“I Feel Like I’m Part of the Furniture in the House”: Woman Struggles With Marriage, Expert Advises

“I Feel Like I’m Part of the Furniture in the House”: Woman Struggles With Marriage, Expert Advises

  • A troubled woman said that she is struggling with emotional neglect in her marriage
  • The wife feels that her husband pays more attention to other women than he does to her
  • The relationship expert advised her to foster an open and honest conversation with her hubby
Anonymous wrote: "I feel lost in my marriage. My husband no longer cares for my emotional needs. I feel like we are disconnected. The man who once made me feel special and loved now acts like I am part of the furniture in the house.
"He often compliments other women in front of me but never tells me I'm beautiful. When I told him I noticed how he pays attention to other women yet disregards me and my feelings, he just laughed it off.

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"I still want to save our marriage, but I don't know what to do. I am afraid that if not addressed, this may lead to a breakup because I am already exhausted morally. How can I reconnect with him and make him understand my feelings?"
A woman seeks advice after feeling emotionally neglected by her husband.
A woman felt emotionally neglected by her husband, Image: @EmirMemedovski
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Expert encourages open and honest communication

Paula Quinsee founded Engaged Humans. She is a certified Imago Relationship Therapy educator and facilitator, NLP practitioner, PDA analyst, and international speaker and author.

Speaking to Briefly News, certified relationship therapy educator Paula Quinsee said communication and understanding are essential pillars in any relationship.

"Share with your husband how you are feeling without blame or accusation, focusing on his particular actions that have impacted you using 'I' statements, for example, 'I feel neglected when you compliment other women but rarely acknowledge me.' This approach can help prevent defensiveness and encourage conversation."

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The husband may not be aware of his actions

Paula said the woman must also try to understand her husband's perspective because it is possible that he has underlying issues and is not aware of his hurtful actions.

"Try to understand your husband's perspective as he may not be aware of the extent of his behaviour and the impact it is having on you. There may be some underlying issues that he's not consciously aware of and unpacking them through these conversations together can bring you closer.
"You may want consider couples therapy to help you both address underlying issues and improving your communication skills within your marriage in a neutral and supportive space."

Work on bringing the spark back into the relationship

The expert concluded that the couple need to plan regular date nights to bring the spark back. She also emphasised the importance of having patience in the process.

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"You can look to nurture your connection and intimacy in your relationship through planning regular date nights or activities that can help you reignite the spark and strengthen your bond while small gestures of affection and appreciation go a long way in rebuilding trust and intimacy.
"A caution that rebuilding a connection takes time, effort, and mutual commitment from both partners, so manage your expectations while being patient, open, supportive and understanding of each other will go a long way in getting you back on track again."

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