Mismatched Teasers for January 2022: Anokhi is expelled from college

Mismatched Teasers for January 2022: Anokhi is expelled from college

Mismatched January episodes have an interesting twist after Shaurya breaks his engagement with Shagun to marry Anokhi. Their decision to be together is met with strong opposition, especially from the Sabherwal family, and Anokhi is expelled from college. What will happen to their romance? Keep reading the following Mismatched teasers to find out.

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Mismatched teasers
Mismatched television series airs on StarLife at 8.00 p.m. Photo: @RoNakshiStan
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What is the story of Mismatched? The StarLife telenovela narrates the tale of Shaurya Sabherwal, a chauvinist who believes women belong to the kitchen. He feels they are not entitled to education or a career. However, his ideologies change when he meets Anokhi Bhalla, an ordinary but hard-working girl who thinks women should strive to live on their terms.

Mismatched teasers for January 2022

The Mismatched StarLife series remains one of the most-watched Indian telenovelas because of its unique yet intriguing plot. The unlikely love between Anokhi and Shaurya keeps getting stronger. What happens to them in the Mismatched January 2022 episodes? Here are all the teasers on the drama to expect.

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1st January 2022, Saturday

Episode 131

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Devi confesses about faking her sickness to ensure Shaurya and Shagun are engaged. On the other hand, a distressed Anokhi makes up her mind to concentrate on her education.

Episode 132

A heartbroken Anokhi makes up her mind to end her relationship with Shaurya to avoid compromising her future. Shaurya is not ready to let her go as he asks her to rethink her decision.

2nd January 2022, Sunday

Episode 133

Anokhi wants Shaurya to effect certain changes in his life before she can say yes to their marriage. Elsewhere, Devi reveals surprising details to Aastha and Shaan.

Episode 134

The Sabherwals get increasingly worried when Devi feels uncomfortable. Shaurya hurries to rescue Babli from being tormented by Vineet.

3rd January 2022, Monday

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Episode 135

Vineet is handcuffed, and Babli is saved from being abused. Meanwhile, Shaurya and Anokhi get intimate after arguing.

Episode 136

Shaurya pays Aastha a visit but is shown the door after they argue. He later steals his way into Anokhi’s room and tells her how much he loves her.

4th January 2022, Tuesday

Episode 137

ACP Aahir links up with Anokhi to tell her he loves her. He is, however, shattered when she tells him about her wedding with Shaurya.

Episode 138

Shaurya tries to make Anokhi feel relaxed by assuring her that the school administration will not know about their wedding.

5th January 2022, Wednesday

Episode 139

Anokhi misses the bus, and Shaurya offers to take her to the seminar. Devi finds out about them and asks Shagun to go to the conference.

Episode 140

Anokhi and Shaurya get intimate during a rainstorm. Meanwhile, Shagun overhears the couple and learns about a shocking detail.

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6th January 2022, Thursday

Episode 141

Shaurya is Anokhi’s cheerleader when she gets nervous about the competition, and she later emerges victorious. He confesses his feelings for her, and the Sabherwals discover what is happening.

Episode 142

A disheartened Shagun decides to cancel the marriage ceremony after Shaurya reveals the truth. She later confesses that she would like to be part of the Sabherwals.

7th January 2022, Friday

Episode 143

Tej works on a plot to create a rift between Anokhi and Shaurya. Anokhi’s image is also ruined at her college.

Episode 144

Aastha is happy that Shaurya has decided to settle their differences. On the other hand, Babli accosts Anokhi after finding out about her marriage to Shaurya.

Mismatched Teasers
Shaurya breaks off his engagement to Shagun to be with Anokhi in the upcoming drama. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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8th January 2022, Saturday

Episode 145

Shaurya and Aastha share a meal as they enjoy their time together. Elsewhere, Anokhi receives an expulsion letter from the school’s administration.

Episode 146

Anokhi is also asked to leave the hostels for going against the set regulations. When Shaurya finds out what is happening, he defends her against the Sabherwal family.

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9th January 2022, Sunday

Episode 147

Shaurya cuts off his association with the Sabherwal family. Meanwhile, Tej has not stopped abusing Anokhi and ensuring she is distanced from Shaurya, but she is not ready to give up on the love she shares with Shaurya.

