Cyril Ramaphosa Highlights Positive Outcomes of Partnership Between Government and Businesses

Cyril Ramaphosa Highlights Positive Outcomes of Partnership Between Government and Businesses

  • President Cyril Ramaphosa used glowing terms to describe the relationship between the government and the private sector
  • He revealed that the partnership, which has been ongoing for almost a year, improved the challenges the country was facing
  • South Africans disagreed with Ramaphosa's view on the partnership and were certain that the businesses were benefitting more than the country's citizens

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President Cyril Ramaphosa spoke positively about the partnership between government and the private sector
Cyril Ramaphosa's words of encouragement about the government's partnership with businesses were given the cold shoulder. Images: Rajesh Jantilal/AFP via Getty Images and stray_cat
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PRETORIA – President Cyril Ramaphosa gave the partnership between the government and the private sector a thumbs up. Certain that the relationship between the two entities has yielded positive gains, Ramaphosa was optimistic that the partnership would benefit the country.

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Ramaphosa speaks glowingly about partnership

In the past months, the government has entered into partnerships with different businesses to solve the myriad of issues the country struggles with, and Ramaphosa has seen a glimmer of hope. TimesLIVE reported that these partnerships alleviated the devastating impacts of loadshedding, lent much-needed strength to the fight against corruption and crime and eased the burdens port operations and freight rails faced.

Ramaphosa also revealed that the private sector coughed up more than R170 million in support, and to this end, over 350 technical experts have been deployed to assist with the goals the partnership would achieve. One of these goals is to help shake the country out of the economic downturn it's been experiencing by growing the economy and creating employment opportunities.

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South Africans nonchalant about the progress

The consensus among those who discussed the partnership on social media was that only the businesses were benefiting.

Letsatsi Lethuba felt disillusioned.

“Only private companies are smiling to the banks,” he said. “Employees can’t even afford to buy eggs.”

Leon Raulstone probed Ramaphosa.

“What businesses?” he asked. “All I see are retrenchments and businesses closing down because of government’s red tape.”

Emmanuel Nxumalo made an observation.

“I think we’re going to agree with you if the unemployment rate goes down by a wide margin.”

Chris Shabangu was in disbelief.

“If that were the case,” he said, “We would not be swimming in poverty as it is happening right now.”

Tony Ganas said:

“Cheap political talks.”

Ramaphosa praises 2024 Budget Speech

In a related story, Briefly News reported that Ramaphosa fawned over the budget speech finance minister Enoch Godongwana delivered recently.

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He said the budget could be a boon for the country's economy and point it in the right direction.

South Africans, though, stood on the opposite side and accused him of lying to the country's people.

Source: Briefly News

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