Dad Gets Revenge on Son With Hilarious Snake Prank in TikTok Video, Mzansi Left in Stitches

Dad Gets Revenge on Son With Hilarious Snake Prank in TikTok Video, Mzansi Left in Stitches

  • In a side-splitting TikTok moment, a dad sought revenge on his son with a hilarious snake prank, leaving Mzansi in stitches
  • The video captures the dad’s clever antics and the son’s surprised reaction, creating a wave of laughter across social media
  • The clip added a touch of joy, proving that a well-executed prank can have the best reactions
Father gets revenge on son.
A father pranked his son with the help of his other child. Images:@mzansisgreatestfamily
Source: TikTok

In a light-hearted and comical twist, a dad got back at his son with a rib-tickling snake prank.

Snake prank trends

The whole escapade was caught on a video and shared on user @mzansisgreatestfamily, which has Mzansi in fits of laughter. The video unfolds as the dad sets up the perfect prank, unleashing a fake snake on his unsuspecting son with the help of his other kid.

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The son’s reaction, a mix of surprise and amusement, adds to the humour, making it a funny family moment. The TikTok video is trending as people love the playful dynamics between them.

Watch the video below:

Mzansi bust at snake prank

In a world often filled with stress, this father-son prank is a reminder that laughter can lighten the mood and create cherished memories within a family.

People flocked to the comment section to share their views:

@LovePry laughed:

"Not Kgosi." said:

"The older one looks like khosi."

@teedeekay31 shared:

"Who repeated the video several times like me."

@itsabout_koki commented:

"He couldn't even run, yho guys noooo."

@SeepeiMasemola laughed:

"Arg the way he screams. Daddy be ready for yours cos Kgosi wao planela now."

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@thatego baloyi joked:

"He saw his life flashing before his eyes × 100."

@JoytonMalaza vouched:

"Guys you are not fair at all."

@rebeccam_96 commented:

"Patiently waiting for him to get even."

Snake prank video shows man freaking out

In a similar story, Briefly News reported about a terrified man who almost saw the light when he thought a snake was crawling up his leg.

Twitter user @pmcafrica shared footage of the man freaking out and the people who pranked him laughing.

Mzansi peeps couldn’t help but laugh. However, they sympathised with the man, as they would have also freaked.

Source: Briefly News

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