Cape Town Student Shares R2 800 Grocery Haul, Netizens Stunned: “Sbwl”

Cape Town Student Shares R2 800 Grocery Haul, Netizens Stunned: “Sbwl”

  • One Cape Town student shared a R2 800 grocery haul on TikTok, saying the food was for her and her resmate
  • In the video, she took out the items, which included veggies, fruit and a lot of meat, to name just a few
  • The online community reacted to the clip, with many stunned by the groceries and some applauding the ladies for prioritising their stomachs
A Cape Town student captured her grocery haul on TikTok, stunning netizens.
A Cape Town student shared a R2 800 grocery haul. Images: @siyandajikela/ TikTok, @siyanda_jikela/ Instagram
Source: UGC

A Cape Town student showed off her res grocery haul. She took to TikTok to lay out all the items for her followers.

In the video she uploaded, @siyandajikela disclaimed that the food she showed off was for two people. This was to avoid people saying she bought a lot of food and that it would rot.

The items they bought included vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, spinach), milk, bananas, yoghurt, cereal, grapes and juice.

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However, what stunned the netizens was the amount of meat she showed off, including sausage. The lady had multiple trays of pork and beef. This is foreign to the typical student's kitchen.

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One online user asked how much all the items cost. The young girls said R2 800.

Student shares grocery haul

Watch the TikTok video below:

TikTokkers shared different views on the girl's groceries

The video garnered over 26K likes, with many online users expressing how the girl and her friend are privileged to afford so many groceries. Some applauded them for prioritising food over the groove.

@Kgagudi related:

"This was me in varsity. I prioritised food over the groove. My fridge and cupboards were always full."

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@Miriam said:

"Rich student."

@Knita Ora asked:

"What happened to noodles and eggs, please?"

@Theodora Zayi felt envious:


Girl raids parents' kitchen before returning to res

In another story, Briefly News reported about a student who raided her parent's kitchen before going back to res.

The young woman packing groceries from her home's kitchen before returning to res was captured in a TikTok video. The clip resonated with many broke students facing similar struggles.

While some praised the student for her thoughtful and considerate approach, others teased her for being too lenient. They humorously claimed they would have taken everything.

Source: Briefly News

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