Woman Parks Mercedes in Pretoria, Thugs Steal Her Side Mirrors: “This Is Why I Hate CBD”

Woman Parks Mercedes in Pretoria, Thugs Steal Her Side Mirrors: “This Is Why I Hate CBD”

  • A Pretoria woman found the mirrors of her Mercedes-Benz CLA200 missing after she parked in the CBD
  • The lady took to her TikTok and shared the incident, asking her followers to help her replace them
  • The online community reacted to the clip, with many advising her on what to do to avoid such incidents next time
A TikTok video captured a Pretoria woman crying about thieves who stole her Mercedes-Benz side mirrors.
A woman shared how thieves in Pretoria CBD stole her Mercedes-Benz side mirrors. Images: @vanessa_ae96/ TikTok, @DarthArt
Source: UGC

One woman experienced an unfortunate incident in Pretoria CBD when she found her car without side mirrors.

In a TikTok video uploaded by @vanessa_ae96, she is in her Mercedes CLA200, still shocked by the incident. She captured her side mirrors, which thieves had taken out. According to the clip, this happened while she was parking in the CBD.

The TikTok user pleaded with her followers to help her raise R25k quickly to buy another side mirror for her ride. She further expressed that she does not like the CBD because of things like this.

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"This is why I hate CBD!!!"

Woman finds car mirrors missing after parking in Pretoria

Watch the TikTok video below:

TikTokkers felt sorry for the woman

The video garnered over 300k views, with many online users feeling sorry for her, advising her on what to do to avoid such incidents in the future, and some sharing their similar stories.

@Thato Masekwameng commented:

"Please park at paid parking in town it’s like R20 don’t just park anywhere, my queen."

@Siphamandla Siemens- advised:

"Scrapyard, this happened to me once, replaced them within the hour by going to the scrapyard, and I paid R300."

@pamela_mtanga expressed a trick:

"Babe, I pay R40 for 2 pharas to watch my car whenever I’m in town. I’m sorry but it’s cheaper than R25k ."

@Bells Maik shared a sad experience:

"I learnt the hard way. I drove back to Botswana without headlights and mirrors. The sad part is I saw them walk away in daylight, and everyone was just looking, shouting 'Ke Jozi papa!! Stay ko Botswana'"

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ReneiloeM was in disbelief:

"No way."

@Dave Panyane felt sympathy:

I'm sorry, my sister. This country is not safe at all."

Cape Town lady escaped smash-and-grab incident

In another story, Briefly News reported about a Cape Town woman who survived a smash-and-grab incident.

In the TikTok video she uploaded, @viwem explained that the incident happened while she was in heavy traffic. The thief approached her on the left, luckily she quickly saw him as he approached and hid her phone while hitting the horn so other cars could let her change lanes to escape the situation. She described the incident as horrifying and thanked God that she was not harmed.

Source: Briefly News

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