Supercar Blondie’s net worth, age, husband, car, name, house, profiles

Supercar Blondie’s net worth, age, husband, car, name, house, profiles

Super Blondie is an automobile vlogger based in Dubai. She is known for showcasing the finest supercars worldwide. The Australian-born celebrity started her career as a television and radio presenter before transitioning to vlogging. So, what is Supercar Blondie's net worth?

Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie's husband helps her make and post the videos on her social platforms, while her younger sister is their content manager. Photo: @supercarblondie
Source: Instagram

The celebrity has close to 67 million followers on social platforms as of October 2021. She has 42 million on Facebook, 7.9 million on TikTok, 71.8k on Twitter, 9.3 million on IG, and 6.9 million subscribers on YouTube. Is Blondie Supercar rich? The vlogger is a multimillionaire.

Supercar Blondie's profile summary

  • Full name: Alexandra Mary Darvall
  • Other names: Alex Hirschi
  • Famous as: Supercar Blondie
  • Place of birth: Brisbane, Australia
  • Date of birth: 21st September 1985
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Age: 36 years
  • Current residence: Dubai
  • Profession: Television presenter and Automotive vlogger
  • Education: The University of Queensland and the City University of Hong Kong
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Parents: Julie and Richard Darvall
  • Siblings: 3
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Nik Hirschi
  • Net worth: Approximately $17 million
  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Hair colour: Blonde
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Facebook page: Supercar Blondie
  • Instagram page: supercarblondie
  • Twitter page: @supercarblondie
  • Tiktok page: supercarblondie
  • LinkedIn page: Alex Hirschi
  • Website: Super Blondie
  • YouTube Channel: Supercar Blondie

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Supercar Blondie's biography

Supercar Blondie's real name is Alexandra Mary Darvall but prefers to be called Alex Hirschi. Hirschi is her husband's surname. The rich family is from Australia where she was born. Supercar Blondie's parents are Julie and Richard Darvall, and she has three siblings.

Supercar Blondie
She describes herself as a car entertainer who appreciates each car's aesthetic beauty. The Esquire Magazine Middle East mentioned her as an Influencer of the Year in 2018. Photo: @supercarblondie
Source: Instagram

Supercar Blondie's age is 36 years at the time of writing this. She was born in Brisbane, Australia, on 21st September 1985. Jay and Nina are her older brother and sister, respectively. Alex's younger sister is called Kate.

Her father and older brother work on cars, while she only has driving skills. She never knew fancier cars than her dad's Toyota Land Cruiser until she spotted a limousine while on holiday in the US at age 15.

Alexandra later saw more luxury cars when she joined a high school in Brisbane and fell in love with the Bentley Continental GT. However, her first car was a rusty Mitsubishi Lancer her older siblings passed down to her.

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Who is Supercar Blondie married to?

Alex's marriage has blossomed for 17 years. Supercar Blondie's husband, Nik Hirschi, was a banker before becoming her full-time partner in vlogging. He handles their brand's development, strategy, and public relations.

Supercar Blondie
She swapped her radio name "Radio Blondie" with "Supercar Blondie" and got a breakthrough in vlogging after three years. Photo: @Safar Saf
Source: Facebook

The couple began dating before joining the University of Queensland. A video of Nik gifting his wife a Ferrari 448 during 2018's Valentine's Day went viral.

Career history

Alexandra earned a journalism/business degree from the University of Queensland in 2008. She also studied at the City University of Hong Kong from 2007 to 2008. The lady has worked for the following companies:

  • 2006-2007: Southern Cross Austereo in Australia as a TV presenter
  • 2009-2010: Hong Bao Media in Singapore as TV presenter and producer
  • 2010-2012: Deutsche Bank in Germany as a corporate service coordinator
  • 2012-2017: Arabian Radio Network's Dubai Eye 103.8 FM in Dubai as a radio presenter
  • 2017 to date: Presenter at Supercar Blondie entertainment company in Dubai

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In 2015, she borrowed a Flying Spur at Bentley for the weekend after her radio show on Dubai Eye 103.8 FM. Since she had never driven a luxury car before, Alexandra decided to borrow more posh cars from Bugattis to Ferraris.

Alexandra posted videos on her IG page of 300 followers but got no views. However, she had an extraordinary experience with the cars. She did more car content later as a part-time job when one of her videos went viral.

Supercar Blondie
She used her phone instead of professional filming tools and resigned from radio presenting when her IG page hit 50,000 followers. Photo: @supercarblondie
Source: Instagram

More brands approached her to market their cars. A superclub in the UAE invited her to join over 100 supercars and hypercars racing near the Saudi Arabian border. Police escorts cleared the traffic for them.

Alexandra decided never to return to radio after the biggest photoshoot of her life. Her other incredible experience was working with 20-year-old guys from affluent families in Mexico. Each one of them owned at least five luxury cars.

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Police helicopter escorts and bodyguards in bulletproof Maybachs protected them. In June 2018, Alexandra co-presented a LaFerrari Aperta and a Bugatti L'Or Blanc on Germany's RTL2 TV's car show, GRIP Das Automagazine.

She was a host of the Car Crews With Supercar Blondie show on Broadcasting and Cable in January 2019. In 2020, the social media influencer won a Shorty Award for Breakout YouTuber.

How much is Supercar Blondie worth?

Supercar Blondie's net worth in dollars is a whopping 17 million. The amount seems to be increasing by the day. How much was the Frank Muller watch from Supercar Blondie? Alexandra showed off her Franck Muller Vanguard Encrypto watch worth $56,000.

Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie's Frank Muller watch uses the private key to set up a cryptocurrency wallet. Furthermore, it displays transactions and real-time balance. Photo: @supercarblondie
Source: Instagram

Regal Assets added a USB stick that holds a private key to the diamond-encrusted rose gold watch. Moreover, it has alligator leather straps, and it scans bitcoin wallets' laser-etched QR codes.

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Supercar Blondie's cars

What supercar did Supercar Blondie buy? Alexandra and her husband bought a McLaren 720S to reward themselves for working hard for three years.

What is Supercar Blondie's phone number? Since her number is confidential, inquire about Supercar Blondie's job applications on her company's website. In addition, the company posts job vacancies on LinkedIn.

Supercar Blondie's sister, Kate Darvall, is her company's content manager. Alexandra sold her Lamborghini Huracan shortly before the COVID 19 lockdown and bought a Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge three months later.

Supercar Blondie
The Arabian Business magazine listed her among the 50 most influential businesswomen and nominated her among the 30 most influential women in Arab in 2018. Photo: @supercarblondie
Source: Instagram

The couple made a down payment on a Tesla Cybertruck and want to buy a custom-made Jeep from Florida. The couple does not only own fancy cars; Supercar Blondie's house has a $100,000 gym and more five star luxuries.

Most of Supercar Blondie's net worth stems from YouTube, Instagram and brand endorsements. Moreover, the lady has an excellent relationship with car manufacturers worldwide.

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