"I Was Tired": Bachelor Who Tried to Cook Food For Himself Forgets Beans on Fire Until Morning

"I Was Tired": Bachelor Who Tried to Cook Food For Himself Forgets Beans on Fire Until Morning

  • A man who came home from work and tried to make food for himself nearly got into trouble as he slept off
  • Bishop Bisa said he forgot that he had placed beans on fire and fell into a deep sleep, only to wake up in the morning
  • The man shared images online, showing that the water in the beans dried up and the food burnt completely and turned into dark coal

An unmarried man who put food on fire forgot it and slept at night.

It all started when the man, Bishop Bisa, returned from work and decided to prepare something for himself.

A man forgot he was cooking and slept off.
The man woke up in the morning to a burnt pot of beans. Photo credit: X/@bishop_bisa.
Source: UGC

Single man fails to cook

He said he placed a pot of beans on his hot plate and decided to rest a little. That was how he slept off and woke up in the morning.

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The beans burnt beyond recognition in the pot. Images of the pot he posted on X have stirred many reactions.

Bishop wrote:

"Man, you won't believe how God saved me last night. I got home exhausted, decided to pre-cook beans on my hot plate, and then I knocked out. I just remembered now that I left something on the fire and rushed into the kitchen. They seized power at 5am. Na Bachelor life, I blame."

See the post by @bishpop_bisa below:

Reactions as man forgets beans on fire

@eniturn said:

"You can still eat this, just small Jik and baking soda with agege bread."

@HerRoyally said:

"You can still rinse and recook bro. Rinse thoroughly. Transfer it to another pot. Pour enough enough. If you have acid at home you can add it. Remove the water after 15 minutes. Put salt and stir. Your beans is ready."

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@Oma_GuGu remarked:

"The same thing happened to me. Gas wey I dey manage."

@lenxi7 said:

"Oh my! Sorry about that. Mine was boiling water, I left the gas on over the night. I woke up to smoke all over the house."

Man’s failed cooking attempt has iPhone stuck in pot

Briefly News previously reported that cooking is not everyone's strong point. This man tried to cook up a storm and ended up cooking his iPhone instead. He shared his sorrows on TikTok.

Everyone knows iPhones are not cheap, as they cost anywhere from R6k upwards of R30k. So, getting one stuck to a pot is not ideal.

TikTok user @dlamott shared a video showing the iPhone he got stuck to the bottom of a pot while trying to cook. This was a sign from the higher powers that he shouldn't touch a pot again, lol.

Source: Legit.ng

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