Snake Handler Risks His Life to Save Family From Deadly Cape Cobra Lurking in Kitchen Cabinets

Snake Handler Risks His Life to Save Family From Deadly Cape Cobra Lurking in Kitchen Cabinets

  • A professional snake handler saved a family from a Cape Cobra lurking in their kitchen cabinet
  • The brave man courageously grabbed the venomous snake with his bare hands, without harming it
  • Netizens were awed by the guy's expert skill in successfully removing the dangerous serpent from the home
  • Briefly News spoke to Josh Arnolds aka The Snake Man who adviced how one should behave and handle snakes
Snake handler's remarkable skills amazed South Africans
A man was recorded removing a Cape cobra inside a home in the Western Cape. Image: Stock photo/Getty and @slangouwp/TikTok
Source: UGC

A snake handler fearlessly confronted a Cape Cobra that had invaded a family's kitchen cabinet.

The spine-chilling moment was caught on camera and displayed the handler's bravery in the face of danger.

Man catches venomous snake

The gent skillfully manoeuvred his tool and hand to extract the venomous snake from the tight confines of the cabinet.

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He fearlessly reached out and grabbed the cobra with his bare hands, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

Mzani amazed by snake video

Towards the end of the TikTok posted by @slangouwp viewers breathed a collective sigh of relief. The agile cobra was successfully captured without being harmed and the family was safe. The dramatic rescue garnered thousands of views.

Watch the video below:

TikTok users praise snake handler

South Africans raved about the handler's expertise and unwavering dedication to protecting both humans and wildlife.

Read a few comments below:

@waykesboltman stated:

"This guy put his hands there."

@esp_3000 wrote:

"What did you expect with a cabinet like that?"

@NightThinker asked:

"So you put your hand there like it’s not poisonous?"

@CaseyVanZyl mentioned:

"Good stuff, without harming her either."

@Tish shared:

"Anyway, I wish I knew this guy as we found a black mamba in our clothing and had no one to call."

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@rietbok posted:

"Don't these homeowners ever clean their kitchen cupboards?"

@jerome asked:

"Is it a male or female? Because if it's female there might be eggs left under that cabinet."

@sanetjoubert6 added:

"Stunning catch dude! 100/10! "

Expert weighs in on handling snakes

Jason Arnold is a professional snake rescuer who established The Snake Man in 1999. Its sole purpose is to create a service for the community that will safely remove unwanted reptiles from homes and business premises.

He explained what one should do when they come across any snake including a Cape Cobra.

"If a person were to come across any snake, don't interfere with it. By doing so you put the snake in a position where it feels scared/threatened. Just back away from it and leave it alone or call an expert when it invades a space with people present.'' He said

He further added:

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"Cape Cobras are one of the most difficult snakes for the layman to identify, as they come in a variety of different colour variations. Treat all snakes as dangerous until proven otherwise by a professional."

Australian snake found in laundry basket

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The homeowner found the slithery mate snugly in the clothing basket, and the caption cautioned people to keep their eyes peeled while in Aussie. Netizens made it a point to avoid visiting the country of kangaroos because of their misbehaving wildlife.

Source: Briefly News

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