South Africans Turn On Cyril Ramaphosa After He Praises 2024 Budget: “Lies”

South Africans Turn On Cyril Ramaphosa After He Praises 2024 Budget: “Lies”

  • President Cyril Ramaphosa became the object of intense scrutiny and criticism after he posted that he has faith in the 2024 budget
  • Ramaphosa's words came after Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana delivered the 2024 Budget Speech, which Ramaphosa believes is heading in the right direction
  • Dr Kenneth Creamer from Wits University discussed Ramphosa's words with Briefly News
  • South Africans reminded him of the many social ills that the country is experiencing and how he has not solved many of them

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has faith in the budget speech Enoch Godongwana delivered
Netizens were unkind to Cyril Ramaphosa's confidence in this year's budget. Images: Jeffrey Abrahams/Gallo Images via Getty Images
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PRETORIA– President Cyril Ramaphosa expressed hope in the budget for 2024 and revealed that it was heading in the right direction. He heaped praises on it and believed it would create rapid economic growth.

President Cyril Ramaphosa praises 2024 budget

According to the president's X account, @CyrilRamaphosa, Ramaphosa believes that the budget tabled before Parliament could help the country achieve more inclusive economic growth. He added that the budget is on the right track. He said the country could achieve substantial economic growth by reducing debt, protecting critical services, and adding R7.4 billion to the Presidential Employment Stimulus. View the full tweet here:

Dr Kenneth Creamer shares thoughts with Briefly News.

Dr Kenneth Creamer from the Wits University School of Economics and Finance told Briefly News that Mzansi should strive to avoid a crippling economic crisis.

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"It is of fundamental importance that South Africa should continue to take decisive action to avoid being crippled by a fiscal crisis. Over the years, many countries have found their economies constrained by ever-rising debt and debt repayments to the point that international financial institutions step in, and these countries lose their policy sovereignty.
"In the 2024-25 budget presented by the Minister of Finance, Enoch Godongwana, it is clear that the government is concerned that the country’s debt repayments have become the fastest growing item in the national budget, threatening to crowd out spending on infrastructure, health, education and other services. Steps were outlined in the budget to restore better medium-term balance to South Africa’s fiscal position by limiting borrowing and seeking to avoid rising debt.
"It is a positive development that President Ramaphosa has come out subsequently, in his weekly letter to the nation, to show full support for the policy stance adopted in the country’s recent budget. Effective budgeting is about balancing taxation, borrowing and spending, and meeting ongoing priorities for social protection and service delivery," he said.

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South Africans snub his words of assurance

Netizens were unmoved by his words and pointed out what was wrong with the country, including the high unemployment rate.

Michael George Mollentze said:

"These are lies. The money pot is empty, thanks to you and your corrupt comrades. The tax base is shrinking and the source of tax collection is getting smaller."

Natasha Huckfield asked:

"When will the corruption by your people be investigated?"

Pro Freedom asked:

"How about results? Loadshedding solved yet?"

The Special One added:

"Digging into our country's reserves is heading in the right direction?"

FuelLevy Heist wanted to know:

"Can the president explain the highest unemployment as moving in the right direction?"

TikTok video of a woman explaining NHI goes viral

In a similar article, Briefly News reported that a woman went viral after posting a video explaining the National Health Insurance.

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The woman's video explained how much tax South Africans would be paying to foot the bill and how the bill would work. Many in the comment sections supported the bill and opined that paying the tax needed would be cheaper than paying for medical aid.

Source: Briefly News

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