Full list of building material prices in South Africa (updated price list)

Full list of building material prices in South Africa (updated price list)

Are you curious about the latest costs of building materials in South Africa? Look no further. In this article, we present a comprehensive and up-to-date list of building material prices, providing invaluable insights for individuals, contractors, and businesses alike. Stay informed about the fluctuations in construction expenses and make informed decisions as we delve into the essential details of the building material market.

building material prices in south africa
Building material prices in South Africa. Photo: pexels.com, @steffen-coonan
Source: UGC

Some people find it challenging to build a house due to the ever-increasing cost of building materials. The trend has continued for the past few years – the global pandemic made it even worse, but thankfully the economy is slowly stabilizing. So, how easy is it to build a house in South Africa now?

Building material prices in South Africa

To make a decent home, you will need to have the usual construction materials. Some of those materials include blocks, cement, timber, nails, sand, and reinforcement steel, among many others. Below are the costs of these materials based on various reputable South African dealers, such as Builders, Cashbuild, Build It, and Knoema.

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Blocks are generally more durable than bricks. Therefore, if you want a structure that will last longer, you may consider knowing the current building block prices. The rough costs of a block concrete include:

Block Concrete Ma 190 3.5Mpa 390x 190x 190R15.42
Block Concrete MA 90 3.5Mpa 390x 90x 190R9.52


Bricks are also very robust building materials. How much do bricks cost in South Africa? They are relatively affordable and durable. Their estimated current market prices/piece are as follows:

Brick cement stockR2.30 each/ R2,300 per 1000
Makoro Ingwe satin brickR4.40
Makoro Marble Travertine FbsR5.05 each/ R5,050 per 1000
Letaba SatinR5.50 each/ R5,500 per 1000

A pallet of bricks that contains 500 pieces costs roughly R950. On the other hand, 12 pallets of block maxi bricks (3000 pieces) may cost between R1058 and R1275, depending on the dealer.

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Cement is another vital material you must have on your construction material bucket list. Usually, the price varies depending on the brand.

To avoid wastage, seek the advice of a qualified and experienced contractor before making your order. Here are the current cement prices in South Africa.

Ppc Surecast Cement 42.5 50kgR125.30
Ppc Surecem Cement 32.5 50kg R99.90
Ppc Surebuild Cement 42.5 50kgR111.90
Afrisam Cement All Purpose 42.5n 50kgR124.00
Ppc Suretech Cement 52.5 50kgR132.50
Alcolin Floor Screed Z100 20kgR455.00
Npc Cement 50kg Original (Black) 42.5R115.00
Npc Cement 50kg Original (Blue) 32.5R101.60

Stone, sand and premixes

These are other essential materials needed in different stages of construction. Similar to other materials, their prices vary depending on several factors, such as the location and availability of raw materials.

How much does it cost to pour a foundation for a house in South Africa?
Building material prices. Photo: pexels.com, @mikael-blomkvist
Source: UGC

Sand & Stone Bulk

You can acquire Sand & Stone Bulk materials at the following costs.

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Builders Mix Yard (Per m3) R425
Building Sand (1 Ton)R599
River Sand (1 Ton)R599
Plaster Sand (1 Ton)R689
River Sand (Yard Sales) (Per M3)R420
Plaster Sand (Yard Sales) (Per M3)R569
Building Sand (Yard Sales) (Per M3)R379
Concrete Mix (Per m3)R499


You can acquire premixes at the following prices.

Builders 2-Hour Rapid Set Tile Adhesive - Grey (10kg)R135
Living Out Playpen Silica Sand - White (20kg)R79

As for skimming plaster, a Cotect Contractors Interior Skim - White (35kg) can cost around R1060


Timbers play a critical role in the building of various structures. For instance, you will need them when roofing and installing a ceiling board. Below are the rough costs of timber in South Africa.

