Snaps of Yucky 5 Year Old McDonald's Burger Go Viral and Mzansi Wants to Gag

Snaps of Yucky 5 Year Old McDonald's Burger Go Viral and Mzansi Wants to Gag

  • A woman has taken to social media to share two pictures of an unappetising cheeseburger she bought five years ago
  • Social media users were grossed out at the photographs of the cheeseburger that had not altered much in all that time
  • The former medical receptionist had hidden the gross burger in a sealed bag in the back of her cupboard all these years

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A woman has posted pics of an old burger online and peeps can’t deal. Image: Megan Condry/ Facebook and Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

A woman has taken to social media to share a snap of a five-year-old burger she kept hidden in her cupboard and peeps are dumbfounded. Megan Condry took to her Facebook to tell the tale of the forgotten cheeseburger:

“I bought it for lunch one day on the way to work and forgot about it and then found it on my backseat 5 days later. I decided to keep it because in the 5 days it had not molded, smelled or looked bad so I wanted to see what a few years would do.”

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Condry bought the burger in 2017 and decided to keep as an experiment.

Former Medical Receptionist captioned the pics:

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“It’s been in my closet since in a bag. No smell, mold, looks like the day I bought it.”

Facebook users were astonished that the burger was still recognisable.

Donna Tabler said:

“Omg try a little bite of it lol”

Lindsay Tosten said:

“Whhhaat lol”

Orlando Smith added:

“Rehydrate it with some McDonald’s sprite.”

Nancy McClelland Condry added:

“Only you Megan!”

Ann Marie Hopkins said:

“Yuk, what does it do to your stomach?”

Robin Hess added:

“Gross Megan! Lol but that goes to show what we put in our body when eating fast food!”

Kelsey Reichard Hade wrote:

“Yep. I remember why I don't eat fast food.”

Vi Miller said:

“You should make this Public so we can share with are friends.”

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Deanna Shankle added:

“This is why i only eat fruits, veggies and meat.”

Renata Purcell said:

“Makes sense, they use embalming fluid in their food.”

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The young guy shared a snap on social media where he says he made an attempt to cook but burned the food.

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Source: Briefly News

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