Episode 148

Later, Anokhi decides to forego the love she has for Shaurya as she gets scared of the threats made by Tej. She intentionally heartbreaks Shaurya and calls it quits. Will he let her go that easy?

10th January 2022, Monday

Episode 149

After being heartbroken, Shaurya goes back to the Sabherwal household. His return makes Shagun happy, but Tej cautions Alok and Devi to tread carefully.

Episode 150

Aastha goes to see Anokhi to find out why Shaurya is back at the house. Shaurya later proposes after Anokhi reveals her feelings.11th January 2022, Tuesday

Episode 151

Shaurya is infuriated after learning about the sacrifice that Anokhi made for him. He then makes a shocking decision to get together with Anokhi.

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Episode 152

Ramesh cautions Shaurya after he decides to make Anokhi his wife. Later, Shaan avoids Tej to link up with Shaurya.

12th January 2022, Wednesday

Episode 153

Shaurya reveals to the Sabherwals that he has decided to make Anokhi his wife. Anokhi is angry after he reveals certain unexpected details.

Episode 154

Anokhi struggles to forget what happened as Shaurya makes a surprising announcement. He emotionally exposes what Devi and Tej did.

13th January 2022, Thursday

Episode 155

Anokhi goes to Shaurya’s marriage celebrations and makes up her mind to move on. On the other hand, Shagun seeks answers from Devi.

Episode 156

Babli is not ready to tell the truth about Vineeti’s secret to the Bhallas. All the families together with Shaurya dance during the Mehndi celebrations.

14th January 2022, Friday

Episode 157

Vineeti causes chaos during the ceremony, making the Bhallas angry. Aastha performs a song drawing admiration from the family for her talent.

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Episode 158

Anokhi fails to control her emotions as she breaks down and opens up about her love for Shaurya. The latter then seeks answers from Devi.

Mismatched Teasers
Anokhi is expelled from college in the upcoming January 2022 drama. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

15th January 2022, Saturday

Episode 159

Babli exposes Vineeti’s evil acts to Rama and announces her plans to seek divorce. Elsewhere, Devi shocks Shaurya when he comes to his Haldi party.

Episode 160

Ramesh smacks Vineet for causing chaos at Anokhi’s Haldi party as Shaurya’s Haldi begins. The lovebirds later get ready for their marriage ceremony.

16th January 2022, Sunday

Episode 159

Babli discloses the evil deeds of Vineet to Rama and announces her divorce. Meanwhile, Devi astonishes Shaurya by showing up at his Haldi ceremony.

Episode 160

While Shaurya's Haldi rituals start, Ramesh slaps Vineet for creating a scene at Anokhi's Haldi ceremony. Later, Shaurya and Anokhi gear up for their wedding.

17th January 2022, Monday

Episode 161

Tej shocks the Sabherwals when he accepts Anokhi and blesses her and Shaurya during their wedding. Later, Anokhi receives information about the exams she wrote.

Episode 162

In today's Mismatched Indian series, Shaurya discovers an answer when Anokhi apprises him about the exams. Later, he suspects Tej as he tries to impede their marriage.

18th January 2022, Tuesday

Episode 163

Tej sternly warns Shaurya while Anokhi attends her examination. Later, the families bless Sharuya and Anokhi as they tie the knot!

Episode 164

The Sabherwals and the Bhallas shower their blessings on the newlyweds, Shaurya and Anokhi. Later, Devi and Tej land in an uncomfortable circumstance.

19th January 2022, Wednesday

Episode 165

Anokhi and her parents get emotional as she departs her maternal home. Later, she asks Aastha to accommodate her into her new home.

Episode 166

Shagun asks Anokhi to come for lunch. Later, Devi becomes infuriated with Anokhi for maltreating some relatives when they badmouth Tej and her.

20th January 2022, Thursday

Episode 167

Shaurya helps Anokhi when she stands her ground before the Sabherwals. Later, Shaurya and Anokhi's reception holds extravagantly.

Episode 168

Babli chooses to remain at Chandigarh when her parents leave for Kapurthala. In the meantime, Shaurya and Anokhi discuss how their first night will look like.

Mismatched Teasers
Despite opposition from Shaurya's family, his love for Anokhi prevails in the upcoming episodes. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

21st January 2022, Friday

Episode 169

Shaurya and Anokhi spend some quality time together on their first night. Afterwards, Anokhi gets ready for a demanding chore in the kitchen.