Timber SABS Untreated 38x152 6.6mR254.95
Timber SABS Untreated 50x76 4.2mR119.95
Timber SABS Untreated 38x114 3.6mR94.95
Timber SABS Untreated 38x38 3.0mR29.95
Timber SABS Untreated 50x76 4.8mR136.95
Timber SABS Untreated 38x114 4.2mR110.95
Timber SABS Untreated 38x38 3.6mR36.95
Timber SABS Untreated 38x114 4.8mR126.95
Timber SABS Untreated 38x38 4.2mR42.95
Timber SABS Untreated 50x76 6.6mR187.95
Timber SABS Untreated 38x38 6.6mR74.95
Timber SABS Untreated 38x152 6.0mR219.95
Timber SABS Untreated 50x76 3.6mR102.95
Timber SABS Untreated 50x76 6.0mR174.95

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Roofing sheets and tiles

Some people tend to buy roofing sheets first when buying building materials. Same with other materials, the cost of iron sheets depends on quality, size, and brand, among many other factors.

Corrugated iron sheets

Here are the price per piece for corrugated iron sheets.

Cover Flashing Galvanised 1800x04x100mmR42.95
Galvanized Flat Sheet 1.8mR192.95
Flash Under Tile 1800x04mmx225gR97.95
Galvanized Roof Sheeting Corrugated Profile 3.0mR157.95
Flashing over Tile 1800x04x225gR94.95
Galvanized Roof Sheeting Corrugated Profile 3.6mR189.95
Hoop Iron GalvanisedR72.95
Galvanized Roof Sheeting Corrugated Profile 4.2mR222.95
Ridge Rolltop Galvanised 1800x400x04mmR159.95
Ridge Rolltop Galvanised 3600x400x04mmR314.95
Galvanized Roof Sheeting Corrugated Profile 6.0mR377.95
Ridge Rolltop Galvanised 6000x400x04mmR524.95
Galvanized Roof Sheeting Corrugated Profile 6.6mR412.95
Galvanized Roof Sheeting Corrugated Profile 4.8mR254.95

Roof tiles

Below are the prices for various roof tiles. You can choose any colour of your choice.

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Concrete Hip StarterR72.95
Concrete Roof Ridge TaperedR49.95
Concrete Roof V RidgeR49.95
Double Roman Roof TileR10.20
Under Tile Membrane 1.5 X 30mR419.95
White Membrane Underlay EcoR369.95

What are the building material prices at Cashbuild?

Cashbuild is a leading retailer of building materials, supplies, home improvement and related hardware products. The building material prices at Cashbuild catalogue vary depending on the item you want. Visit their official website to check out their offers.

Are Mica building material prices affordable?

How much does it cost to build a 2 bedroom house in South Africa?
Mica building material prices. Photo: pexels.com, @pixabay
Source: UGC

The cost of an item can vary depending on the choice of building material. Mica offers a wide range of essential products to facilitate a seamless construction process from beginning to end.

Their official website showcases a comprehensive selection of building supplies and materials, providing you with everything you need for your construction project.

How much is a ton of cement in South Africa?

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The average price range for a ton of cement in South Africa can be anywhere from approximately R900 and above.

How do you estimate building materials?

Simply divide the square feet of the area of the project with the coverage rate. Length multiplied by width gives you the total area of the project. However, several factors have to be considered when estimating the materials.

How much does it cost to build in South Africa?

According to BussinessTech, the average price of constructing a standard 3-bedroom house in South Africa is approximately R1.5 million. The cost per square meter can range from R7,900 to R15,000, varying depending on the specific location of the construction project.

How much does it cost to build a 2-bedroom house in South Africa?

On average, constructing a 2-bedroom house in South Africa costs about R800,000. This will greatly depend on the location of your land, the size of the rooms and the design.

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How much does it cost to pour a foundation for a house in South Africa?

A standard concrete foundation typically costs between R60 to R100 per square foot. If you are constructing a basement foundation covering an area of 1000 square feet, you can expect to pay approximately R60,000 to R100,000.

The above building material prices will help you make an informed decision as you plan to build your dream house. Involve an expert to avoid buying less or more materials.

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