Bonitas medical aid plans in 2024: prices, brochure, login, contacts

Bonitas medical aid plans in 2024: prices, brochure, login, contacts

All South Africans are encouraged to enrol themselves and their loved ones in a medical aid scheme. A good medical aid cover takes care of all costly types of medical procedures, treatments, doctors' visits, and consultations. Bonitas medical aid plans are one of the schemes many residents and citizens use.

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Bonitas medical aid offers a variety of health insurance plans to individuals, families, and businesses. Photo: @Bonitas Medical Fund (modified by author)
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Bonitas medical aid has come to the rescue of over 700k South African citizens and residents. It ensures members get affordable, quality healthcare by negotiating for better rates and sourcing reputable service providers to help keep its members healthy.

All about Bonitas medical aid plans

Bonitas medical aid offers a wide range of plans to ensure all members find a snug fit for their needs. It offers easy-to-understand plans while helping members to stretch their benefits as far as possible. Here is an overview of the available Bonitas medical aid plans in 2024 and prices

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Name of planType of planMain memberAdult member Child member
BonFit SelectSavingsR2,295R1,719R772
BonStart PlusEdgeR1,754R1,668R773
Standard SelectTraditionalR4,448R3,849R1,302
Primary SelectTraditionalR2,619R2,048R832
Hospital StandardHospitalR2,964R2,497R1,127
BonEssential SelectHospitalR1,998R1,464R659

Bonitas medical aid plans in 2024

Bonitas medical aid has five categories: Savings, traditional, hospital, Edge (virtual) and income-based. According to the official Bonitas 2024 brochure, the following plans are offered by the company.

1. Bonstart

Bonstart is one of the two plans in the edge category and one of the best Bonitas medical aid plans for pensioners. It is ideal for economically active singles residing in the larger metros. The monthly Bonstart contribution for the main beneficiary is R1,378 per month. Spouses and children can be added to the plan with a similar contribution.

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2. Bonstart Plus

Bonstart Plus is ideal for couples living in larger metros. The main member contributes R1,754 monthly, R1,668 per month for additional adults, and R773 for kids.

Unlimited general practitioner and specialist consultations at 100% of the Bonitas Rate and unlimited blood tests and X-rays are among the benefits of this plan.

3. BonCap

Boncap is one of the top entry-level hospital plans in South Africa because it is income-based. The monthly contribution is based on income brackets, as shown below.

Income bracketMonthly contribution(Main)Monthly contribution(Adult)Monthly contribution(Child)
R0 to R10,680R1,430R1,430R673
R10,681 to R17,330R1,745R1,745R802
R17,331 to R22,540R2,813R2,813R1,064

4. BonEssential

This is a hospital plan for emergency and planned procedures. It offers comprehensive hospital benefits with some value-added benefits.

The main beneficiary pays R2,287 monthly, R1,690 per month for other adults, and R739 for children. Among its benefits are mental health hospitalisation, physical rehabilitation services, and unlimited terminal care for oncology.

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5. BonEssential Select

BonEssential Select uses a quality provider network to offer comprehensive hospital benefits with some value-added benefits. The monthly contribution for the primary beneficiary is R1,998.

Other adults attached to the primary beneficiary contribute R1,464 monthly, and kids pay R659 per month. Members enjoy many in-hospital, out-of-hospital, maternity, and childcare benefits.

6. Bonitas standard package

The Bonitas standard plan is a traditional option that offers rich day-to-day benefits and comprehensive hospital cover. The main contributor gives R4,922 monthly, additional adults remit R4,267 per month, while the contribution for kids is R1,444.

7. Standard Select

The Standard Select plan requires the main contributor to remit R4,448 monthly, any additional adult pays R3,849 monthly, and children pay R1,302 per month. It is an unlimited hospital cover.

8. BonFit Select

The BonFit Select plan is a fit for families. Below is a basic summary of the contributions.

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Monthly contributionR2,295R1,719R772

9. BonSave

Bonsave is a savings option that offers sufficient savings to use as you choose for medical expenses. Below is a summary of the BonSave contributions and savings.

Monthly contributionR3,447R2,671R1,032

10. BonComplete

BonComplete is a savings plan that offers generous savings, a specified threshold benefit, and a rich hospital cover.

11. BonClassic

The classic package is a savings plan ideal for families. The contribution schedule is shown below.

12. BonComprehensive

BonComprehensive provides access to most private hospitals, and a linked formula is used to provide benefits. It is a savings plan that gives you a set amount to use as you choose for out-of-hospital expenses.

Member accounts

Bonitas log in portal
Bonitas log in portal. Photo:
Source: UGC

Members of Bonitas medical aid can access services online through the client portal. To access your membership details, visit the portal and enter your login details.

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Bonitas medical aid contact numbers

If you need more information about Bonitas' hospital plans, use the contact details below.

Medical Emergency Services

  • Call: 0860 555 505
  • Email:
  • Compliments/complaints:

Pharmacy Direct Registration

  • Call: 0860027800
  • Please Call Me: 0836908934
  • Fax: 0866114000/1/2
  • Email:

HIV/AIDS Programme

  • Call: 0860100646
  • Please Call Me: 0834109078
  • Fax: 0800600773
  • Email:
A hospital set up room
Bonitas medical aid is one of the schemes many residents and citizens use. Photo:, @Pixabay
Source: UGC

What does Bonitas medical aid cover?

The coverage offered by Bonitas medical aid varies depending on the specific plan you choose. Some of the common covered aspects are hospitalization, consultations, matermity care and mental health cover.

What are the different plans of Bonitas?

The different plans are Bonstart, Bonstart Plus, BonCap, Hospital Standard, BonEssential Select, BonEssential, Bonitas Primary, Bonitas Primary Select, Standard, Standard Select, BonComprehensive, BonClassic, BonComplete, BonFit Select, and BonSave.

How much is Bonitas medical aid per month

The monthly contribution depends on the plan you choose. Some plans are relatively cheap, while others are pricier.

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What is the Bonitas standard package?

Bonitas medical aid standard option is a traditional option that offers rich day-to-day benefits and comprehensive hospital cover. Check out more details in the sections above.

What is the waiting period for Bonitas?

The general waiting period is three months. However, some plans have a waiting period of 12 months, especially those involving pre-existing conditions.

What are the benefits of being a Bonitas member?

The benefits of being a member vary depending on your plan. Ensure you keep up with your monthly payments to enjoy the benefits.

What is the cheapest medical aid in SA?

Some of the best and cheapest medical aids in SA under R500 are Momentum Health, NetCare, Fedhealth, Discovery Health and Bonitas.

Which is best medical aid in South Africa?

Some of the best medical aid schemes in South Africa are Bonitas, Bestmed Medical Scheme, Discovery Health Medical Scheme, Medihelp and Momentum Medical Aid.

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Bonitas medical aid plans provide quality services to suit everyone. By subscribing to any of the available plans, you are assured of value and many benefits.

DISCLAIMER: This article is not sponsored by any third party. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility. recently published a guide on GEMS Medical Aid schemes. GEMS is an acronym for the Government Employees Medical Scheme.

GEMS is a South African restricted medical scheme that offers affordable and accessible benefits to public service employees and their nominated beneficiaries. The scheme currently has six packages, each priced differently to cater to the needs of the different income groups.

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