“What if They Get Hungry?”: Woman Walks With 2 Lions, Video Surprises Mzansi

“What if They Get Hungry?”: Woman Walks With 2 Lions, Video Surprises Mzansi

  • A young woman showed people online how she bravely walked with two lions at a game reserve in Gauteng
  • The lady shared that she paid R950 for a 45-minute walk with the ferocious kings of the jungle
  • Social media users shared their fear, while one person stated that they wouldn't mind cuddling the lions

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Woman walks with two lions.
A woman put her fears aside and walked with two lions. Images: @minni.enhle_.
Source: TikTok

A woman shared a clip of herself walking with two lions, which caused many people to fear for the young lady's life.

Minenhle Mkhwanazi took to her TikTok account (@minni.enhle_) to share her viral video with social media users. In the video, she bravely walks behind the big cats with a long stick on a dirt road. Towards the end, she raises her hands with clenched fists, showing courage.

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In her post's caption, Minenhle provided information about her experience with the kings of the jungle. She noted that her R950 45-minute walk took place at Ukutula Lodge & Game Reserve in Brits, roughly two hours from Johannesburg.

A confident-looking Minenhle joked that she used to herd lions and said her experience was 100% worthwhile.

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Watch the video below:

Why do people use a stick when walking with lions?

Briefly News previously shared a story about a man walking with lions with a stick. He stated that the stick was used for protection. Although the Minenhle did not explain why she carried a stick, she could also have used it for her safety.

Paul Hart, the owner of Drakenstein Lion Park, South Africa's longest-operating true sanctuary, previously explained to Briefly News his thoughts on people using a stick when walking with these wild cats:

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"The lions are habituated to a stick as a deterrent from a young age by being beaten with said sticks. The fear of the stick stays with them as they grow older.
"It is disingenuous for any rational person to think that a mere stick would ward off a lion attack. Nature is full of sticks, and lions do not fear them. The activity is nothing more than a circus act at the expense of the animals."

Online users share their fears about woman walking with lions

The viral video had many people sharing their anxieties and worries in the comment section.

Expressing their thoughts about the amount of time one gets to walk with the lions, @bonniye wrote:

"45 minutes? What if they get hungry?"

@kairoblack04 laughed and said:

"Imagine paying to risk your life."

@cuselihlestheza, who could not see themselves doing what Minenhle had done, commented:

"This is one dangerous sport I'll never do. My level of running will not survive."

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@karabo_makwela17 had a different approach to the activity:

"Can you cuddle them or at least pet them? I'm willing to risk my life for that."

Woman pays to walk with Brits lions

In a similar story, Briefly News reported about a South African woman who shared her heart-pounding experience of walking with lions at the same game reserve in Brits. Instead of paying R950 for the 45-minute walk, the woman paid R860.

People debated whether her brave escapade with the kings of the jungle was worth the price. Some playfully trolled the lion walker, jokingly suggesting that the R860 should include a life cover.

Source: Briefly News

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