Concerns as Kenyan Woman Driving Toyota Vehicle Hits High Speeds: "Speed Kills"

Concerns as Kenyan Woman Driving Toyota Vehicle Hits High Speeds: "Speed Kills"

  • TikTok user @monicahmugo869, who transports the muguka plant, shared a video showing her on the road
  • The unfazed woman comfortably hits speeds of 160km/h while casually changing gears
  • Many Kenyans were shaken by the speed and urged the mother of three to slow down

A video of a female driver bolting at nearly double the speed limit on the highway has drawn concerns.

A woman transporting the miraa plant sped excessively
Monica Mugo shared a video of her speeding along a road while ferrying the muguka plant. Images: @monicahmugo869.
Source: UGC

At what speed do Miraa vehicles travel?

The muguka transporter, going by @monicahmugo869 on TikTok, was accused by some of endangering the lives of other motorists by driving at a speed of 160km/h.

In the video, the single mother of three was seen at full acceleration in a Toyota Fielder, reminiscent of the pickup trucks that ferry the plants miraa and muguka in the Mt Kenya region.

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While the prescribed speed limit across most Kenyan highways is 80 km/h, drivers ferrying miraa often flout the traffic rulebook to deliver the perishable stimulant.

Their vehicles are modified to reach top speeds and ensure stability while speeding along the Meru-Embu-Nairobi and Nanyuki-Nairobi highways.

Netizens alarmed by speed

Alarmed social media users cautioned her against excessive speeds.


“I’ve lost friends who used to be excellent drivers".


"First look speed 160, I feared. Then I saw it was a manual and feared even more.”

Kimtai Paps:

"160km/h? Any slight miscalculation, you will be on printed T-shirts.”

Joel Muterian:

"I don't play with speed because it kills.”

Brian Mushaukwa:

"People who don't work in hospitals are so brave. I've seen too much to drive over 100".

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Adrian Mc Chipukeezy:

"Jesus Christ. Speed kills. The last day I drove at 160, I learned my lesson.”

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