Generations: The Legacy teasers: March 2021

Generations: The Legacy teasers: March 2021

Generations: The Legacy teasers for March episodes reveal how Mazwi shocks everyone by his actions after being fed up with what is happening to him. On the other hand, Tracy does not give up after being snubbed and ends up proving her worth.

Generations: The Legacy Teasers
SABC1's Generations: The Legacy is a local soapie that airs every weekday at 8.00 p.m. Photo: GenerationsTheLegacy
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Siyanda is not ready to let big brother disrespect him. What will he do to prevent it? Kabisi is not happy with what he is told after waking up from his coma. On the other hand, the Minister is willing to do anything to discover the individual who set him up.

Generations: The Legacy teasers March 2021

South African soap operas are undoubtedly among the best. The quality has impacted positively on netizens' entertainment consumption as they continue to embrace local content. Read the following teasers to discover what happens in SABC1's Generations: The Legacy March episodes.

Generations: The Legacy Teasers
SABC1's Generations: The Legacy episode 46. Gif:, (modified by author)
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1st March 2021 (Monday – Episode 71/1631)

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Siyanda is ready to deal with the consequences of his actions, while Tshidi gets the retribution she deserves for a change. Meanwhile, people have been taken hostage at the police station.

2nd March 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 72/1632)

Uninvited visitors arrive at Zondiwe's home. On the other hand, Kabisi is happy with the suggestion brought up by the Moroka heir, but he is not sure how his wife will take it. Tracy is determined to go on even after getting snubbed.

3rd March 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 73/1633)

Mazwi's celebratory mood at his party comes to a sudden end. Why? Ayanda accidentally spills the beans she was not supposed to while someone gets caught up with his own lies.

4th March 2021 (Thursday – Episode 74/1634)

After overhearing a particular conversation, Nontle becomes restless. What will she do? Meanwhile, Tshidi has the perfect plan to play her husband. Will the plan work? A few shocking incidents are happening to Jack today.

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5th March 2021 (Friday – Episode 75/1635)

Gadaffi has an unimaginable proposal that he is yet to share. Someone is confused by what they should find because they are not sure what they are looking for. Later at night, Zondiwe is woken from her sleep by certain noises.

Generations: The Legacy Teasers
SABC1's Generations: The Legacy episode 46. Gif:, (modified by author)
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8th March 2021 (Monday – Episode 76/1636)

Mazwi is convinced that his CEO conceded defeat but maybe in for a rude shock. Meanwhile, Kabisi is confused by his mother-in-law's strange behaviour, while Siyanda is not ready to be treated with disrespect by big brother.

9th March 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 77/1637)

Tshidi receives a disturbing phone call, and she pretends that all is okay. On the other hand, Mpho makes wrong judgments regarding the situation while Bruno is not aware that someone is recording his conversation.

10th March 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 78/1638)

Kgosi finally gains consciousness after being in a coma for a while and what he hears surprises him. On the other hand, Pele makes wrongful arrests while someone is keen not to be spotted by the person they are stalking.

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11th March 2021 (Thursday – Episode 79/1639)

Luke seems to have a suitable solution for Gadaffi's issue. Meanwhile, Sphe might search for what she wants from another person if Jack chooses not to listen to reason. On the other hand, Cosmo is persuaded to handle something that he does not feel like doing.

12th March 2021 (Friday – Episode 80/1640)

Tshidi is not sure if she can withstand the temptation for longer while Siyanda finally gets the much-anticipated call and starts working right away. On the other hand, Nkaba reaches the Moroka household and is ready to fight. Will she win?

Generations: The Legacy Teasers
SABC1's Generations: The Legacy episode 46. Gif:, (modified by author)
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15th March 2021 (Monday – Episode 81/1641)

Mazwi receives disturbing news but does not seem to be affected by it. Is she just pretending? On the other hand, Mrekza pretends to be getting by okay, but he is not, while Ayanda finds herself overhearing a conversation she was not supposed to hear.

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16th March 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 82/1642)

The Minister will not rest until he discovers the individual who set him up. Meanwhile, it is surprising that someone can willingly cause themselves a cardiac arrest. On the other hand, Sharma's arrival at the ceremony ruins the celebratory vibe.

17th March 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 83/1643)

The Mabaso household is left in shock after Luzuko informs them of the disturbing news. Meanwhile, Lesedi will not rest until he has proven that the Diales are not right. On the other hand, ex-lovers bid each other farewell for good in a bittersweet moment.

18th March 2021 (Thursday – Episode 84/1644)

Ayanda wants to be told the truth and is surprised by the revelation. It seems Mazwi can go against the man who has, over time, become his friend. On the other hand, Mbali is in misery while Nontle has a plan to help.

19th March 2021 (Friday – Episode 85/1645)

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Generations: The Legacy Teasers
SABC1's Generations: The Legacy episode 46. Gif:, (modified by author)
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22nd March 2021 (Monday – Episode 86/1646)

Mpho mistakenly reveals a secret. What will be the consequences? It is hard to believe Fikile is the shebeen queen before you can see it first. Meanwhile, Sphe has a bad feeling after walking in on a certain conversation.

23rd March 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 87/1647)

Tshidi is happy after her poison works as she anticipated. Meanwhile, Zack is not a fan of being desperate for anything. On the other hand, Mazwi starts acting in a way that surprises everyone.

24th March 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 88/1648)

Siyanda must come up with a game plan prior to taking on the board. On the other hand, Mrekza receives a disturbing phone call while the situation has changed against Jozi's most prominent gangster.

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25th March 2021 (Thursday – Episode 89/1649)

At last, the Russian mobster is having his revenge and is happy with how things are going. On the other hand, Kgosi is being pressurized from every angle while Sphe's suspicions concerning the clinic continue to grow.

26th March 2021 (Friday – Episode 90/1650)

Tshindi discovers when it is too late that she blew her chances to succeed by doing too much. Meanwhile, Mazwi sees an opportunity in his friend's bad mood. What do you do when your best friend's husband starts showing sexual interest in you?

29th March 2021 (Monday – Episode 91/1651)

Pele is making every effort to make sure he gets his man. Will the efforts pay off? Siyanda gets pushed beyond the limit while Cosmo receives the answer, but it is not what he hoped for.

30th March 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 92/1652)

The brothers-in-law engage in a heated disagreement without realizing that there is someone listening to it. On the other hand, Tracy is proving to be very useful, while Lev is fascinated by the offer made by Kgosi.

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31st March 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 93/1653)

Lesedi is puzzled after finding out why Tshidi wanted to see her. The Queen of Alex did not pass away as it was thought. Meanwhile, Jack seeks help from the man he is sure he can trust.

Generations: The Legacy Teasers
SABC1's Generations: The Legacy episode 46. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to Generations: The Legacy characters?

Generations: The Legacy has some of the most talented cast, which makes every episode worth watching. Here is what happens to some of the characters in March 2021 episodes.


He thinks that his CEO has conceded defeat, but it is wrong. Later, he receives bad news but is not bothered by it. After being fed up with what is going on, he acts in a way that shocks everyone.


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She finds herself sharing a secret she is not supposed to reveal. She later overhears a secret conversation. Later, she demands to know the truth but is stunned by what she is told.


She is determined to prove herself even after being snubbed. She later discovers information that could help find a solution to a particular mystery, thus proving herself useful after all.

The above Generations: The Legacy teasers reveal the entertaining drama that awaits this March 2021. Catch all the episodes of the local soap opera on SABC1 every Monday to Friday at 8.00 p.m.

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