Duduzane Zuma biography: age, wife, wedding, siblings, parents, education, qualifications, scandal, cars, house and net worth

Duduzane Zuma biography: age, wife, wedding, siblings, parents, education, qualifications, scandal, cars, house and net worth

For the longest time, Duduzane Zuma has been on the limelight for the most controversial reasons. The most recent scandal that nearly saw him behind bars for corruption charges happened a few months ago. He was accused of being involved in a corruption incident where one of the Guptas brothers tried to offer the Assistant minister of finance then, a bribe worth R600 million.

Duduzane Zuma qualifications and education background
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Duduzane Zuma is Jacob Zuma's most famous son and a controversial figure in the country. His name has always come up in the list of the most controversial South Africans because of his involvement with the Guptas. The Guptas are a family that are running most of the businesses in the country and have a chain of corruption cases linked to them. This is the main reason that has caused most people to question the latter's involvement with the family, especially in matters regarding business.

Duduzane Zuma biography

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Zuma son, Duduzane Zuma is a businessman and philanthropist.

Duduzane Zuma age

How old is Duduzane Zuma? He was born on May 20th, 1984. As of 2019, he is thirty-five years old.

Duduzane Zuma parents

He is the second son to Kate Mantsho and the former president Jacob Zuma.

Duduzane Zuma mother

Who is Duduzane Zuma's mother? The latter's mother is Kate Mantsho Zuma. Unfortunately, Duduzane Zuma's mother committed suicide in 2000 when he was only sixteen. It is alleged that her death is likely to have been caused by an overdose of malaria medication and sleeping pills.

Duduzane Zuma siblings

Duduzane Zuma biography: age, wife, wedding, siblings, parents, education, qualifications, scandal, cars, house and net worth
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When the latter's mother passed on, she left behind five children: Mxolisi Saady Zuma who is the eldest of his late mother's children, his twin sister Duduzile Zuma, Phumzile Zuma, his younger sister and his late brother Nhlakanipho Vusi Zuma. Vusi passed on in 2018 after suffering from systematic lupus erythematosus, commonly known as lupus. He died at the age of twenty-five.

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Apart from his mother's children, the latter has eighteen other siblings form his father's other wives. Out of all of Zuma's children, he is the most popular.

Duduzane Zuma wedding

In May 2015, during his thirty-first year, the latter married the love of his life in a colourful wedding that was held in the Fairmont Hotel in Zimbali. The white wedding was followed by a traditional wedding ceremony that was held in the former president's home in Nkandla in the northern region of KwaZulu-Natal.

Duduzane Zuma wife

The name of Duduzane's wife is Shanice Stork, so, if you were out asking, 'is Duduzane Zuma married?', yes, the latter officially got off the hook in 2015. Unlike her partner, Duduzane Zuma wife keeps away from the public. It was alleged that Shanice was pregnant in 2007 with their first child and her travelling from Dubai to the country was restricted by her pregnancy.

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Duduzane Zuma education

Growing up under the care of a parent who understood the value of education and how well it would impact the future, the latter was no exception as his father greatly invested in his education.

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Duduzane Zuma educational qualifications

The latter attended the prestigious Pretoria Boys High School. Upon completing high school, he enrolled in the Nelson Mandela University School of Information and Communication Technology for his undergraduate level. Here, he pursued a course in Information Technology.

Duduzane Zuma career

Duduzane Zuma biography: age, wife, wedding, siblings, parents, education, qualifications, scandal, cars, house and net worth
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After university, he had difficulties finding a job. In 2016, Jacob Zuma reportedly said that the Guptas helped his son when he was struggling to find a place as an intern. As such, Duduzane started his career as an IT trainee in the Gupta's companies. By 2008, Duduzane became a shareholder and Director of Mabengela Investments. In the subsequent years, he assumed the role of Director in several other companies including JIC Mining, Sahara Computers, and Islandsites Investments 255. At the same time, Duduzane acquired shares in different companies that specialized in the mining and media sector.

