Sonia Mbele Stuns Mzansi As She Shares the Terrible Story of Her Deadbeat Baby Daddy: “Yoh Amadoda”

Sonia Mbele Stuns Mzansi As She Shares the Terrible Story of Her Deadbeat Baby Daddy: “Yoh Amadoda”

  • Actress Sonia Mbele stunned Mzansi after she shared details about her deadbeat baby daddy during her interview on King David Studio podcast
  • Sonia shared that her firstborn's baby daddy, with whom she had been in a relationship for nine years, never maintained their son
  • She also mentioned that they bumped into each other at a supermarket in Melville, and he only bought their son biltong
Sonia shared that her baby daddy has never supported nor maintained their son
Sonia Mbele shared a story about her firstborn's deadbeat baby daddy. Image: @thee_sonia
Source: Instagram

Bathong, actress and businesswoman Sonia Mbele unpacked details about her deadbeat baby daddy during an interview on a podcast after she allegedly confirmed her life-changing health condition.

Sonia says her deadbeat baby daddy doesn't maintain their son

The former Generations actress has made headlines again after trending about her SARS tax woes. During her interview on the King David Studio podcast, she shared a terrible story about her deadbeat baby daddy, who is the father of her firstborn son.

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In a video shared on Twitter (X) by @ZamaNdosiCele18, Mbele shares how she was in a relationship with the unknown man for nine years but has never supported nor maintained their son since birth.

She also mentioned that they bumped into each other at a supermarket in Melville when she went to buy groceries for their son, and he asked her what she was doing there.

She said:

"I was in a line going to pay for the food I had bought for my son, and he called out my name and asked me what I was doing there, and I told this is a supermarket, right, so I am here to buy groceries, he then looked over my groceries and saw that it is baby stuff, you what he did? He passed by me and went to the kiosk to buy himself cigarettes. Instead of telling the cashier that he would handle my bill, he returned to me with a brown paper with biltong and said uzopha umfana."

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Watch the video below:

Sonia stuns netizens with the information she shared

Shortly after netizens listened to the clip, many were in awe about how her deadbeat baby daddy treated her, and some shared that this does happen in real life, while others defended the unknown man:

@NevondoRi wrote:

"It’s not black man, and it’s her man, the kind of guy she chose. She knew he was like that when she opened her legs for him it’s not like he was an upstanding guy who just changed."

@Ramaesela2011 said:

"I once watched a man make his wife return those 6× 1liter milk cartons so she can pay for his cigarettes. Then she asked, "Abantwana bazodlani?" And he just gave her a mean look. They chose cigarettes over milk."

@LOtheOG mentioned:

"This is actually so sad and disappointing. Yho!"

@pumezamdangayi replied:

"9 years in a relationship, get pregnant, and this is your life. Andizi guys. Ke sharp."

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@vsmzb shared:

"Some brothers are trash."

@SthahMk commented:

"When I catch you, black man. I don’t even need to hear the dad’s side of the story. This happens for real; it is just that some women have the guts to say it."

@polo_sthe defend the baby daddy:

"You date a guy & you are probably toxic towards him when he bcomes what u wanted, ufaka nathi in the end, we take care of our kids ungasifaki emanyaleni akho wesisi, say, my black man, ucacise, sasingekho, singenaphike."

@MandisaM9 responded:

"Yoh. Amadoda!"

Sonia Mbele's video sparks BBL rumours

In more entertainment news, Briefly News reported that Sonia Mbele had a BBL in her mid-40s. The former Generations star has raised her fans' eyebrows.

Actress Sonia Mbele has made headlines once again. The star, who was recently involved in tax evasion, has raised suspicions on social media of her having done a BBL while she claimed that she has a specific health condition.

Source: Briefly News

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