The Insolent Heart Teasers for January 2022: Kuber threatens Nisar

The Insolent Heart Teasers for January 2022: Kuber threatens Nisar

What happens when two ex-lovers meet again and try to rekindle the flame of love between them? The Insolent Heart series portray what lovers in situations like this go through. Find out how Abeer, a one-time aspiring musician, becomes a successful rockstar and gradually redevelop a new and more genuine kind of love for his former lover, Meher. But then, what price do they have to pay? This month's The Insolent Heart teasers give a sneak peek.

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The Insolent Heart Teasers
The Insolent Heart StarLife series. Photo: @PBNMBadtameezDil
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The Insolent Heart’s full story is about rockstar Abeer Malhotra and his heartthrob, Meher Purohit. After meeting in college, they developed a special interest in each other and eventually married at a young age before they later divorced. However, as they try to rekindle the fire of an old romantic flame, it comes at the expense of friends and families.

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The Insolent Heart Teasers for January 2022

This month's episodes have several lessons that viewers can glean from. Why does Abeer refuse to show up at Kuber's press conference? Also, will Meher heed Abeer's advice and not get engaged to Akshat? Read on to learn more from these concluding episodes.

Saturday, 1st of January, 2022 - Episode 73

Abeer's aunt asks Meher to assist her in buying gifts for Suman and Devki. Later, she urges Meher to pay for the gifts and then pretends to care for Meher before Abeer. Finally, she asks Kuber to offer a job to Meher in his company and informs him about what she plans to do.

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Episode 74

Meher seeks Abeer's forgiveness for what she did wrong and tells him about the business bargain. However, Abeer's aunt tries to provoke him against Meher and confide in Kuber about separating the two. As a result, Kuber stops Meher from honouring a dinner date with Abeer.

Sunday, 2nd of January, 2022 - Episode 75

Abeer is enraged at Meher for helping Kuber. Later, he intends to organise a surprise birthday reception for her, while Abeer's aunt discusses with Meher about his thoughtless expenditure. However, he gets resentful when Meher asks him not to spend Kuber's money.

Episode 76

Nissar informs Kuber concerning Meher and Abeer's misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Abeer's aunt intends to instigate him against Meher by requesting her to show up at Kuber's ceremony, although Madhavi already persuades Abeer to honour Meher's birthday bash. Elsewhere, Abeer ridicules Meher when Kuber designates her as the marketing head. Later, Meher declines to accept the job.

Monday, 3rd of January, 2022 - Episode 77

Abeer misconstrues Meher and gets furious with her, while Abeer's aunt presumes that Meher carries a baby. Nisar attempts to incite Abeer against Meher, who shares her sufferings with Madhavi. Unfortunately, Abeer is against Meher having a baby, and Meher finds out that Abeer is in Singapore.

Episode 78

Abeer informs an unconscious Meher that he regrets all his decisions. Meanwhile, the doctor tells Abeer about Meher's recovery, who tells everyone about it. Abeer's aunt and Kuber intend to kill Meher! Kuber threatens Nisar and requests him to kill Meher.

Tuesday, 4th of January, 2022 - Episode 79

Meher becomes the CEO at Abeer's office, while Abeer troubles Meher and gets her angry. However, Meher meets with an accident and ends up in the hospital, while Abeer becomes shocked after being informed about the accident. Then, Kuber and Abeer's aunt plan to kill Meher, while Kuber uses Nisar to kill Meher. But, will Nisar successfully execute his assignment?

Episode 80

Nisar dodges from Abeer and informs Kuber that he has accomplished the mission. However, the doctors save Meher, while Devki reprimands Abeer for his carelessness. Then, he shares his despair with his listeners, and Abeer prays for Meher's well-being and feels ameliorated when she recovers from her unconscious state.

The Insolent Heart Teasers
Nisar dodges from Abeer and informs Kuber that he has accomplished the mission. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Wednesday, 5th of January, 2022 - Episode 81

Suman consoles Abeer, and Kuber becomes enraged after learning that Meher is better. Meanwhile, the family welcomes Meher home, and Abeer apologises and requests Meher to wed him again. Suman informs Devki about Abeer's feelings for Meher, and Meher recalls Kuber's complaints when Abeer determines to stay at her place.

Episode 82

Meher tells Suman and Devki that Abeer is in Singapore, while Suman endeavours to persuade Kuber to restore Abeer and Meher's relationship. Elsewhere, Kuber dispatches the divorce papers to Meher, and Devki tells Meher to demand alimony of Rs 2.5 crore from Abeer. However, Abeer informs Meher that he is not interested in a divorce.

