Mpura: age, girlfriend, family, death, pictures, profiles, net worth

Mpura: age, girlfriend, family, death, pictures, profiles, net worth

Are Mpura and Killer Kau dead? Mzansi received news about the musicians' deaths on Twitter yesterday afternoon. The Amapiano music stars were in a car crash with a third person. More tension filled the country when Kabza De Small's death speculations went viral. The public believed he was with the duo on the night of their demise.

The Amapiano singer was a rising star. Photo: @Khwezi JnrProf Mawombe Gabela
Source: Facebook

When did the accident happen? News has it that the artists had a gig to perform in Rustenburg. Unfortunately, they met their death on the night of 8th August 2021 while travelling to the mentioned location. The artists' fans are still waiting for information about the accident and funeral details.

Mpura's profile summary and bio

  • Real name/ stage name: Mpura
  • Date of death: 8th August 2021
  • Career: Musician and entrepreneur
  • Genre: Amapiano
  • Nationality: South African
  • Ethnicity: African
  • Religion: Christian
  • Height: 6 Feet
  • Weight: 86 kgs
  • Eye colour: Black
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Net worth: $100,000 or less
  • Twitter page: @MPURAPUDI
  • Instagram page: mpura_mpura

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Mpura's biography

Fans believe the artist was born and raised in South Africa since he spent most of his time in Mzansi. However, the name Mpura is common among Mzansi and Zimbabwe's communities. Therefore, he might have been a Zimbabwean or a South African.

The artist had a clothing and design business. Photo: @mpura_mpura
Source: Instagram

The star's real name is a mystery, but people speculate that his stage name was also his second name. Who is Mpura's girlfriend? The celebrity never publicly introduced any woman as his girlfriend or wife. Additionally, fans are in the dark regarding his family.

Interesting facts about the late singer

The artist has left a permanent mark in Mzansi's music and celebrity world. There are several things about him that the world deserves to know.

  • Mpura's age falls between 25 and 35 years.
  • He never exposed his love life to the public.
  • The musician released his own singles and collaborations with top Mzansi artists.
  • The celeb was an entrepreneur specializing in the fashion and clothing industry.
  • He advertised clothing designs on the IG page @mpura_designs and his business website.
  • The artist modelled some of his brand's clothing designs on IG.
  • He loved African and Scottish traditional attires.
  • Mpura's net worth was approximately $100,000 or less.

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Kabza De Small did not die with the artists

Mzansi was restless for the rest of the day after learning about artists' death. Many people were asking, "is Kabza De Small dead?" Therefore, Kabza De Small assured his fans via Twitter that he was alive. Mzansi celebrities and the public are still posting their condolences to the deceased's loved ones.

Mpura's songs

Would you love to listen to the artist's latest and most popular Amapiano songs? Most of his songs are on Spotify and other free music downloading platforms, and the most popular ones include:

  • Umesebenzi Wethu
  • Ha Omarata
  • Ngwana Mani
  • Fudumeza Amanzi
  • IDlozi
The deceased artists were colleagues and friends. Photo: @StheMngoma.ZA
Source: Facebook

The celeb has also featured in multiple collaborations. Some of those tracks have millions of YouTube views. Below is a list of his latest and most successful music collaborations:

  • Izolo
  • Ngwana Mani
  • VSOP
  • Ulazi
  • Ama Wazawaza
  • Phuze (Remix)
  • Khuzeka

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The artist's profiles and photos

Mzansi had just noticed the star's unique talent and was looking forward to more tracks from him. The rising star had 385k followers on Instagram and 85k on Twitter. Unlike most celebrities, the Amapiano singer did not have a YouTube channel. Most of his pictures are on his IG.

1. The musician loved basketball

He was a sports and music enthusiast. Photo: @mpura_mpura
Source: Instagram

Was he a basketball player? Well, that would be difficult to know since the celeb kept most of his life away from the camera. Whether he loved/played the game or not, he still looked great in the outfit.

2. The musician had an eye for the millennials' fashion

The artist would step out in dashing outfits. Photo: @mpura_mpura
Source: Instagram

His sense of fashion reveals how he loved the best things in life. However, the singer neither showed off his wealth nor tagged his locations on social media. He only posted a handful of pictures that showcased his exquisite dressings styles.

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4. He was an excellent dancer

Dancing was his "bae." Photo: @mpura_mpura
Source: Instagram

Singing and dancing was a vital part of the celeb's personality. It seems the artist knew he was born to be a musician and went for it. There are multiple IG pictures of him dancing and listening to his phone's music. The star must have learned that music heals the heart, for it cools anger and makes time fly so fast. No wonder he was always happy.

5. The singer was a happy soul

He always wore a pleasant and gracious smile. Photo: @mpura_mpura
Source: Instagram

You can call him a smiling machine. If the celeb was not wearing his perfect and infectious smile on IG, he would make hilarious facial expressions. It was hard to tell whether the singer was having a bad day because his face would always light up when in public places.

6. The star loved wearing hats, caps and marvins

Headwear was part of his trademark. Photo: @mpura_mpura
Source: Instagram

The music artist was fond of headwear, and fans loved seeing him in hats, caps and marvins. He influenced many people to wear hats, for he made them look irresistibly cool and fashionable. The celeb would change haircuts and even dye his head but still cover it.

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He would wear the caps anytime and anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors and on sunny and rainy days. The artist's headwears were of different colours and designs.

7. He embraced fashion ideas from other parts of the world

He was both a conservative and radical fashionista. Photo: @mpura_mpura
Source: Instagram

On the second day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in August 2016, the singer rocked a Scottish male kilt. Scottish men wore knee-length skirt-like garments during traditional events. The late Mzansi singer is wearing a pair of black tights underneath his kilt.

8. He believed in God

The singer believed in the supremacy of one God. Photo: @mpura_mpura
Source: Instagram

One of the things you will undoubtedly notice when you visit his IG is the word "GodFirst" on his profile. The artist was soaring high career-wise, for he believed in God's existence and made Him a priority in his endeavours.

The late Mpura adds to the list of South African celebrities who passed away this year. It is heartbreaking whenever the country loses people who had a promising future. The Amapiano star will forever be in the people's hearts, and generations will listen and appreciate his songs. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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