Dr Malinga’s Version of ‘Tshwala Bami’ Dance Challenge Leaves Mzansi People in Tears on TikTok

Dr Malinga’s Version of ‘Tshwala Bami’ Dance Challenge Leaves Mzansi People in Tears on TikTok

  • Dr Malinga refused to be left out of the Tshwala Bami dance challenge and recently posted a video of his version
  • The Petronella hitmaker can be seen in the TikTok clip busting the viral moves but at a very fast pace
  • The musician's hilarious take left Mzansi people on the platform in stitches and rating his performance
Dr Malinga participated in a viral dance challenge
Dr Malinga participated in the 'Tshwala Bami' challenge and his video went viral. Image: @drmalinga
Source: Instagram

Dr Malinga takes part in trending challenge

The singer participated in the Tshwala Bami challenge, but his speedy execution of the vibey moves had people scratching their heads.

Dr Malinga posted the video on his TikTok account and viewers dragged him to hell and back.

The Tshwala Bami challenge is the latest craze on social media, and people from all corners of the country can't get enough of the smooth routine.

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Dance video goes TikTok viral

Malinga's botched and hilarious version racked up a whopping four million TikTok views and over 20K comments.

Watch the video below:

Mzansi rates Dr Malinga's dance

The video served as comedic relief for some viewers and they had fun in the comments section ripping Malinga apart.

See some comments below:

@Eyes_Diamond asked:

"Uthi ulwelani manimbuza."

@Keneuwe_Machili wrote:

"Dr Malinga, the aim is not to sweat hleng."

@SpArkLe wrote:

"Is it me or Dr Malinga is not ageing mara? Please share the ingredients."

@robinongeri970gypsy joked:

"Why are you doing it in capital letters?"

@edithmassagreene mentioned:

"I came here looking for those who laughed as hard as I did. Peace✌"

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@pretty_hellah said:

"You just turn this dance into Igbo cultural dance."

@Lebohangmotseki posted:

"Aaaaaikhona. Let's leave ma 2000 to dilo tsa bona. Rona we must just wait for Easter reye Moria."

@Nape added:

"Eyo, this is more than enough energy to end loadshedding."

Dr Malinga dances with wigs and women’s clothes

Keeping with Dr Malinga, Briefly News reported that the musician landed himself on everyone's radar with his insane TikTok live sessions.

Malinga has a solid following on TikTok and over 300K likes. He goes on TikTok live daily at 8pm and nobody knows what stunt he will pull. On his last session, he wore a colourful wig and a dress and had a small purse.

Source: Briefly News

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