Thursday, 6th of January, 2022 - Episode 83

Abeer gets drunk when Meher refuses to reconsider their relationship, while Meher recalls when Abeer passed out after getting drunk. Later, she takes Abeer home and grants him access to his bedroom, while Abeer asks Meher to stay back with him for the last time.

Episode 84

Abeer locates Meher's note desiring him the best for his life, while Kuber realises that Meher has rejected the alimony. Nevertheless, Abeer and Meher get divorced, while Meher tears up the alimony cheque before Kuber. More so, she requests Abeer to vacate her house and constructs a partition in the house when Abeer declines.

Friday, 7th of January, 2022 - Episode 85

Meher repays the money to Abeer and requests him to vacate the house. However, while Devki supports Meher, Abeer refuses to depart. Then, Abeer finds that Meher rejected the alimony because she is against divorce before Abeer accepts to vacate the house.

Episode 86

Abeer discusses Kuber's wrongdoings on his program, and Kuber becomes angry because Abeer humiliated him. Meanwhile, Abeer resolves to break ties with the Malhotras, and Rati realises that Nissar had to leave the city because of Meher and Abeer. Finally, Meher informs Satish about her conclusion to discontinue her job.

Saturday, 8th of January, 2022 - Episode 87

Meher questions Rati about Nissar's whereabouts, and Abeer apologises to Satish for his misconduct. Elsewhere, Satish requests Abeer to persuade Meher not to vacate the office, but she refuses to pay attention to what he says. Later, Abeer presents himself to a stranger at the bar.

Episode 88

Abeer presents himself to a stranger and informs him about his marriage and divorce. Later, he resolves to kidnap Devki with his friend's assistance, and Devki tells Meher that Abeer has kidnapped her.

Sunday, 9th of January, 2022 - Episode 89

Devki becomes unconscious after running into a pole while Meher questions Abeer about Devki. Meanwhile, Abeer and his stranger friend assist Devki to get into an ambulance, and Devki surfaces in the news as people mistake her to be rising from the dead! Then, Satish attempts to persuade Meher to resume her job.

Episode 90

Satish tries to console Abeer and requests him to attend Meher's party. At the same time, Suman asks Meher why she is worried, while Satish informs Suman that Abeer refuses to participate in the party. Then, Madhavi asks Kuber to apologise to Abeer while Kuber resolves to ruin Meher's life. Finally, Akshat presents himself to Abeer.

Monday, 10th of January, 2022 - Episode 91

Abeer questions Meher about who is in her bedroom, while Suman becomes heartbroken after realising that Devki speaks against Abeer. Meanwhile, when Meher presents her friend Akshat to everyone, Abeer becomes envious of Akshat, and Devki tries to provoke Abeer. Finally, a heartbroken Abeer gets drunk after departing from the party.

The Insolent Heart Teasers
Suman becomes heartbroken after realising that Devki speaks against Abeer. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 92

Kuber informs Abeer that he is now in charge of Groove before apologising to Abeer in front of the employees of Groove. However, Abeer chooses to teach Akshat a lesson and, with his friend's assistance, vandalises Akshat's car. Devki counsels Akshat to impress Meher.

Tuesday, 11th of January, 2022 - Episode 93

Abeer confronts Kuber as Meher's resignation is suspended. Elsewhere, Kuber offers his assistance to Abeer in restoring his relationship with Meher, while Satish familiarises Kuber with his assistant, Rati. Kuber realises that Rati is Nissar's girlfriend, and afterwards, he attempts to find out if Rati knows about his arrangement with Nissar.

Episode 94

Abeer joins Meher and Akshat for dinner and finds them relishing a good fellowship, infuriating him. Later, Meher and Akshat discuss Abeer's mischievousness while Abeer embellishes Meher's office cabin with their photographs. Then, Meher gets furious and damages one of the picture frames.

Wednesday, 12th of January, 2022 - Episode 95

Akshat finds Meher in Abeer's arms while Meher explains to Akshat. Meanwhile, Abeer refuses to show up at Kuber's press conference, but Kuber requests Meher to come along with Abeer to the meeting. Then, Abeer's friend urges him to manage his rage and be courteous to Meher.

Episode 96

Abeer heeds his friend's suggestion and tries to seek Meher's forgiveness. Afterwards, he apologises to Akshat and asks Meher and himself for lunch, while Meher requests Abeer to show up at the press conference. Then, Akshat proposes to Abeer to drink after their lunch with Meher.

Thursday, 13th of January, 2022 - Episode 97

Akshat gets Abeer drunk, so he will not attend his press conference, while Abeer takes the stairs because Akshat has disabled the elevator. Unfortunately, he ends up vomiting after arriving late at the press conference. Then, Meher asks Akshat not to do with Abeer, while Abeer confronts Akshat for his acts.