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Other businesses that he is linked to include:

  • Shiva Uranium
  • Westdawn Investments
  • Gemini Moon 254
  • Afripalm Horizons
  • Karibu Hospitality

In 2016, he announced that he would step down from his role in Oàkbay companies. Duduzane's ties with the Gupta family and businesses have been the subject of most discussions. Some reports indicate that the former president influenced his rise to power. However, during several interviews, Duduzane has maintained that he is his own man. Duduzame insists that his efforts (not him being the president's son) determine Duduzane's net worth. In the interview with BBC, he confirms he is wealthy and striving for more.

Duduzane Zuma house

In 2015, the latter bought a luxurious apartment in Burj Khalifa Dubai. The Duduzane Zuma house cost him about 18 million Rands. The house is situated in the tallest building Tin Dubai, Burj Khalifa. It is alleged that the latter purchased the house with the assistance of the Gupta family. In 2015, some emails leaked the information about Zuma's trying to become a resident of the United Arab Emirates.

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During an interview with BBC, the latter denied claims of owning the house. He went further to affirm that he did not own any property in Dubai, and neither did his father own property in Dubai. When asked whether his father had bought property on behalf of the Guptas, he went further to state that his father was a grown man and would not need anyone to buy property on his behalf.

Duduzane Zuma cars

The latter has showcased a strong financial backbone in the rides that he owns. One of his cars, a Porsche 911 Turbo, with an estimated worth of between $120,000 and $203,000, got involved in a road accident that left one person dead and a few others injured.

Duduzane Zuma net worth

It is not clear how much the latter is worth, however, he has shown proof of reputable financial status. One such evidence is the apartment that he is alleged to own in Dubai. The apartment is claimed to have cost him R18 million.

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It is believed that his source of wealth is the several businesses that he has managed and those that he had with the Guptas. They are believed to have a heavy impact on his net worth even though he stepped down from the role that he served in one of the companies that are owned by the Guptas.

Duduzane Zuma scandal

Duduzane Zuma biography: age, wife, wedding, siblings, parents, education, qualifications, scandal, cars, house and net worth
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Where is Duduzane Zuma? Duduzani had to answer for the corruption charges levelled against him. The allegations stem from a 2015 incident where he took Mcebisi Jonas, the then deputy finance minister to meet the Gupta family. Reportedly, the Guptas offered Jonas a bribe worth R600m and urged him to accept the position of the minister of finance. According to the allegations, among those that were present on that fateful day, there was Ajay Gupta, one of the Gupta brothers and Jacob Zuma's son. The meeting was held in the Guptas house in Saxonwold.

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The corruption charges were, however, dropped.

Duduzane Zuma news

Where is Duduzane Zuma now? Besides the corruption case that the latter was facing a few months ago, he also had a second court case where he was being charged with homicide. According to the allegations, he was accused of reckless driving and culpable homicide. The incident happened on February 2015 when his car, a Porsche 911 Turbo, was involved in a crash with a minibus. The accident left one person Phumzile Dube, dead, while several other passengers of the minibus were injured.

The final hearing of the case happened on 12th July 2019 and Tebogo Thupaatlase, the magistrate who was responsible for delivering the judgement on the case stated that the court was unable to prove the accused guilty. The lawyers that represented him told the court that there was no evidence of any form of reckless driving since the car had lost traction as the road had water and the outcome was beyond the driver's control.

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The judge agreed with what the defence lawyers told the court and said:

a reasonable driver would not have been able to see it.

It is, however, alleged that immediately after the accident had happened, Duduzane made a call to one of the Guptas. The reason for the call and what they talked about remains to be a puzzle.

duduzane zuma qualifications
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At the age of thirty-five, Duduzane Zuma seems to have accomplished much. However, he still has to prove if he rightfully earned all what he has, especially since he is believed to have been connected with the Guptas who have a chain of corruption cases linked to them.


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