Here is a list of government primary schools in Gauteng (2024)

Here is a list of government primary schools in Gauteng (2024)

South Africa is considered one of the education hubs in Africa. Their government has invested a lot in their learning programmes at all levels, especially primary ones since it is the foundation of education. That being said, Gauteng holds some of the top educational institutions in the country. So, these are the entire government primary schools in Gauteng in 2024.

Government primary schools in Gauteng
Here is a list of government primary schools in Gauteng. Photo: Klaus Vedfelt
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South Africans are provided with free primary education to higher education. According to the country's constitution's Bill of Rights mandates, the state takes reasonable steps to increase access to this education gradually.

Gauteng schools list

Gauteng is one of the most populated provinces in South Africa, with over 16.1 million people. Therefore, there are many government schools in Gauteng to ensure their children get a basic education. According to Stats SA, in 2018, Gauteng recorded the highest attendance at education institutions among 0-6 years olds with 66,3%.

The education institution attendance rate was the highest among children aged 6–13, with close to 91% of children in this age group attending primary school, while close to 8% were attending education institutions outside the primary education phase, and approximately only one per cent being out of school. So, here is a list of schools in Gauteng.

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List of government schools in Pretoria

Pretoria is one of South Africa's largest cities in the Gauteng Province. According to World Population Review, it is an administrative city with over 3.4 million people. So these are the public primary schools in Pretoria.

Primary Schools in Gauteng
Primary schools in Pretoria. Photo: Will & Deni McIntyre
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  • Abbotts College Pretoria East
  • Sunnyside Primary School
  • Arcadia Primary School
  • Arcadia Primary School
  • Glenstantia Primary School
  • La Montagne Primary School
  • Robert Hicks Primary School
  • Lynnwood Ridge Primary School
  • Laerskool Meyerspark Primary
  • Westpark Primary School
  • Capital Park Primary School
  • Laerskool Oost-Eind Primary School
  • Laerskool Silverton Primary School
  • Northridge Primary School
  • Rietfontein-Noord Primary
  • Rietondale Primary School
  • Laerskool Lynnwood
  • Laerskool Die Heuwel
  • Laerskool Menlopark
  • Midrand Montessori - Noordwyk
  • Laerskool Eendracht
  • Laerskool Anton van Wouw

Government schools in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is also one of the major cities in South Africa and home to some of the best public schools in Gauteng. The city is an education hub; therefore, here are among the top primary schools owned by the South African government in Johannesburg.

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Primary schools in Johannesburg
Primary schools in Johannesburg. Photo: Hugh Sitton
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  • Midrand Montessori Preschool & Primary
  • Jackalberry Montessori
  • Parktown Public School
  • I.H. Harris Primary School
  • Melpark Primary School
  • Orchards Primary School
  • Roseneath Primary School
  • Bree Primary School
  • Norwood Primary School
  • Linksfield Primary School
  • Rosebank Primary School
  • Malvern Primary School
  • Yeoville Community School
  • Asteri Primary School
  • Mayfair Convent Primary School
  • Houghton School
  • Fordsburg Primary School
  • Emmarentia Primary School
  • Kensington Ridge Primary School
  • John Mitchell School
  • Eastgate Primary School
  • Turffontein Primary school

How many primary schools are in Gauteng?

According to Statista, there were over 24,900 schools in South Africa as of 2021. Twenty-two thousand seven hundred forty were public institutions, making up most of these schools. The two provinces with the most public schools in South Africa were KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape, with 5,801 and 5,109, respectively.

In contrast, there were only 2,154 independent schools. Most independent educational institutions, 874 and 306 schools, respectively, were located in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

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How many public schools are there in Gauteng?

Gauteng has the highest number of learning institutions in SA. It has 2606 schools across 83 cities and towns, and around 365 are independent schools.

How many public schools are there in Johannesburg?

The south African city of Johannesburg has 269 schools, all suburbs and townships.

Johannesburg is home to over 260 schools catering for all ages, from infants to adults seeking to upgrade their skills and further their professions with appropriate degrees or certifications. Every type of educational institution imaginable is available here, including tertiary institutions, specialized programs, and private, public, and government schools.

What is a no-fee school?

No-fee schools were launched in 2007 to serve the poorest 60% of schools and have been expanded over the following few years. Five categories have been used to rank schools. Quintiles 1 and 2 (the bottom 40%) of schools are considered poor and don't charge students to enrol. In exchange, the government pays expenses that were once paid for through fees.

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The No-fee Schools policy eliminates tuition for students in grades R through 9 who attend the lowest 40% of public schools nationwide. Schools that do not charge fees will get more funding from the national budget per student to compensate for the fees that would have been levied. The no-fee policy will not benefit students in high institutions.

Are public boarding schools free?

South Africa doesn't have many free boarding schools. Generally, it takes a lot of effort to get accepted to the free ones. Since the majority are publicly supported, your eligibility depends on where you live. Examples of cheap boarding schools include Northwood School, Parktown Boys' and Wartburg Kirchdorf School.

Are public schools free in South Africa?

In South Africa, most parents must pay for their children's education. Nonetheless, the government pays these costs for many lower-income families.

Can a foreign child go to public school in South Africa?

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Without a study visa, children of foreign parents are not permitted to attend school in South Africa. Thus, when you go to South Africa, you must apply for a study visa for your child.

Government primary schools in Gauteng are some of the best in South Africa. SA has invested a lot of effort and funds to ensure their children get quality education from the start.

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