Episode 98

Akshat organises a candlelight dinner for Meher and proposes to her. However, Meher informs him that she needs to think it through while Suman comforts Meher. Later on, she tells Abeer about Akshat's proposal, and Kuber and Abeer visit Meher's house.

Friday, 14th of January, 2022 - Episode 99

Kuber and Abeer show up at Meher's house, where Kuber implores her forgiveness. Unfortunately, they return home sad and drunk, and Abeer requests Kuber to withdraw Meher's contract. Meanwhile, Devki urges Meher to accept Akshat's proposal while he decides to vacate the house.

Episode 100

Meher and Abeer debate over Akshat before sharing an emotional, romantic moment. Akshat is pleasured as Meher consents to his proposal. At the same time, Suman counsels Meher to rethink her decision while Kuber books a hotel room for Rati and him!

Saturday, 15th of January, 2022 - Episode 101

Akshat ridicules Abeer and apprises him regarding his engagement with Meher. Meanwhile, Abeer implores Meher not to get engaged to Akshat, but she says she can only agree if he gives her a convincing reason not to marry Akshat. Then, Abeer accompanies Akshat and sights him picking up a boy from a school van.

Episode 102

Abeer visits Meher's house and informs her that Akshat has a male child, Ishaan but is surprised that it is not news to Meher. Then, he returns home and shares the same information with Madhvi and Kuber. Meanwhile, Rathi calls Kuber over the phone and lies to Madhvi that he needs to show up at the office.

Sunday, 16th of January, 2022 - Episode 103

Meher informs Suman about her determination to marry Akshat, while Abeer soft-soaps Meher by telling her that he will soon father a child. Then, Ishan visits Meher's office with Akshat, gets inside Abeer's studio, and damages his equipment. Meanwhile, Akshat and Abeer over Ishan.

The Insolent Heart Teasers
Ishan visits Meher's office with Akshat, gets inside Abeer's studio, and damages his equipment. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 104

Abeer and his friend plot to prove Akshat a cheat by involving him with another girl. Meanwhile, Abeer gives one of his fans, Aliya, the duty to seduce Akshat into their tangle by apprising her it is an audition for a movie. So, Aliya hitches a ride from Akshat and intentionally leaves her bangle in his car.

Monday, 17th of January, 2022 - Episode 105

Kuber requests Rati to continue watching Abeer. Nevertheless, Rati plots against Meher and Abeer, while Abeer's scheme against Akshat boomerangs. First, Meher locates Aliya in Abeer's arms, and Akshat asks Abeer about his engagement with Meher. Then, Abeer wants to know if Meher was envious of seeing him and Aliya together.

Episode 106

Meher invites Abeer to her engagement while Devki denigrates Abeer at the function. As a result, Abeer departs from the venue before Meher and Akshat exchange their rings. Then, Ishan loses consciousness, and Abeer takes him to the hospital, where he again becomes unconscious because he is allergic to kiwi!

Tuesday, 18th of January, 2022 - Episode 107

Akshat and Meher engage, but then Abeer and Ishaan are hospitalised. Meher becomes frenzied as Madhavi meets Ishaan. While she considers sending him to a boarding school, Akshat will not permit her to carry out her plan. Later, she damages Abeer's studio and cautions him to stay away. Finally, he promises to win her love in eight days.

Episode 108

Akshat has a nightmare and informs Meher about it. Then, he pleads with her to ensure Ishan and Abeer do not come together. Abeer visits Meher's house for breakfast and accompanies her to where he stays. At the same time, Kuber is dissatisfied that Meher might return and tries to draw Abeer's friend, Tasha, closer to him.

Wednesday, 19th of January, 2022 - Episode 109

Kuber persuades Sasha to watch over Abeer, while Devki asks Akshat to call Meher as she spends time at Abeer's house. Meanwhile, Ishaan cries as Akshat vents his frustration, while Meher calls it to quit with Abeer. Finally, Sasha consoles Abeer before Meher makes an astonishing conclusion!

Episode 110

Devki shows up at Kuber's house to invite his family to Meher-Akshat's marriage, while Madhavi detects resemblances between Ishaan and Abeer. Meanwhile, Abeer resolves to wed Sasha and offers Meher his wedding card, while Sasha conveys how much she loves Abeer. Finally, Meher and Abeer recall enjoying memories.

Thursday, 20th of January, 2022 - Episode 111

Meher discusses the arrangements with her wedding planner while Abeer eavesdrops on their discussion. However, Madhavi gets Ishaan's school records and discovers that he is not Akshat's son. As a result, she confronts Meher and discovers the truth, though Meher stops her from sharing the information with Abeer.

Episode 112

Meher asks Madhavi not to tell Abeer that he is Ishaan's father before Abeer later discovers Meher, where she hides in his room. Then, he persuades her for them to start afresh. Meanwhile, Abeer and Sasha's engagement celebrations commence, and Akshat shows up at the engagement venue.

