Average bank teller's salary in the USA 2022 | This is how much can you earn in a year

Average bank teller's salary in the USA 2022 | This is how much can you earn in a year

It was assumed that certain employees in the banking industry, especially tellers, would be surplus to requirement. This is about the increase in the acceptance of automated banking services in the last few decades, allowing customers to access whatever from the comfort of wherever. However, this is not the case, as the salaries of bank tellers have increased across many states in the United States of America.

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what do bank tellers make?
Customers being attended to in the banking hall. Photo: @ABNRadioOne
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A bank teller's salary may not be the highest among the various occupations in the United States of America. Still, it complements this downside by accepting as low as a high school degree. So if you are looking to get a job in the banking industry and want to know what a teller's pay rate is, you must understand that it varies with the state you are in and your employer.

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How much does a bank teller make?

A bank teller may make as high as $47,000 if it is a managerial role or as low as $27,000 in an ordinary role. Various factors may influence this bank teller's pay, and they include:

  • Distinguishing skills possessed;
  • Educational status and level;
  • Additional certification;
  • Position applied into;
  • Years of experience.

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How much is the salary of a bank teller in America?

The salary of ordinary bank teller averages around $28,000 nowadays. But then, it can be higher, depending on the factors earlier discussed. Additionally, states like Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and New York have slightly higher hourly minimum wages.

Salaries of bank tellers by States in the United States of America

Do you want to know how much a banker earns in the USA? Check the list below to understand what most tellers earn by the states annually:

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  • New York: $37,987;
  • New Hampshire: $36,888;
  • Wyoming: $33,858;
  • West Virginia: $33,004;
  • Massachusetts: $32,600;
  • Pennsylvania: $32,445;
  • Montana: $31,932;
  • Hawaii: $31,869;
  • Arizona: $31,603;
  • Washington: $31,442;
  • New Jersey: $31,420;
  • Indiana: $31,401;
Is teller a good job?
The salary of ordinary bank teller averages around $28,000 nowadays. Photo: @sharonmccutcheon, unsplash.com
Source: UGC
  • Connecticut banks: $31,292;
  • Rhode Island: $30,613;
  • Georgia: $30,487;
  • Alaska: $30,261;
  • Wisconsin banks: $30,228;
  • Tennessee banks: $30,177;
  • North Dakota: $30,141;
  • Minnesota banks: $30,126;
  • Nevada: $30,022;
  • Ohio: $29,957;
  • Maryland: $29,790;
  • Alabama: $29,774;
  • Utah: $29,442;
  • Nebraska: $29,294;
  • South Dakota: $29,261;
  • Louisiana: $29,215;
  • Virginia: $28,909;
  • Oregon State: $28,848;
  • New Mexico: $28,738;
  • Florida: $28,734;
  • Iowa: $28,593;
  • California: $28,517;
  • Vermont: $28,516;
  • Kansas: $28,476;
  • South Carolina: $28,029;
  • Colorado: $27,958;
  • Delaware: $27,848 ;
  • Oklahoma state: $27,226;
  • Kentucky: $26,800;
  • Idaho: $26,699
  • Mississippi: $26,683;
  • Maine: $26,591;
is it hard to be a bank teller?
Tellers can occupy different positions in the banking industry, depending on their education degree and years of experience. Photo: @simonkadula, unsplash.com
Source: UGC
  • Arkansas: $26,280;
  • Michigan: $26,230;
  • Illinois: $26,137;
  • Texas: $25,771;
  • Missouri: $25,645;
  • North Carolina: $23,885.

Some sources have estimated the annual bank tellers' average salary in the United States of America at $62,610.

Which bank pays the most as a teller?

According to Intuit Inc, Wells Fargo seems to be the highest paying employer of bank tellers. Other banking companies like JP Morgan Chase, Allegiance Bank, and BBVA follow but at a distance.

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How much does a bank teller make?

The answer is subjective as there are different positions that a teller in the banking industry can occupy. In descending order of superiority, a teller can be:

  • Teller managers earn an average annual income of $47,936
  • Head Teller earns about $38,965 per year
  • Teller III earns around $36,019 yearly
  • Vault Teller earns an average remuneration of $34,039 annually
  • Teller II makes about $31,327 in yearly income
  • Teller I makes around $28,278 every year

The bank teller's salary in the USA has changed severally due to the nation's financial and employment policies and the profitability of the employing company. Whatever the case may be, the bank teller is a crucial staff member in every bank as they help make sure that incoming and outgoing transactions are well accounted for.

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