What is the price of bricks per 1000 in South Africa in 2024? Best market prices

What is the price of bricks per 1000 in South Africa in 2024? Best market prices

Many South Africans dream of building brick houses. Before building your dream house, you should know the price of bricks per 1000. This will allow you to come up with reasonable budgets and prepare adequately for the project.

Clay brick and cement blocks
The price of bricks per 1000 in South Africa varies, but they are very affordable. Photo: Luvlimage, Raimund Koch (modified by author)
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The price of bricks per 1000 in South Africa varies from time to time due to many factors, including availability and production cost. It is for such reasons that building a brick house a decade ago was significantly cheaper than it is now.

The price of bricks per 1000 in South Africa in Rands

The prices of bricks vary based on several factors. The stronger they are, the pricier they are. Here is a list of various types of bricks made in South Africa and their prices in 2024.

Type of bricksPrice per brickPrice of bricks per 1000
Brick cement maxiR5.15R5,150
Brick cement stockR2.45 R2,450
Makoro Ingwe satin brickR4.78R4,780
Makoro Marble Travertine Fbs R5.05R5,050
Letaba SatinR6.59R6,590
Clay plaster bricksR4.80R4,800
Cement blocksR5.39R5,390

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1. Cement plaster bricks

There are two types of cement plaster bricks, i.e., cement maxi and cement stock. The prices of a pallet of bricks at Cashbuild are explored below.

Brick cement maxi – R5.15 each/ R5,150 per 1000

Cement maxi bricks have been certified as the best for building walls, pavements, and other elements in construction. You can use them for single or double-storey layering.

Their standard size is 290mm x 140mm x 90mm, and they are available only in grey. The selling rate in 2024 is R5,150 per 1000. One platter of bricks normally has 534 bricks. This means that the current maxi bricks pallet price is R2,750.10.

Brick cement stock – R2.45 each/ R2,450 per 1000

This type is cheaper compared to the cement maxi. This type can also be used for all construction works and other civil engineering applications.

Usually, they measure 210mm x 100mm x 70mm and are available in grey. A look at the prices of building bricks in South Africa shows each is currently selling at R2.45. The price for 1 pallet of bricks goes for about R1,228, while 1000 pieces will cost about R1,308.30.

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2. Clay face bricks

Clay face bricks are usually used as façade building materials. The price for a clay face brick may vary depending on the size.

Makoro Ingwe satin brick – R4.78/R4,780 per 1000

These are lightweight bricks made of clay. They come in bright colours, especially bright red, because many people use them for beautification. The Cashbuild price of these bricks per 1000 is R4,780 because each goes for R4.78.

Makoro Marble Travertine Fbs – R5.05 each/ R5,050 per 1000

Makoro Marble Travertine Fbs bricks are relatively affordable and can serve all construction needs, including paving bricks. They are somewhat similar to Ingwe Satin bricks.

What is the cost of 1 brick?

A Makoro Marble Travertine Fbs piece goes for R5.05. This means the price of 1000 pieces is about R5,050.

Letaba Satin – R6.59 each/ R6,590 per 1000

A Letaba Satin brick has a smooth finish, hence the name satin. It is ideal for all construction projects. Letaba Satin bricks are readily available across the county. They go for R6.59 each/ R6,590 per 1000 at Cashbuild.

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3. Clay plaster bricks

Landscape photography of orange brick wall
The price of a clay plaster brick is R4.80 for a piece and R4,800 for 1000 pieces. Photo: pexels.com, @Mike Bird
Source: UGC

Clay plaster bricks are commonly referred to as mampara or clay stock bricks. They are made from clay that is dried and baked in fire and are among the most commonly used types of bricks in Africa. Mampara bricks prices at Cashbuild are R4.80 for a piece, R4,800 for 1000 pieces, or R2,563.20 per pallet.

4. Cement blocks

Cement maxi blocks are available in two SABS specifications, i.e., 7 MPa (M07) and 10 MPa (M10). Their dimensions are 290 x 140 x 90mm.

They are the strongest available blocks in South Africa, and their prices vary depending on the manufacturer. Mercury Build It, for instance, sells 12 pallets or 2,688 bricks at R14,495.

On the other hand, the Corobrik bricks price list may have different rates. They are ideal for residential housing, RDP housing, corporate buildings, fencing, and DIY projects.

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How many bricks are in a pallet in South Africa?

A standard pallet has 534 bricks. However, the sizes of pallets may vary across the country. Some have 500 pieces, while others may have less or more.

What is MPa in bricks?

The strength of bricks is usually measured in megapascals (MPa). A majority of manufacturers make 7MPa bricks.

How much is a brick in South Africa?

The price varies depending on the type of brick and the manufacturer. The stronger the brick, the higher its price is.

What are the cheapest bricks to buy?

From the variety explored earlier, the cheapest type is brick cement stock. A piece has a retail price of R2.45.

How much do bricklayers charge per 1000 bricks in South Africa?

The cost of 1,000 bricks varies between R2,300 and R6,590, depending on the type and manufacturer. If you find a bricks-for-sale poster or announcement, confirm the price and quality to avoid purchasing substandard products.

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Gray and brown concrete rrick wall
The price of bricks per 1000 in South Africa varies depending on the type of brick and the manufacturer. Photo: pexels.com, @Miguel Á. Padriñán
Source: UGC

How much is 1000 bricks at Cashbuild?

Cashbuild offers a variety of bricks, including clay face bricks, maxi bricks, and cement plaster bricks. Each type of brick has a different price. The price for a single brick ranges from R2.45 to R6.59.

What is the price of paving bricks in South Africa?

The prices of paving bricks vary depending on the type and manufacturer. Note that most businesses sell paving bricks per square metre.

How much is 1000 bricks at Build It?

The price of 1000 bricks at Built It ranges from R4,095 to R30,150. The prices vary depending on the size and type of bricks you want.

How many bricks to build a 3-bedroom house in South Africa?

A standard 3-bedroom house or flat generally has a built-up area ranging from 900 to 1,100 square feet. For this size, using typical modular bricks, you will need approximately 7,200 to 8,800 bricks.

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How many bricks are to build a 5-room house?

Constructing a house with five rooms requires roughly 11,200 to 12,800 modular bricks. The specific quantity may fluctuate based on the room dimensions and the type of bricks selected for the construction.

How many bags of cement do you need for 1000 bricks?

On average, six bags of cement are sufficient for either 1000 bricks or 300 blocks when using a 5:1 mix ratio, which is the standard for bricklaying.

The price of bricks per 1000 in South Africa varies based on several factors. Among them are the type, strength, and availability of materials used to make them.

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Briefly.co.za recently published the cost of building a house in South Africa in 2024. Owning a home is something that numerous South Africans desire. Some people get ownership by purchasing already-built houses, while others would rather build their own homes.

How much does it cost to build a house in South Africa? Figuring out the exact cost is daunting because the market rates keep fluctuating, but you will get insight into what it takes now.

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