Telemundo’s False Identity 2 Teasers for July 2021: Isabel dies

Telemundo’s False Identity 2 Teasers for July 2021: Isabel dies

In her quest to rescue Fernanda and her daughter Amanda, Isabel is captured by Mateo. Desperate Diego tries to locate her, but it is too late. After her death, there is a custody battle between Mateo and Diego. Keep reading False Identity 2 teasers for more.

Telemundo’s Falsa Identidad 2 Teasers
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Amanda vows to find the individual responsible for the death of her mother, Isabel. When will she realise that grandfather Mateo is not the person she believes he is?

False Identity 2 teasers July 2021

The drama on Telemundo's False Identity 2 gets tense this July. When will Mateo be defeated? Here are the teasers for False Identity 2 July episodes.

False Identity 2 Teasers
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1st July 2021 – Thursday

Isabel is ready to take the risk as she bids Ricas farewell. She later checks in at a motel and unleashes her plan. Amanda and Benito have a secret link up.

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2nd July 2021 – Friday

Mateo goes with his men to get Circe after finding out where she is hiding. Elsewhere, Isabel successfully steals her way into the land of Mateo.

3rd July 2021 – Saturday

Isabel is on a mission to save Fernanda and her daughter but finds it challenging to distract the wardens. Elsewhere, Diana confesses certain details to Chucho.

4th July 2021 - Sunday

Isabel is held captive by Mateo, who demands that she discloses her grandson's whereabouts. Apa gives orders for Diego to be captured.

5th July 2021 – Monday

Circle makes advances towards Buiture. Abel's mum reveals to Placido about Diego's arrival in La Esperanza under the protection of Rafael.

6th July 2021 – Tuesday

Alberto and Lupe work together to find out the next location of the hostages. Diego and his kin start going after them using Alberto's vehicle.

7th July 2021 – Wednesday

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Isabel and her fellow hostages suffer from dehydration as they reach the middle of the wilderness. Elsewhere, Jaime pays El Pollo a visit, and he confuses him to be Joselito.

8th July 2021 – Thursday

Diego looks everywhere for Isabel but fails to spot her. After a long fruitless search, he makes up his mind to look for her in the mortuary.

9th July 2021 – Friday

Diego goes to see Ines at the medical facility, and he is given the photograph and message left by Isabel. Meanwhile, Jaimoto takes pictures of Circe when he sees her in town.

10th July 2021 – Saturday

After finding out that Isabel was among the captives in Mateo's containers, Bracho reveals the information to a media reporter. Elsewhere, Circe is accosted by Buitre.

11th July 2021 – Sunday

Diego and Ricas are convinced that Isabel is dead and start mourning. After meeting Ramona and Mateo, Jaimito reveals that he is Joselito's twin brother.

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False Identity 2 Teasers
False Identity 2 on Telemundo episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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12th July 2021 – Monday

Apa confesses certain details to his son. Elsewhere, Mateo decides to test Jaimito and wants him to forge an official document.

13th July 2021 – Tuesday

Buitre steals fuel from gas stations so that he can sell it at a reduced cost. Later, he fights back when the authorities come to arrest him.

14th July 2021 – Wednesday

Mateo blames Hidalgo for being a crook while preparations for the burial of Isabel are underway. Later, Amanda fails to locate Isabel's corpse when she gets to the mortuary.

15th July 2021 – Thursday

Amanda promises to do everything in her power to find the individual who caused the death of her mother. Elsewhere, Juliana receives threats from Circe.

16th July 2021 – Friday

Victoria makes Diego aware of the possibility of losing the custody of Ricas. Elsewhere, Mateo and Ramona persuade Amanda to give a testimony on their behalf.

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17th July 2021 – Saturday

Diego looks for Ricas everywhere and later sees him at the grave of Isabel. On the other hand, Mateo warns Jaimito against betraying him, or he will die.

18th July 2021 – Sunday

Mateo and Diego appear in court for the custody hearing. Today, Mateo looks like a concerned grandfather.

False Identity 2 Teasers
False Identity 2 on Telemundo episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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19th July 2021 – Monday

Joselito takes advantage of Circe while Nuria identifies Fernanda. Amanda is accompanied by Alberto to the Arismendi premises.

20th July 2021 – Tuesday

Mateo will do anything to win the custody of his grandkids and even bribes Judge Sequeira. Jaimito and Salas get to Mateo's field.

21st July 2021 – Wednesday

Ruben and Patricia's plans to transfer Fernanda to the medical facility do not go as expected. On the other hand, Diego is not ready to lose his son.

22nd July 2021 – Thursday

Salas is shot, and Mateo gives orders for his final send-off, but Alberto finds out that he is not dead yet. Elsewhere, Victoria prepares Ricas to go to grandfather Mateo's place for a visit.

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23rd July 2021 – Friday

Victoria lets Diego know that they are not more than friends while Ricas is having a great time at his grandfather's place. Gaby hears someone screaming and is convinced that it is Nuria.

24th July 2021 – Saturday

The physician asks for the immediate transfer of Salas to a medical facility after assessing his wellbeing. Circe does not tell Jaimito the truth regarding his brother's hidden treasure.

25th July 2021 – Sunday

Mateo lets his granddaughter see an article that talks about Victoria Lamas. Juliana has suspicions that Circe is not telling Jaimito the truth.

False Identity 2 Teasers
False Identity 2 on Telemundo episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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26th July 2021 – Monday

Mateo holds Benito captive while Circe is working on a plan that will ensure the son of Buitre is rescued. Meanwhile, Amanda starts seeing a different side of her grandfather.

27th July 2021 – Tuesday

People living at Mateo's place are threatened. Elsewhere, Ignacio reveals to Diego that Fernanda is still breathing and is under Mateo's captivity.

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28th July 2021 – Wednesday

Diego starts working on a plan that will save Fernanda. Apa gets a tip-off from Doa Meche regarding Diego's planned attack at Mateo's place.

29th July 2021 – Thursday

Chavez is ordered to find Fernanda. Later, Victoria and Diego have a toast to celebrate the release of Fernanda.

30th July 2021 – Friday

Victoria and Diego try to get critical witnesses who can testify against Mateo to ensure they have a solid case. Elsewhere, Ramona receives an offer from Mauricio.

31st July 2021 – Saturday

Victoria is worried that Alberto and his mother might be in trouble. To save her, Diego contacts Mateo and reveals that he is the one who executed Fernanda's rescue.

False Identity 2 Teasers
False Identity 2 on Telemundo episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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He desperately looks for Isabel but fails to locate her in time. After Isabel is buried, Mateo wants custody of his grandson Ricas, but Diego is not willing to let his son go. Can he win against the wealthy and influential Mateo?

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He captures Isabel as she tries to rescue Fernanda and Amanda from his clutches. He later binds her alongside other captives, and they are taken to the desert, where they suffer from dehydration. Soon after her death, he is involved in a custody battle over Isabel's son with Diego.

After reading the above False Identity 2 teasers, the show must be on your watch list this July. Will Diego and Victoria manage to build a solid case against Mateo? The show airs every day on Telemundo at 10.00 p.m.

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