TikTok Video Captures Pupils Serenading Couples Around School, TikTok Video Goes Viral

TikTok Video Captures Pupils Serenading Couples Around School, TikTok Video Goes Viral

  • A group of learners entertained South African internet users after they sang to couples in their school
  • The learners were captured in a TikTok video showing off their not-so-great vocals, singing for a duo
  • The online community reacted to the clip, with many loving how the new generation was free-spirited
A group of pupils was captured in a TikTok video serenading couples around their school.
A group of learners sang love songs to couples in their school. Images: @toxickings99/ TikTok, @Yellow Dog Productions/ Getty Images
Source: UGC

A group of pupils went around the school premises, serenading other learners and enjoying their time together as couples.

In one TikTok video uploaded by @toxickings99, two lovebirds have a cosy moment during break time. The girl sits on a chair while the gent sits lightly on top of her, having a chat.

While they were at it, the group popped up and started singing to them. One could tell they were not gifted vocally, which made the whole performance funny. They sang Into You by American artist, Tamia.

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Pupils serenade couples in the school

Watch the funny TikTok video below:

TikTokkers were entertained by the pupils

The video garnered over 500K views, with many online users finding the content hilarious and imagining funny scenarios about dating in school.

@His joked:

"Yoh, imagine being late to class because Stivovo and his girlfriend are blocking the corridor."

@Liga hilariously observed:

"No one's asking the right questions... why's he not wearing socks?"

@Tinotenda S Wakatama laughed:

"Hai ama2000 surely came to earth with their own principals cause school is so different these kids are living in their own world without rules."

@Smiileyy wanted more content:

"That girl can't stop blushing ❤️do more videos pls❤️"

@Bathandwa Bathie Mak adored:

" Ma2K are having the best times at school."

@Sharlotte Mfundisi felt envious:

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"I want to be 2000. School is fun now."

Teachers advise Grade 12 learners to put dating on hold

In another story, Briefly News reported about a teacher who urged matriculants to halt dating while in school.

@teenlifecoach_lebodube uploaded a video on TikTok giving the pupils advice. Being a teacher herself, she sees a lot of kids who have started exploring. But what's sad about that exploration is that it affects schoolwork.

The video received mixed reactions, with some online users agreeing and some not, sharing their experiences of their successful high school relationships.

Source: Briefly News

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