Woman Goes Viral for Bare-handed Black Mamba Snake Rescue in TikTok Video

Woman Goes Viral for Bare-handed Black Mamba Snake Rescue in TikTok Video

  • A video of a woman rescuing a snake from a property has been doing the rounds on social media
  • The footage shared on TikTok shows how the focused woman impressively handled the dangerous snake
  • The video garnered many views and comments from netizens who were impressed by the snake handler's abilities
A woman fearlessly captured a black mamba in a TikTok video
A calm and focused woman was seen removing a snake from a windowsill in a video. Image: Craig Cordier
Source: Getty Images

Video footage of a woman impressively handling a black mamba with bare hands has gone viral on social media.

Woman rescues snake like a pro

A TikTok video by Hoedspruit Reptile Centre shows a woman named Jess capturing a black mamba that had been spotted on a windowsill.

According to PBS, the black mamba is Africa's deadliest snake. Untreated, its bite has a fatality rate of 100 per cent.

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Jess, unfazed by the restless and highly venomous snake, is seen grabbing it by the head as she removes it from the windowsill and works strategically to place it inside a pillowcase.

Watch the video below:

Snake handler has the internet awestruck

Many netizens responded to the video in awe of the woman's calm and focused demeanour as she handled the snake. Others even shared that they may fear Jess more than they do snakes.

A Snowballs Chance in Florida said:

"I saw a lion after a black mamba bite on this app earlier today. What she just did was insane."

Ammar_2211 replied:

"People don't realise what it means to handle a black mamba with bare hands ."

JShadows wrote:

"Raw dogging a black mamba is insanity ."

bitbyzombies said:

"Most people have nightmares of snakes. Snakes have nightmares of Jess."

Lindsay Snook replied:

I'm terrified of snakes, but now I'm more scared of Jess ."

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thewitchb*tch commented"


Adam replied:

"Snakes one and only weakness, a pillowcase."

Nikki Allison replied:

"Black mamba INSIDE? Nightmare."

Video captures battle between two male black mambas in KZN

In another story, Briefly News reported that two male black mambas tearing each other apart over a female black mamba sent chills down netizens' spines. In contrast, others found the whole battle fascinating!

The snakes were at each other's necks, much to the horror of the residents of the yard they were wrestling in.

Although the two fighters were caught and released, South Africans are worried that the family has not seen the last of the snakes yet.

Source: Briefly News

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