Busta 929 Gets Dragged Again After Paballo Noko Announces That the DJ Is Her Ex-Lover

Busta 929 Gets Dragged Again After Paballo Noko Announces That the DJ Is Her Ex-Lover

  • Young social media influencer Paballo Noko shared details about her relationships with older men
  • The star announced that she dated Busta 929 when she was 15 and he was 30, she also mentioned that the oldest guy she dated was 40
  • Netizens dragged Busta 929 once again on social media, and some accused him of taking advantage of the young girl
Busta 929 gets dragged on social media for dating Paballo Noko
Paballo Noko said she dated Busta 929 when she was 15 and he was 30. Image: @paballo.noko/ @busta929
Source: Instagram

Amapiano pioneer Busta 929 finds himself making headlines again for being involved with an underage girl after influencer Paballo Noko dished out some information.

Paballo Noko confirms that she dated Busta 929

During a sit-down interview on the Spreading Humour podcast with Seemah, Noko shared information about her past and previous relationships with older men.

The star, who recently showed off her new Porsche car, announced and confirmed during the interview that she dated Busta 929 when she was 15 years old and he was 30 years old. Paballo also mentioned that the oldest man she has dated turned 40 years old this year.

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The young influencer also shared that she regrets her past actions and that if given a chance to change her past, she would.

See the full interview below:

Busta 929 gets dragged once again on social media

After an X user, @DladlaT_, also shared a short clip of the interview on Twitter, many netizens dragged Busta 929, calling him a predator for dating Paballo at the age of 15. See some of the comments below:

@Mfundo_Kanan wrote:

"She must go to the nearest police department to open a case."

@GI_Irvin responded:

"A 15-year-old, does this girl have parents or family because if he did this to my relative, he’d be in ICU, I swear."

@JayDi1984 shared:

"I'm conflicted on this because it is against the law. Busta should be arrested, followed by her parents or guardians, for child neglect. Are we saying 15 and 16-year-olds don't know what they are getting into?"

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@DarkoR1ude said:

"If this is actually true, he should get locked up, and she was literally a minor and half his age."

@TruthPill8 mentioned:

"There's no law in South Africa! A predator repeatedly engages in this kind of behaviour, and he's not been arrested even once!"

@faloe wrote:

"I’m not happy with how y’all joking around this issue, and it’s like normalising the abnormal in our society. How can Busta sleep with a minor…& the whole country just let it slide??? Maybe it’s allowed in SA, is it?? Can someone enlighten me on what the law says?"

@AbutiKeba commented:

"This is not something to joke about, especially if it involves a minor. Paballo is a victim of Busta. How do you undress a 15-year-old child?"

DJ Kotini goes on a rant regarding slay queens being DJs

In a previous report from Briefly News, Durban-based DJ Kotini lashed out at club promoters for hiring slay queens instead of talented DJs. Kotini also mentioned that the loss of bookings has led to his mental health taking quite a heavy knock.

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However, one person has not corroborated Kotini's story and claimed that drugs cause his lack of bookings.

Source: Briefly News

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