Suidooster Teasers for January 2022: Greg attempts to hide a secret

Suidooster Teasers for January 2022: Greg attempts to hide a secret

Suidooster teasers for January 2022 are fresh off the shelves and if you are a fan of the show, you should check them out! The sudden revelations by Suidooster cast members bring an unexpected twist to the soapie's plot, making it more captivating. If you have been considering checking it out, this is the time.

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Suidooster storyline
Suidooster Teasers for January 2022. Photo: @Suidooster
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Suidooster is a local South African soap opera that mirrors society's day-to-day challenges. However, the plot has a twist since it gives better insight into how much choices can be detrimental. Apart from the lessons, it addresses dilemmas like infidelity and how to go about it. Check out these snippets of Suidooster teasers for January 2022 for highlights of what to expect.

Suidooster teasers for January 2022

Recent Suidooster episodes revealed Wade's thirst to discover the truth about his parents and what happened to him. The numerous attempts proved how detrimental it might be for him to find out the truth. However, he forged on, hoping to find closure. Will it help with nightmares?

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Episode 1444 - Monday, 3rd of January 2022

Wade starts seeing the world through new eyes, and Greg faces another situation that pushes him to his limits. Susan is confronted with painful truths, and Elana receives advice that makes her angry.

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Episode 1445 - Tuesday, 4th of January 2022

Ty cannot get enough of Wade, and Bridgette worries that Donovan's brothers are putting too much pressure on him. An expected person extends an olive branch to Bianca.

Episode 1446 - Wednesday, 5th of January 2022

Wade swallows his pride and asks Kate for help, and Nazeem struggles to contain the pressure of what is happening around him. Susan defends Elana, giving her hope. However, Elana questions herself on whether she misunderstood her intentions.

Episode 1447 - Thursday, 6th of January 2022

Wade unexpectedly asks Ty for something, and Greg struggles to hide the withdrawal symptoms. Susan and Elana's divorce case takes a different direction.

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Episode 1448 - Friday, 7th of January 2022

Wade struggles with the reality of not making contact with his deceased parents, and Elana and Susan finally settle their scores. Bridgette invites Greg to join her for a braai.

Suidooster January 2022 Teasers
Bridgette vows to protect her family. Gif:, (modified by author)
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Episode 1449 - Monday, 10th of January 2022

Rhafiek makes Susan a lucrative offer, and Donovan worries about his brother's well-being. Ty is puzzled by what Wade has been up to, and Lee-Ann concocts a new plan.

Episode 1450 - Tuesday, 11th of January 2022

Tim comes bearing shocking news for Greg, and Ty discovers that Wade has not given up on the ghosts from his past. Meanwhile, Susan is excited about her first day at work.

Episode 1451 - Wednesday, 12th of January 2022

Greg gets into trouble, and Bridgette is upset by what she hears. Elana tries something new, and Lee-Ann does something that leaves the Daniels brothers talking.

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Episode 1452 - Thursday, 13th of January 2022

Chris discovers something interesting, and Mrs J refuses to listen to people's opinions. Ty gives his last shot at attempting to convince Carlo to come home.

Episode 1453 - Friday, 14th of January 2022

Kaashifa and Rhafiek enjoy each other's company, and Wade makes Carlo more scared of ghosts. Donovan is sceptical about Greg's drug test; hence he decides to take the necessary steps.

Episode 1454 - Monday, 17th of January 2022

Rhafiek and Kaashifa realize they have to solve a crisis, and Chris discovers shocking details about Wade and Ty's parents. A remorseful Greg pleads with Donovan to help him.

Episode 1455 - Tuesday, 18th of January 2022

The Daniels brothers visit their parents' grave, although Wade reacts strangely. Greg discovers a gap he could use, and Bridgette's team is forced to fly to George for a pitch.

Suidooster episodes
Elana pretends everything is okay. Gif:, (modified by author)
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Episode 1456 - Wednesday, 19th of January 2022

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Rhafiek is aware of uncomfortable feelings, and Ty insists on putting up gravestones for his parents. In other news, Bridgette and the rest of the Jacobs family are moved by the tragic event.

Episode 1457 - Thursday, 20th of January 2022

Rhafiek struggles to keep his eyes off Kaashifa, and Wade finds another reason to find his parents. Greg worries that his secret might get uncovered.

Episode 1458 - Friday, 21st of January 2022

Greg nearly gets in trouble, although Nazeem shows up on time to rescue him. Rhafiek takes a leap of faith, and Ty fights to ensure his family is safe.

Episode 1459 - Monday, 24th of January 2022

Elana organizes a poker evening, and Carlo insists on finding out the truth about his uncle. Nazeem worries that Greg will not make it to the next hurdle.

Episode 1460 - Tuesday, 25th of January 2022

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Rhafiek finally opens up to Justin that he is falling for someone, and Zoe becomes suspicious of Greg's slip-ups. Wade tries to recover from what is happening, although things do not turn as he had hoped.

Episode 1461 - Wednesday, 26th of January 2022

Wade notices something that makes him uneasy, and Rhafiek insists on spending more time with Kaashifa. Donovan makes contact with Bridgette.

Suidooster cast
Elana loses her cool when Chris makes fun of her. Gif:, (modified by author)
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Episode 1462 - Thursday, 27th of January 2022

Yasmeen has a flirty time with Rhafiek, and Justin and Ty discover a link between Wade's visions. Bridgette announces her choice to sponsor a new initiative, despite Zoe's reservations about it.

Episode 1463 - Friday, 28th of January 2022

A poker game at Anker has an unexpected winner, and Ty is shocked by his latest discovery about Wade's parents. Greg is at crossroads in his efforts to escape Ruiterbosch.

Episode 1464 - Monday, 31st of January 2022

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Bridgette struggles to come to terms with Gerg's disclosure of the truth, and Wade finally gets closure. Rhafiek goes out on a date with Yasmeen.


Wade finds it difficult to make peace with his parents' death. He is guilty that they were not in terms. Therefore, he imagines seeing them communicate to him through visions. His situation worries Ty and his brothers. However, as his state deteriorates, Ty and Justin make a possible link about the visions. Later, Ty discovers shocking details about Wade's parents. Will the information help him find closure?


Greg faces a situation that pushes him beyond his limits. His withdrawal symptoms take a toll on him. Later, Bridgette invites him to join her for a barbecue. When Donovan insists he should take a drug test, it bothers him. Living a lie forces Greg to consider running away from Ruiterbosch. Is this the best solution for his problem?

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Suidooster teasers for January 2022 do not pre-empt enough how the drama will unfold. Ensure to catch full episodes for more details. The show airs on kykNET and kykNET & Kie Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.

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