Cape Town Administrator Who Earns R30k Salary With Only Matric Qualification Has TikTok in a Frenzy

Cape Town Administrator Who Earns R30k Salary With Only Matric Qualification Has TikTok in a Frenzy

  • A-now viral TikTok post shared details about a black South African man's R30k administrator salary
  • The video also revealed the man works for a fintech company, further fueling the conversation about salaries in different fields
  • Despite exceeding the average administrator's salary, many viewers highlighted the difficulty of affording basic necessities with his income
Administrator with only matric earns R30k
Netizens shared their thoughts about an administrator's salary. Image: tattywelshie, Portra Images
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A now-viral TikTok post about an administrator who earns an R30K salary had Mzansi netizens intrigued.

Administrator's salary sparks debate

A post shared by @lifereset_za shared details about a black South African man who didn't mind sharing about his income and job on her platform.

According to the post, the man in question has only a matric certificate as a qualification and works as an administrator with six years of experience. @lifereset_za also shared that the man works for a fintech company.

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According to Plaid, a fintech company refers to any company that offers financial services or applications that rely heavily on technology.

The man also shared his payslip, which shows that he earns a basic salary of R30 666,67 and, after deductions, takes home R25 148,13.

Watch the video below:

According to, the average salary for an administrator in South Africa is about R15 000.

"The average office administrator salary in South Africa is R180 000 per year or R 92.31 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 144 000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R306 360 per year."

Mzansi reacts to the man's salary

Several netizens responded to the post with their thoughts and opinions about the administrator's salary while others highlighted the negative reality of the high cost of living.

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joemase commented:

"Still can't buy a house in CPT with that salary."

Coco Hazel Pillay replied:

"I work in CPT as a payroll manager. I earn well but the cost of living is horrible."

Fifi Vundy said:

"Let me camp here with my ND: Office Management &Tech and AD:Business & Info Admin, in Cape Town . Such is only a dream to me."

Appletize wrote:

"That time an IT Technician gets 8K and required to have a car…. Some companies are not serious."

Siphesihle Twani commented:

"Yhooo I am so tempted to share my current pay slip as a qualified Technician and my new contract I got a few days ago , I am in Cape Town."

Michell said:

"Not hating, but I think the purpose of this page is to have honest conversations about salaries in different careers; this might be true but rare."

Mzansi teacher builds dream home for family

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Briefly News earlier reported that a hardworking Mzansi woman who works as a teacher had many netizens beaming with pride after she shared a TikTok video of what she has been pouring her hard-earned money into.

Nothando Buthelezi (@iilovesky) shared a video showing off a home-building project that is currently underway.

Nothando's post also poked fun at the general notion that teachers don't earn much money.

Source: Briefly News

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