Woman Gets Surprised With a Wedding in a TikTok Video, Peeps Are in Awe

Woman Gets Surprised With a Wedding in a TikTok Video, Peeps Are in Awe

  • A young woman took to social media to showcase how she got married without knowing
  • The lady shared a clip of her trying out the wedding dress to her being encored to her husband
  • Netizens loved the woman's content as they rushed to the comments section to shower her with heartwarming messages
  • Briefly News spoke to certified relationship therapy educator Paula Quinsee, who shared the impact of marrying an individual based on a surprise

This young lady was surprised with a wedding, and people were left in awe of her story. She shared the video on TikTok.

A TikTok video shows a young lady trying on a wedding dress.
A young lady shocked online users after revealing in a TikTok video that she got married without knowing. Image: @gracemwale0632
Source: TikTok

Woman says she got married without knowing

This young lady received a surprise of a lifetime. @gracemwale0632 uploaded a video on TikTok revealing that she got married without knowing. The clip shows the young lady trying on a wedding dress at a bridal shop. The stunner stated that her man lied to her that a bridal shop needed a model to showcase their latest gown, so she went along to execute the task, not knowing it was her dress for her wedding.

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As the clip continued, the young lady was in a car and escorted to her partner. She then showed off her ring. At the end of the video, she unveiled her husband and herself standing in the streets in their wedding attire.

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Taking to her TikTok captions, she said:

"How I got married without knowing did not know was getting married."

Why should you not get married without knowing

Speaking to Briefly News, relationship therapy educator Paula Quinsee said that the majority of relationships follow a standard pattern as they develop, and the couple becomes more deliberate about dating. This process varies from couple to couple. However, she notes that surprising an individual with a wedding can be bad.

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"Surprising someone with a wedding can be hugely romantic, but it can also have a negative impact by putting a person under severe pressure and making them reluctantly say yes, she says.

Paula Quinsee advised people saying:

"Before you surprise someone with a wedding, it’s a good idea to get some insights around how they feel about marriage, is it something on their radar, have they been married before and are they willing to do it again, what is their idea of the perfect wedding - something big and splashy or small and small, do they even like surprises – especially ones as big and committal as a surprise wedding," she adds.

The founder of Engaged Humans said that if one feels unsure or has any doubts, or doesn't feel ready to take that step, one should not "feel pressured to commit to getting married."

"This will only lead to heartache later. If you are unsure, be honest with your partner and communicate how you feel."

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She ended off by saying one can take the opportunity to turn the event into a promise to each other to share life and to "celebrate each other for how far you have come and possibly prevent the situation from being a disappointment for everyone, most importantly your partner who may experience embarrassment," Paula said.

Watch the video below:

Online users react to the woman's clip

Many people were shocked by the lady's revelation as they rushed to the comment section to express their thoughts, while others simply cracked d jokes in the comments

Smk bae said:

"It seems like he also got married without knowing."

Ntokozo Sithole added:

"Nothing could've prepared me for the groom."

Lung'ile wrote:

"As long as you’re happy."

Matildaclemz poked fun at the woman, saying:

"Now I know why he didn’t tell u… bruh is scared u will say no!! That suit."

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Tamikabuntinghamm commented:

"Maybe they are not in the financial situation for him to be dressed as nice as his beautiful bride but still made sure she looked and felt like a queen; he still looks great. Congratulations, newlyweds."

Bride takes centre stage with dazzling dance and stunning dress at wedding

Briefly News previously reported that a video of a stunning bride dancing at her wedding reception along with her bridesmaids has left many netizens in awe.

The TikTok video shared by the bride's friend, Zuki Lamani (@zuki_lamani), shows the beautiful bridesmaids all dolled up and dressed in black gowns dancing before the entrance of the decorated wedding venue before opening up the floor for their dear friend, the bride.

Source: Briefly News

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