Johannesburg Dad’s TikTok Video of Baby Bossing Him Around To Dance Steals Mzansi’s Hearts

Johannesburg Dad’s TikTok Video of Baby Bossing Him Around To Dance Steals Mzansi’s Hearts

  • A Johannesburg dad's TikTok video showing his baby girl bossing him into a dance is winning hearts in Mzansi
  • In the video, the daughter interrupted her father eating his supper so that she could dance with him
  • Mzansi people appreciated the duo's adorable bond and the baby's bossy charm, revealing who runs the household
Woman shares cute video of her husband and daughter.
A father from Johannesburg danced with his daughter in a cute video shared on social media. Images:@pheladikhoza367
Source: TikTok

A father from Johannesburg has been trending on TikTok after he was ordered by his daughter to dance.

Daughter calls the shots.

The video posted by TikTok user @pheladikhoza367 on her page shows how her daughter was bossing her husband to get up and dance with her.

In the clip, the father had to leave his supper to partake in an impromptu dance session with his adorable baby girl. The TikTok video capturing this adorable moment is trending, showcasing the undeniable bond between the father and his little one.

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The baby girl, known for her bossy yet charming ways, took the lead, directing her dad into a lively dance that left the internet in stitches.

Watch the video below:

Mzansi loves father and daughter duo

People have fallen head over heels for this heartwarming duo. Netizens have flooded social media with comments praising the dad's willingness to embrace the unexpected and dance to his daughter's rhythm:

@Fifi said:

"My son makes us sing Nkosi Sikeleli at 5am."

@RoryM laughed:

"I talk sgabarish, I knew what she was singing."

@Omphile Mpa loved:

"Its the way she says 'come on'. Sounds like one of the cartoons she watches. Children are cute."

@misscriptiq commented:

"The Queen has spoken. COME ON! Jump noma ulambile."

@Morwa 'a Mothao said:

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"Everything has to stop, she is in charge."

@NontehSenah shared:

"Haibo, she sounds exactly like my son, the way he likes saying 'Come on'."

@ntuthu19 praised:

"What a good daddy. I love this for her."

South African dad-daughter groove has Mzansi hearts melting

In a similar story, Briefly News reported about a TikTok video capturing a father and daughter dancing together with infectious energy.

The daughter's gorgeous pink dress and dad's cool shades add to the video's charm. Mzansi embraced the heartwarming family moment, celebrating the power of love and groove.

Source: Briefly News

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