Mom Gets Walkie-Talkie for Toddler, TikTok Video of Parenting Hack Delights Mzansi

Mom Gets Walkie-Talkie for Toddler, TikTok Video of Parenting Hack Delights Mzansi

  • A woman showed people how she makes her young child feel safe when it is time to go to bed at night
  • The lady made a video showing how she keeps her child out of her bedroom when they have to sleep
  • Online users were fascinated by the mother's efforts, and many were in awe of her out-of-the-box thinking

A woman made a video about parenting a toddler. The lady posted a hack on how parents can keep the kids in their bedrooms at night.

TikTok video shows woman with walkie talkie for kids
A TikTok video shows a mom dealing with a scared toddler in an adorable way. Image: @sheisyoza
Source: TikTok

Parents applauded the mother's creativity. The video of the woman's parenting moment got more than 19,000 likes.

Woman plugs parents in TikTok video

A loving parent on TikTok @sheisyoza showed people she uses walkie-talkies to help her child. Instead of going to her room when he is scared at night, he can contact her.

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Watch the video to hear the cute exchange when the tiny tot was scared:

SA parents applaud creative mother

Online users thought it was fascinating to see the woman's solution to a common problem with toddlers. Many commented, raving about the lady's parenting style

Life with Thandekile was impressed:

"I’m totally stealing this idea. You’re such an awesome mom!"

Tshiamog ushed:

"Please tell me your mom is a director without telling me she is one, this is super cute."

userr3576714585693 said:

"This is so coolYou owe the rents a parenting masterclass yoza."

uSeipat wrote:

"She’s really experiencing the most beautiful childhood."

Likhanye added:

"Yoza is MOM OF THE YEAR."

kuts applauded:

"Yoza’s parenting skills? Shocks me everytime."

SA impressed by mom

Online users love to see good moms. Netizens were touched when a mom surprised her child with a pricey gift.

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Mom shares 1-minute baby sleeping hack

Briefly News previously reported that a mother shared a sleeping hack for babies, which blew TikTok users away. The young woman demonstrated how she puts her baby to sleep in just a minute, and the clip caught people's attention.

She used her legs to rock the little one sitting on her legs to sleep. The baby attempted to fight off the sleep but dozed off on schedule.

The woman was chuffed with herself and did a silent celebration with her hands.

Source: Briefly News

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