How to identify shadowless Pokemon cards and how much they are worth

How to identify shadowless Pokemon cards and how much they are worth

Pokemon cards have grown in popularity and prices since their first release in 1999. These cards are based on Pokemon, a Japanese franchise that has been around for more than 20 years. Since their launch, the company has been releasing these cardboards in editions, one of them being the Pokemon Shadowless cards. What are they, and are they of value? This article will teach you how to identify shadowless pokemon cards and know just how much they are worth.

Shadowless Pokemon cards
This is what to look for to see if your Jpokemoncard is shadowless or not. Photo: @justincards619
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After the success of the first edition runs, it was time to print more. So, the company printed more cardboards and simply removed the first edition stamps. Thus, this new edition became the mirror images of the first edition.

What are Shadowless Pokemon cards?

The first edition is obviously the rarest, the least cards are the unlimited editions, and the rarest cards are the most expensive ones. So, what exactly are you supposed to look for to distinguish between the three?

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How can you tell if a Pokemon card is Shadowless?

Shadowless Pokemon cards
One of the easiest ways to check whether a card is shadowed is by checking the right side of the image; if it has a shadow, then it is not shadowless. Photo: @OnRallyRd
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What does shadowless mean on a Pokemon card? What are their features? This is what to look for when identifying Shadowless Pokemon cards VS regular.

1. Look for the shadow on the right side of the image.

This is the easiest way to tell if a cardboard is a limited edition. Look at the right side of the image, and if you see a shadow, then it is definitely shadowed. This is because this shadow runs from the right side of the cardboard, and it was added after the second printing.

Nevertheless, because the first version and the shadowless editions all feature a shadow, you will not be able to tell them apart using this technique. Instead, you will need to check the bottom right corner of the Pokémon box to find it. A dark circle with a "1" in the middle and the phrase "edition" all-around the top of the circle indicate that it is the first edition.

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2. Checking the dates

The copyright symbol, accompanied by dates, is placed at the base of the cardboard. For example, 1995, 96, and 98 will appear on both shadowed and shadowless cards. The limited editions, on the other hand, also have the number 99. Any cardboard with the year 99 in that area is a first- or second-run card with no shadow.

3. Examine the font on the top right corner

How to identify shadowless Pokemon cards
The Onix, for example, have differences in font colour and size. Photo: @Michael11477553
Source: Twitter

For the Onix, the shadowed ones have a bolder font. Words like 'Onix' and '90 HP' are less bold on the limited editions. Another sensitive detail is the right to the left of the word 'harden'. The energy cost on the shadowed cards is right in the middle, while in the other cards, it is on the top.

How much are Pokemon Shadowless cards worth?

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Are Shadowless Pokemon cards worth more? First, it is important to note that all first editions are more valuable than other shadowless cardboards. However, they are both more valuable than other runs.

To determine the Shadowless Pokemon cards value, check its type and rarity. Shadowless Pokemon cards worth a lot of money. Just like wine, their prices keep going up. In fact, by 2017, a complete set of the 1st edition fetched at least $100,000.

If you are looking for Shadowless Pokemon cards for sale, then eBay is most likely the best place to shop.

Shadowless Pokemon cards pack

Shadowless Pokemon cards
If the Chizard's wings are blue, then the pack is for shadowed Pokemons. Photo: @JBTheCryptoKing
Source: Twitter

These issues also come in booster packs or booster boxes, and they also have a few distinctive features. When you take a look at the exterior of the box, observe the Charizard's wings. If they are green, the box is shadowless. Blue wings indicate that the pack is shadowed. However, there are also other slight differences between the Venasaur and Blastoise, but the main one is in Charizard's wings.

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So there it is! Those are the things to look at to identify shadowless pokemon cards and how much they are worth. Identifying helps fans to tell which ones are real and which ones are fake. For all Pokemon enthusiasts, be careful not to sell your cards in a rush. You never know the one you have might be worth thousands!

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