Limpopo Woman Uses Scorching Sun During Loadshedding To Fry Eggs, TikTok Clip of Cooking Hack Trends

Limpopo Woman Uses Scorching Sun During Loadshedding To Fry Eggs, TikTok Clip of Cooking Hack Trends

  • A viral TikTok video shows a Limpopo woman's incredible and shocking cooking hack during loadshedding
  • She fried an egg on the scorching hot pavement during loadshedding thanks to the blazing sun outside
  • People said her idea was brilliant and complained about the heatwave sweeping through the country
Limpopo woman cooked eggs
A woman used the scorching sun's heat to cook eggs on a pavement. Image: @murendy03
Source: TikTok

As Eskom's blackouts escalate, a Limpopo woman's ingenious cooking hack stole the spotlight on TikTok.

She used the sun to fry eggs on the scorching pavement during loadshedding. The woman whipped up the scrambled eggs in less than a minute.

Loadshedding woes during heatwave

The clip posted by @murendy03 has sparked both amazement and complaints about the heatwave in the SA. People hailed the woman's brilliant cooking hack amid Eskom's increased blackouts.

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South Africans are constantly looking for ways to survive the hours without electricity. It was refreshing for people to see the lady using Mother Nature to solve her hunger pangs.

Cooking video trends on TikTok

The video uploaded on 26 November gained massive traction with 130,000 views.

Watch the video below:

SA weighs in on cooking hack

The comments section reflects a mix of amazement, laughter, and a shared sentiment of resilience in the face of electricity challenges.

@ntumiza said:

"I am looking at the perfect stone wall."

@mallon00 posted:

"I've switched off my geyser I don't know for how many days now I think 4 or 5."

@martha_rabyang wrote:

"The heat is on another level that side shem. "

@mokhonwana stated:

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"Yoh, this heat is going to kill us."

@mohaummatli16 commented:

"You can't be serious."

@user6330358194039 suggested:

"This is dangerous mos for humans.‍♀️Put sunscreen when you go out."

SA woman shares loadshedding hack in TikTok video

In another article, Briefly News reported that a woman had netizens amused after sharing how she could fry an egg during loadshedding.

A TikTok video shows the woman testing the temperature of the gravel on a hot sunny day before placing a pan with oil on it in direct sunlight. The woman then cracks an egg into the hot pan and fries her egg using just the heat from the sun as an effective solution to cooking it when there is no electricity.

Source: Briefly News

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