From Pregnant Teen to Law Student: Woman Aces Exams and Gets Accepted to Study at 4 Universities

From Pregnant Teen to Law Student: Woman Aces Exams and Gets Accepted to Study at 4 Universities

  • A South African student, Relebohile Mokoena, defied expectations by acing her exams with a newborn
  • Mzansi applauds young mom's journey of resilience after giving birth in Grade 11, now aiming for dual law degrees at Wits University
  • Relebohile's viral story sheds light on the realities of teen parenthood but also celebrates the power of determination
Young girl falls pregnant
A young woman didn't allow teen pregnancy to stop her from achieving her academic goals.
Source: TikTok

A young woman took to social media to share her story of falling pregnant in Grade 11 as a teenager and refusing to let that deter her from her studies.

Teen prioritises studies despite falling pregnant

TikTokker @relebohile_mokoena_ shared a post featuring images from moments during a challenging time in her life.

She shared how giving was not an option for her. She gave birth a week before her exams and studied with a newborn in her arms and her breasts overflowing with milk.

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A determined @relebohile_mokoena_ passed Grade 11 with flying colours and went on to matric, which she also passed well, achieving two distinctions and impressive marks overall.

@relebohile_mokoena_ got accepted into four universities and chose to go to Wits, where she hopes to secure two law degrees.

"Yes, teen pregnancy is wrong, I stand by that, but it doesn't mean it's the end of the road. Here to encourage all teen moms to keep on, don't give up," @relebohile_mokoena_ wrote in her post.

Click here to view her TikTok post.

Mzansi applauds woman for moving on

The woman's journey inspired Mzansi netizens and how she didn't allow a single mistake to make her give up on her dreams.

JD said:

"Love that you admit you made a mistake as a teen but didn't let that dictate your. You learnt and you lived. You are a fantastic role model for that."

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Katlego Masego responded:

"This is exactly my story the only difference is I did law at UJ."

sheemzahtee commented:

"This is cutest video n greatest advice given to women n the background sound makes it adorable."

Tebogo Ntsimane commented:

"You were real with the 2nd last slide and the last one.❤️."

LethaboLaMoloto wrote:

"Last slide (why nkare o strict parent my sister?) jk. All the best on your journey ❤️."

Alex wrote:

"And some of you don't have babies mara leno faila."

20-year-old falls pregnant with 2nd baby

In another story, Briefly News reported that being a young mom is not as taboo as it used to be. This woman had her firstborn before she was 20, and now she has another on the way. Her "family disappointment" post had fellow young mommas stepping forward.

Teenage pregnancy is a pressing issue in South Africa that is leading to a lot of heartbreaking situations. Not every teen is able to take on the responsibility of raising a child; it isn't easy.

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