Episode 170

The Sabherwals test Anokhi's culinary skills while having the after-wedding ceremonies. Later, the family examines an uncommon issue that has to do with Anokhi's future.

22nd January 2022, Saturday

Episode 171

Anokhi manages to persuade Tej to finish the food she prepared. Following this, her family praises her for the successful completion of her Rasoi ritual.

Episode 172

Anokhi accepts the challenge of doing the household chores while studying simultaneously. But, in the meantime, Gayatri sternly warns Shagun.

23rd January 2022, Sunday

Episode 173

Anokhi combines the household chores with going through all she had been taught in preparation for her examination. However, Shaurya encourages her to face a challenging moment before the test.

Episode 174

Anokhi becomes uncontrollable and bursts out after her exam. Subsequently, the Sabherwals confront Shaurya as Anokhi is reprimanded for carelessness.

24th January 2022, Monday

Episode 175

When Tez and Devi disavow Anokhi's pursuits, she sternly defends herself. But, unfortunately, later, Devi incites Shaurya against Anokhi.

Episode 176

Shaurya goes against Tej and sees to it that Anokhi is offered employment at their institute. A discontented Devi determines to create a problem for her.

25th January 2022, Tuesday

Episode 177

Anokhi declines to modify her name and has a heated debate with Tej and Devi. Afterwards, much to their surprise, Shaurya determines to stand by Anokhi.

Episode 178

Anokhi requests Shaurya to let her singlehandedly fight her battles with the family. However, she confronts him when he is unwilling to assist her while Devi ridicules her.

26th January 2022, Wednesday

Episode 179

Alok tries to molest Priyanka when she seeks assistance from him. Later, Anokhi intends to reveal what he has done after knowing about this disgraceful happening.

Mismatched Teasers
The Bhallas and Sabherwal families have a great time getting taking in Anokhi and Shaurya's ceremonies that lead up to their wedding. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 180

Anokhi informs the Sabherwals about Alok's egregious behaviour at the institute, but Tej choose not to accept what she says. Later, Shaurya condemns Anokhi for creating a scene.

27th January 2022, Thursday

Episode 181

Aahir receives an eviction notice because of the shelter he gives Babli. Elsewhere, Shaurya becomes disgusted when Anokhi plays the recording of Priyanka and Alok's discussion.

Episode 182

Shaurya stands for Anokhi when Tej accuses her of unabashedly uncovering Alok. Meanwhile, Shagun and Alok join forces to conspire against Anokhi.

28th January 2022, Friday

Episode 183

Under Shagun's manipulation, Priyanka produces artificial voice recordings of Anokhi and frames her. Later, Shaurya, Devi and Tej turn against Anokhi.

Episode 184

When Vineet indicts Babli, she illustrates the pieces of evidence. Elsewhere, Shaurya questions the recording and stands with Anokhi.

29th January 2022, Saturday

Episode 185

Aahir proves that Anokhi's voice recording was counterfeit and that Priyanka did not tell the truth about her. Later, Alok and Shagun's involvement in the matter is displayed.

Episode 186

Devi and Tej apologise to the Sabherwals for their previous behaviours in this final episode. Later, the family gets overwhelmed with pleasure for the reunion.

What happens to the Mismatched cast?

Love always wins, and the January 2022 episodes of Mismatched on StarLife are the perfect proof. Anokhi and Shaurya are willing to make sacrifices that preserve their romance. Here is a look at what happens to the show’s characters during the month.


She is heartbroken when Shaurya is engaged to Shagun, but it turns out it was Devi’s plan to have them together. She forgives him, and they plan to get married. However, their plan to be together is faced with strong opposition from the Sabherwals, and she is expelled from school. Neither of these things affects their romance as their marriage ceremony proceeds.


Even after getting engaged to Shagun, he is not ready to lose Anokhi. The lovebirds have a series of breakups and makeups, but love wins in the end as the Bhallas and Sabherwals get ready for their wedding.

Mismatched Indian television series promises to fill your month with feelings of love, as revealed by the above Mismatched teasers. Watch all the episodes on StarLife from Mondays to Sundays at 8.00 p.m. and 8.30 p.m.

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