Cape Town Woman Shares Terrifying Experience, Attempted Smash-and-Grab: “It Could Have Been Worse”

Cape Town Woman Shares Terrifying Experience, Attempted Smash-and-Grab: “It Could Have Been Worse”

  • A Cape Town woman shared her horrifying experience after she survived a smash-and-grab incident
  • The lady was driving her car when she saw a thief approaching her left window, wanting to steal her phone
  • The online community reacted with positive messages, thankful that she was not harmed
  • Viwe spoke to Briefly News in detail about the incident and advised people who find themselves in a similar situation
A Cape Town woman shares terrifying smash-and-grab experience on TikTok.
A Cape Town woman survived a smash-and-grab incident. Images: @viwem/ TikTok, @P A Thompson/ Getty Images
Source: UGC

A Cape Town woman was thankful after she survived a smash-and-grab incident. She took to TikTok to share the horrifying experience.

In the video, @viwem explained what happened. She said the incident happened on Malibongwe Drive as she approached the robots on the turn to Dunoon or Postdam.

The thief approached her on the left, luckily she quickly saw him as he approached and hid her phone while hitting the horn so other cars could let her change lanes to escape the situation.

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The perpetrator broke the window, no harm or anything was done. The woman was thankful to the most high - God and the drivers who gave her the right of way to escape.

In the comments, she said she used Uber to get to work the next day and begged the driver to avoid the route.

"It could have been worse."

A woman escaped a smash-and-grab incident

Watch the TikTok video below:

Viwe speaks more about the experience

Viwe told Briefly News that she was shocked and terrified when the incident happened. She felt stuck and vulnerable, as the man was approaching on the left and cars were on all the other sides, which meant she couldn’t just run.

This was her first heavy experience. Previously, she was approached by someone begging on the streets who cursed at her. Viwe said that the first night after the incident was rough, she had to take sleeping pills to get a good night's sleep because the incident kept on playing on her mind.

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She advised people who find themselves in a similar situation to always hide their stuff, and if they need to use GPS, they should rather listen attentively than have their phone on display.

"Have that shatterproof thing on your windows. The delay in the glass breaking gave me more time to escape with my belongings. Also, the glass did not spread everywhere and harm me.
"If this happened to you, do not underestimate the impact it will have on you. Speak your someone. A counsellor or psychologist. I still keep seeing his face as he was charging for my car when I try to sleep."

TikTokkers felt sorry for the woman

The online users reacted to the video, with many expressing shock and sadness while advising on ways to protect themselves from such situations.

@Tween Seems commented:

"Living in South Africa is becoming traumatizing we are not safe anywhere. I am glad you are OK, and I am so sorry you had to experience that ."

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@Sandra Boitumelo 951 asked:

"Sorry, whereby on my Malibongwe, it is my everyday route. I'm scared."

@Your Child's favorite Aunt ❤️ shared love:

"I am so sorry you experienced this . And thank God you are safe."

@TichShifter advised:

"I may be wrong, but people must avoid displaying the phones on the dash you attract unnecessary attention to yourself. There in Malibongwe Dunoon skolies are serious and at night avoid driving there."

@❤️ shared a light moment:

"My hubby stole my phone holder,just to avoid this. Thankful he did now I listen to the GPS attentively. I want my 200rand though!!"

Thieves attempt to rob a vehicle in traffic

In another story, Briefly News reported about thieves who attempted to open a car door in traffic.

In a TikTok video recorded by @renetrauta's mother, she was in the white Kia Picanto when she found herself at a traffic light stop, unaware of the danger lurking nearby.

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In a split second, a man approached their vehicle and attempted to open the car door, clearly intending to commit a crime. However, the car doors were locked, thanks to her vigilance and preparedness.

Source: Briefly News

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