Most popular tattoos for men in 2022 (images and cool ideas)

Most popular tattoos for men in 2022 (images and cool ideas)

Did you know that the word tattoo comes from the Tahitian word ‘Tatu,‘ which means to mark something? Tattooing is believed to have existed as early as 12,000 years before Christ. The Egyptians are believed to have used tattooing extensively around the time when pyramids were made. Tattoos have been through quite a revolution, with the most significant being the invention of the electric emblem machine which eliminated the need to do tattoos for men by hand. Today, few things make a better fashion statement than a well-designed and inked emblem.

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Most popular tattoos for men (images) 2019
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Men seem to be more enthusiastic about tattoos than women, and there are many reasons why people do tattoos. These include:

  1. Seeking for identity with a particular group
  2. A reminder of spiritual or cultural traditions
  3. Rebellion
  4. Artistic freedom
  5. Sexual motivation
  6. Addiction
  7. Artistic expression

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Regardless of your motivation to get an emblem, you should make sure that when you decide to have one, you have to make sure that it is not impulsive and that you do not ink something on yourself that you will later regret having. Here are some of the best tattoo ideas for men in 2018.

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Which part of the body is best to have a tattoo done?

When you have decided that you want to have an emblem done, the first decision you will have to make is the part of the body where you can have it done. The most common body parts for emblems include the forearm, chest, shoulders, legs, sleeves, and wrist. You can have fantastic sleeve tattoos for men on the sleeves and wrist tattoos for men on the wrist.

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How do you come up with tattoo ideas?

The size and design of the emblem depend on the location, but generally, there are emblems that look good in specific locations while others do not. There are even people who are daring enough to have their face and neck inked!

Good ideas on forearm tattoos for men

Brave-heart Lion

This one is a simple indication that you have courage like a lion in your heart. It is an amazing design for the inner side of your forearm.


A compass is important among travellers because it gives them a sense of direction. A compass is an indication of focus and direction in life:

Pyramid clock

Pyramids are associated with Egyptian wisdom that existed thousands of years ago. A pyramid clock means longevity and the wisdom of the time. It can also mean spirituality and determination that transcends time.

Tribal tattoos for men

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The meaning will depend on the emblem design. Here is an interesting design of tribal forearm emblems for men. It originates from Hawaii.

Mandala eye

The emblem, which comprises two circles and an eye, denotes wholeness. It also shows balance, perfection and eternity.

Most popular tattoos for men (images) 2019
Image:, @lapattyinkheart
Source: UGC

The best shoulder tattoos for men

Shoulder tattoos are arguably the second most popular tattoo type after sleeve tattoos. If you are thinking about getting some ink on your shoulders, do not shy away from trying one of the following amazing ones:

Owl skull

You can choose to have an owl emblem by itself, a skull tattoo by itself, or a combination of the owl and skull emblem. This combination signifies secret knowledge or mysterious wisdom, and the end of a certain period in someone’s life.


These have different meanings. If the dagger is piercing a heart, it could mean betrayal. A dagger skull emblem symbolizes death.

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As old as the image of a lion is in emblem culture, it is still making a comeback in 2019. The lion is considered a solar animal and it also shows power and spirituality.


This one is another old school, but still popular this year. The cross represents a connection between the physical and the spiritual. The loops are a symbol of the cyclical nature of life while for Christians, it signifies salvation.


An eagle always symbolizes courage and focus. Old as the image is in Tattoo culture, it is still one of the most popular ones.

Most popular tattoos for men (images) 2019
Image:, @cosa.v_tattoo
Source: UGC

Small Tattoos for men

One of the trendiest ways in which you can get an emblem is getting something tiny, but with a deep hidden meaning. Thanks to the flourishing emblem culture, there are literary hundreds of small tattoos which do not scream at everyone who looks at you but are still precious. If you need something small and subtle, consider having one of these on you:

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A semicolon

the semicolon emblem originated from a movement called ‘project semicolon.’ The movement was started by Amy Bleuel, who lost her father to suicide. The semi-colon, just like in a sentence, is supposed to mean that even when you feel like ending things, there is still hope for tomorrow. Below is an image of the tattoo.

Viking symbol

This one means that only you have the ability and the capacity to create your reality.


This one is an indication of the five states of consciousness in a world that is full of illusions: waking, dreaming, deep sleep, world, illusion, and transcendental state.


an anchor is used for grounding a ship and giving it stability when it docks in the harbour. You get this emblem to indicate that something keeps you grounded or gives you stability.


This simple emblem means that you have the zeal and love to explore. It is a reminder to never stop discovering new things:

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Most popular tattoos for men (images) 2019
Image: @xposetattoosjaipur
Source: UGC

Amazing chest tattoos for men

Chest tattoos are what you go for when you want to make a statement with your ink. This is where massive and elaborate tattoo designs are made because there is space. The designs made on the chest are also suitable for the back and the torso. Here are a few designs that are gaining popularity this year.

Wing chest

The emblem means that you have connected to nature and you are a free spirit.

Chesire cat’s eye

This represents a connection to a nostalgic childhood history. It could also mean that one has a vision.

Most popular tattoos for men (images) 2019
Image:, @vrtattoosbloxwich
Source: UGC

These are just a few of the interesting emblem designs that have emerged this year. Other ideas that you could explore include leg tattoos for men.

There is no rule really to which of the many types of tattoos for men you may take and where to ink yourself. This is the situation where you go with your gut. However, it would be in your best interest to avoid the faces of people that might be temporary in your lives such as boyfriends or their names and initials. Check the cleanness and hygiene of the parlour where you are getting the emblem done as it will determine the outcome and protect you from infections. Finally, take time to study the designs and be 100 percent sure of what you want and that the artist can replicate it.

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