Friday, 21st of January, 2022 - Episode 113

Madhavi wishes to see Ishaan, while Abeer persuades Meher to acknowledge her fondness for him. Elsewhere, Meher informs Akshat about Madhavi discovering that she is Ishaan's grandson, while Abeer eavesdrops Madhavi's discussion with Meher. Later, he finds Madhavi and Ishaan together and challenges the former. Finally, Madhavi tells him the truth.

Episode 114

Meher resolves to take Ishaan along and move somewhere away from Abeer. However, Abeer cautions and prevents her from accomplishing it. Later, he tells Sasha that he is Ishaan's daddy, and Sasha calls off the wedding because of Abeer. Meher worries about Ishaan, while Abeer goes with Ishaan, leaving a note for Meher.

Saturday, 22nd of January, 2022 - Episode 115

Meher meets Sasha and asks her about Ishaan while Ishaan and Abeer have some fun together. Meanwhile, Abeer records Ishaan's video and shares it with Meher. At the same time, he purchases a pair of contact lenses for Ishaan. Then, while Meher feels better seeing Ishaan come home, Abeer presents a guitar to Ishaan as a gift.

Episode 116

Abeer ridicules Meher, Devki, and Akshat. Elsewhere, Meher shockingly learns that Abeer has resettled in her neighbourhood, while Abeer intimidates Meher and Akshat regarding telling Ishaan the truth. Finally, Abeer and Akshat join a weight-lifting competition to impress Ishaan. Abeer loses the competition.

The Insolent Heart Teasers
Abeer intimidates Meher and Akshat regarding telling Ishaan the truth. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Sunday, 23rd of January, 2022 - Episode 117

Akshat convinces Ishaan not to discuss with Abeer, and Abeer beckons on Meher to assist him with his injured leg. However, Akshat is enraged to see Meher and Abeer together, while Suman informs Abeer concerning Meher and Akshat's controversy. Then, Kuber wishes to see Ishaan, while Rati wants to spoil Kuber's happiness, and Ishaan is coerced.

Episode 118

Abeer comforts Ishaan, and because of what he advised, Ishaan avenges. Elsewhere, Meher gets furious with Abeer for misguiding Ishaan, while Akshat gets angry when Ishaan challenges his hatred towards Abeer. Then, Ishaan presses that Meher shares his biological father's picture with him.

Monday, 24th of January, 2022 - Episode 119

Abeer requests Meher to let Ishaan see his father's picture, while Rati blackmails Kuber so that Meher's promotion will not continue. Meanwhile, she asks him to make her the company's CEO, while Meher refuses to accept Kuber's offer of vice president. Finally, Abeer informs Akshat and Meher that he teaches music at Ishaan's school.

Episode 120

Abeer and Akshat get into a fight before Ishaan. Meanwhile, Ishaan proves if Abeer and Akshat truly love him, while Appendix asks Aliya to pull a guy's moustache to have some adult magazines. Also, Akshat damages the guitar that Abeer presents to Ishaan as a gift, while Ishaan wishes that Abeer would take him to where he lives.

Tuesday, 25th of January, 2022 - Episode 121

Abeer takes Ishaan home while Ishaan locates Meher and Abeer's marriage album. Meanwhile, Abeer is compelled to tell Ishaan the truth, while Ishaan promises Abeer to ensure that things between him and Meher get better. Finally, Rati blackmails Kuber to append his signature on Meher's termination letter.

Episode 122

Kuber informs Rati that he caused Nissar's abrupt leave in this final episode. However, he encourages Rati not to resign, while Ishaan notifies Meher that he knows that his father is Abeer. Finally, Akshat determines to depart, and Meher honours Abeer's proposal to remarry him.


Kuber detests Meher and is out to excommunicate her. He plots with Abeer's aunt and intends to use Nisar to accomplish the mission. However, after finding out that Meher is better, he becomes furious. Knowing that Meher may return, Kuber does everything possible to win Abeer's friend, Tasha, to his side. Will his mission succeed?


When Abeer sees Meher assisting Kuber, he becomes angry. But then, why does he have to ridicule Meher when she becomes the marketing head? After recounting his actions, even though Meher is unconscious, he confesses how much he regrets all his decisions. Even though several challenges must be overcome, a part of Abeer cannot withstand Meher in an uncomfortable state, so he prays for her quick recovery.

The Insolent Heart teasers for the January 2022 edition have revealed some major encumbrances between Abeer and Meher's love. The question is whether they will overcome and enjoy their intimacy again or go their separate ways. Therefore, as the show broadcasts on Star Life at 22h00 and 22h30 every day, do not miss out.

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