What is the cost of prescription glasses South Africa 2020

What is the cost of prescription glasses South Africa 2020

The cost of prescription glasses South Africa depends on the brand. Each brand offers varying quality in transition coating, anti-glare coating, multi-focal lenses, eye-test, and frames. You can get prescription spectacles at R350 or a few thousand rands. What is the cheapest way to get prescription glasses? Buy them at a lower cost using your vision insurance or from a reputable retailer that offers discounts and coupons. Although contact lenses are also available to correct and improve vision, most people use bifocals.

cost of prescription glasses South Africa

Prescription glasses. Photo: eyebuydirect
Source: Instagram

What type of lens should I get for my glasses? Wear CR-39 and polycarbonate lenses because they are plastic, light, and durable, unlike glass lenses, which are slightly heavy and break easily. The type of lens coating also determines the lens's durability and how much your eyes will be protected from light. Can you order prescription glasses online? Yes. You can buy prescription glasses online without consulting an optician. However, it is recommended you visit a doctor for a checkup before wearing bifocals.

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Trendy glasses frames South Africa

Your spectacles are too big for your face if they continuously slide down your nose. Should eyeglasses cover your eyebrows? Prescription glasses frames that cover the eyebrows hide your eyes. People should see your eyes because they are beautiful. Eye-catching bifocals rims lend your face a fresh look. Unisex glasses frame designs that on fashion in South Africa include:

  1. Bright and translucent nude bifocals frames
  2. 70s oversized square spectacles rims
  3. Tortoiseshell spectacles frames
  4. Large round vintage bifocals frames
  5. Fashion cat spectacles frames
  6. Circle (perfectly round) bifocals frames
  7. The hipster black bifocals

Prescription glasses for men

Are you looking for cheap prescription glasses that are designed for men only? Although the designs of spectacles frames mentioned above are unisex, the materials, finishing, and colors of the rims are selected carefully to suit men. Below are popular prescription glasses for men:

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Horn-rimmed eyeglasses

cost of prescription glasses South Africa

Horn-rimmed prescription spectacles. Photo: samtalksstyle
Source: Instagram

Men who have oval faces, high cheekbones, and masculine facial features love horn-rimmed spectacles with thick dark rims. Horn-rimmed bifocals with neutral-colored whimsical arms that bend around the ears are the best. The cost of these bifocals is between R500 to R5000 at SmartBuyGlasses.

Tortoiseshell eyeglasses frames

cost of prescription glasses South Africa

Tortoiseshell prescription bifocals. Photo: thomas_ward_2
Source: Instagram

Narrow tortoiseshell rims with rounded lenses and flecks of amber instill confidence in men. Make a fashionable statement by wearing these spectacles to official and casual events. Desertcart imports them from the USA and sells them at almost R350 in South Africa.

Feather-light eyeglasses rims

cost of prescription glasses South Africa

Light prescription bifocals. Photo: atoloptiquecombrouze
Source: Instagram

Spectacles with feather-light frames are cool. A combination of surgical steel and titanium tapering at the bottom makes the rims and the frames' arms have graphite and tangerine. Buy them from Torga Optical for as low as R2000.

Brown eyeglasses frames

cost of prescription glasses

Brown prescription spectacles. Photo: debbiemozelledesigneroptical
Source: Instagram

These spectacles frames have sand, honey, wheat, and more beige shades or warm colors with gold undertones that flatter varying skin complexions. Men also wear spectacles with brushed beige metals and transparent beige acetate that reveal the sleek cut stainless rims beneath. R1000 will get you cool brown bifocals at Edel Optics.

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Clear eyeglasses frames

cost of prescription glasses South Africa

Spectacles with clear rims. Photo: montroseeyecarehtx
Source: Instagram

Round, oval, and square-shaped men's faces look great in clear bifocals frames and colored arms. Clear spectacle rims with black arms are popular. Men love these spectacles because they draw less attention from people compared with colored rims. Trendhim has a variety of these spectacles at R300 to R1000.

Box-wired eyeglasses frames

cost of prescription glasses

Box-wired prescription bifocals. Photo: johnjacobseyewear
Source: Instagram

Box-wired frames are cute on a round face because they give it a retro-bookish vibe with a flattering geometry. Trendy silver and gold box frames with symmetrically square lenses that have been softened by the curves are unique and affordable. SmartBuyGlasses will give them to you from R500 to R4500.

How to choose prescription glasses for kids

The size of the kid's spectacles should fit perfectly. Kid's bifocals that have ultra-flexible and unbreakable frames will save you the cost of replacing rims too often. Neovision has them at R200 to R3500. Learn about more tips for selecting prescription glasses for children besides considering the frame size.

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Prescription glasses for women

Days are gone where women were shy of wearing bifocals. Spectacles not only boost vision but also enhance the unique facial beauty of women. Here are designs of eyeglasses that women should consider owning:

Doll cat-eye prescription glasses frames

cost of prescription glasses South Africa

Cat-eye prescription spectacles. Photo: giadamasii
Source: Instagram

Doll fashion cat-eye frames make women look sexy, intelligent, and mysterious. You can wear them anywhere to any occasion and at any time of the day. R600 will enable you to buy classy cat-eye spectacles at Optically.

Box bifocals frames

cost of prescription glasses

Box-framed prescription spectacles. Photo: firmoo_optical
Source: Instagram

The discreet and elegant box frames with dark lenses are popular among female celebrities. Browline and oversize box spectacles rims are back on the market. These spectacles frames are available at Gumtree for R100 to R200. The price is negotiable.

Clear and translucent bifocals frames

cost of prescription glasses

Translucent prescription bifocals. Photo: adja_bih
Source: Instagram

Complement your unique facial features with a clear spectacles frame. They are timeless frames that match with almost every type of clothes and accessories. Choose the design you like at Amazon for lower than R150.

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Vintage eyeglasses frames

cost of prescription glasses South Africa

Vintage prescription spectacles. Photo: glasses_ng
Source: Instagram

Black vintage frames make feminine facial features pop out. These bifocals will change the way the world sees you. Designer vintage prescription spectacles cost about R2000 at Spec Savers.

Round eyeglasses frames

cost of prescription glasses South Africa

Round prescription bifocals. Photo: ranggakocomoto
Source: Instagram

Round eye frames have been on the market for decades. You will love the round and slim acetate rims because they portray women as intelligent, free-spirited, and bold. Buy designer round spectacles at Damar Optical.

Hipster eyeglasses frames

cost of prescription glasses South Africa

Hipster bifocals frames. Photo: eyesaveoptometristsa
Source: Instagram

Add round, square, or rectangular hipster frames to your office wardrobe. Wider frames add more balance to the circular features of oval and round female faces because they contrast with these facial shapes. They are available at Desert Cart for R250 to R500.

What is the best place to buy prescription glasses online?

Online sellers offer prescription glasses, online eye tests, and delivery services. An eye test price ranges from R20 to R200, depending on the optometrist center you visit. How quickly can I get a pair of prescription glasses? You have to wait for at least a week before the online sellers deliver the bifocals to you. Buy glasses online from the following sellers:

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  1. Specs Savers
  2. Optically
  3. Neovision
  4. Torga Optical
  5. Execuspecs
  6. SmartBuyGlasses
  7. Essilor
  8. Eyecafe

It would be best if you did not worry about the cost of prescription glasses South Africa but your eyes' health condition. Buy prescription glasses online from trusted sellers.

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