo: @IsabillaGuzman
Source: Facebook

Isabella Guzman's story of murder

Isabella's story is heartbreaking because it is unusual to hear of a murder story involving a daughter and her mother. On 28th August 2013, 18-year-old Isabella stabbed her mother with a knife at their home in Aurora, Colorado, United States.

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The injury sustained led to the death of Yun-Mi. She then ran away after the incident but was captured the following afternoon in a nearby parking garage. Her pink sports bra and turquoise shorts still stained with her mother's blood.

Guzman was arrested and charged with the first-degree murder of her mother as an adult and was eligible for punishment because she was already 18.

According to the stepdad, Isabella has been recalcitrant since early childhood and always argued with her mother. As a result, she was sent to live with her father when she was seven years old and returned after some time.

Also, her aunt said Guzman has a friendly demeanour but could get angry and lock herself in a room, though not to the extent of being violent. As time passed before the murder, Yun-Mi Hoy feared her daughter because she started posing a threat to her.

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Robert Guzman stated that:

We sat down in the backyard looking at the trees and the animals and I started to talk to her about the respect that people should have for their parents. I thought that I made progress.

Mrs Hoy also reported to the police about the threat for her life a few hours before the murder occurred. But unfortunately, Isabella was never deterred from her intentions and proceeded to kill her mother in the bathroom.

Isabella Guzman's case, arraignment and verdict

Isabella was arraigned at Arapahoe County court on one count of first-degree murder and two counts of violent crimes. But then, the case was postponed until the afternoon because Isabella refused to come out of her cell.

The murderer pleaded not guilty to the charges, while the counsel in her defence argued that she did not know what she did because she had schizophrenia. Also, doctors testified in court in 2014 that Guzman had suffered a high level of delusion for years due to schizophrenia.

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What is Isabella Guzman's illness?
Guzman talking to a lawyer in court. Photo: @IsabillaGuzman
Source: Facebook

It was even said that she did not know Yun-Mi Hoy was her mother and that she thought she was protecting the world from harm by removing a perceived threat.

On those grounds, the judge was convinced that the suspect did not commit the crime intentionally and did not know right from wrong, given the significant mental health challenge presented in the evidence.

Consequently, Isabella was sent to Pueblo State Hospital for treatment instead of the prison with the condition that she would stay there until she was no longer a threat to herself and the community at large.

A few years later, a video from Isabella's trial, where she looked smug and smirked, became super famous on TikTok, making people talk about the story again.

What is Isabella Guzman's medical condition?

She has schizophrenia, a severe mental disorder characterized by distorted perceptions of reality. This condition can manifest through hallucinations, delusions, and profoundly disorganized thinking and behavior, significantly hindering daily functioning. Individuals with schizophrenia necessitate ongoing treatment throughout their lives.

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Where is Isabella Guzman now in 2024?

Isabella remains confined at the Colorado Mental Health Institute, a place she has called home for more than ten years. She has not been released yet because her mental health will have to be attested by the hospital and affirmed by the court.

In November 2020, she told Sallinger that she had healed and would like to have her freedom. She also mentioned that her parents abused her at home, which mostly led to fights. She narrated how the abuse became intense when she decided to leave her parents' faith, Jehovah's Witnesses.

In June 2021, Isabella Guzman was permitted to temporarily leave the hospital for therapy sessions. She expressed remorse regarding the events 2013, saying:

If I could change it or if I could take it back, I would.

Does Isabella Guzman have social media?

Despite Isabella Guzman's trial videos being shared on social media, she maintains a notable absence from platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Nevertheless, her TikTok videos have garnered a viewership of over 200 million views.

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Quick facts about Isabella Guzman

  • She reported that she was sexually assaulted by a hospital employee in a closet.
  • She is an American citizen by birth.
  • She had a troubled childhood.
  • She murdered her mother on 28 August 2013.

Isabella Guzman has been in confinement since being found to have murdered her mother. But instead of being in prison or facing punishment, she was hospitalised for about seven years because she was diagnosed as schizophrenic. Reasons for the motive of the murder are unknown. recently published the biography of David Stakston. He is a Norwegian-American actor widely recognized as Magne Seier in the Netflix fantasy drama series Ragnarok.

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