Safety Consultant Shares Tips During Loadshedding, Offers Solutions to Fire Risks

Safety Consultant Shares Tips During Loadshedding, Offers Solutions to Fire Risks

  • A man's neighbour lost his entire house because a candle fell on a curtain, resulting in his house getting burned during loadshedding
  • The man's house was burned and he wanted to know how he can avoid losing his home during blackouts
  • Health and safety consultant Zane Smallberger spoke to Briefly News and advised on how to be safe during loadshedding by taking precautions
A man lost his entire house during loadshedding after a candle burned it down
A safety consultant gave tips after a man lost his entire home because of a candle fire during loadshedding. Images: flashpoint and Klaus Vedfelt
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"My neighbour lost everything during loadshedding because of a candle, and I read the news about it as it is in my neighbourhood in Dutywa in the Eastern Cape. We experience hectic power outages and I am afraid of losing my house too.
"These thoughts are always with me and I cannot sleep. I'm afraid of leaving the house during loadshedding in case something like this happens. It gets even worse when my kids are at home. What can I do to ensure safety and get rid of these thoughts?"

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Safety consultant discusses what causes fires

Zane Smallberger works at SHE Group as a health and safety consultant. SHE Group is an accredited and professional health, safety, and environmental business operating throughout South Africa and in other African countries since 2008.

Smallberger told Briefly News that many things could cause houses to burn down during loadshedding, including candles, open flames, gas leakages, generators and faulty electrical connections.

"During power outages, particularly prolonged ones like those during loadshedding, the risk of fires in homes can escalate due to several factors: candles and open flames, generators and fuel sources, overloading electrical circuits, faulty wiring and maintenance, unattended cooking, appliance malfunctions, and increased candle usage," he said.

How to avoid fires from candles

"When electricity is cut off, people often resort to using candles, oil lamps or other open flames for lighting. These open flames can accidentally ignite nearby flammable materials like curtains, paper or furniture if not handled carefully. People should use flame-resistant candle holders, keep candles away from combustible items, and never leave them to attend."

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Fires caused by electrical faults and appliances

Smallberger told Briefly News about fires caused by electricity, wiring and appliances and how electrical circuits and faulty wiring and maintenance could cause fires during loadshedding.

"When power is restored after an outage, multiple appliances may be switched on simultaneously. Overloading electrical circuits can cause overheating, short circuits and electrical fires. Power outages can also exacerbate existing electrical issues. Damaged wiring, loose connections or faulty switches can spark fires.
"People should gradually reconnect appliances after the power returns and avoid using multiple high-wattage devices simultaneously. People should also regularly inspect electrical systems, address any visible damage promptly and hire a qualified electrician for repairs."

Disclaimer: Advice given in this article is general and is not the views of Briefly News. It is not intended to influence a reader's decisions. Readers are advised to seek professional help before making any decisions.

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