Prince Kaybee Shares That an Employee Stole From Him: “I’m So Disappointed, Man”

Prince Kaybee Shares That an Employee Stole From Him: “I’m So Disappointed, Man”

  • Prince Kaybee recently shared on social media that an employee stole from him, expressing disappointment
  • This incident adds to a trend where celebrities like DJ Zinhle and Faith Nketsi have faced similar betrayal
  • Briefly News interviewed expert Paula Quinsee, who emphasised the importance of addressing workplace issues promptly to maintain a healthy work environment

Prince Kaybee is counting his losses after an employee stole from him. The star adds to the long list of celebrities who have fallen victim to the people they trusted.

Prince Kaybee on his employee stealing from him
Prince Kaybee has revealed that an employee stole from him. Image: @princekaybee_sa
Source: Instagram

Prince Kaybee's employee steals from him

It looks like no one is safe from being swindled by their employees. Many celebrities have fallen victim to untrustworthy employees. Stars like DJ Zinhle and Faith Nketsi shared their ordeals with thieves.

Popular music producer and businessman Prince Kaybee recently took to social media to share his experience. Although he did not detail what was stolen and whether or not the perpetrator had been caught, the Gugulethu hitmaker expressed sadness. He wrote:

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"An employee stole from me today, the first time ever. I’m so disappointed, man."

Expert weighs in on how employers can deal with such situations

Briefly News spoke to Certified Relationship Therapy Educator and founder of Engaged Humans, Paula Quinsee, who explained how employers and their workers can deal with toxic work environments.

She listed important factors that can allow both parties to have a good working relationship and prioritise their mental health at work. She said:

"Your people are your business, and if your people are not well, your business is not well, resulting in factors such as absenteeism, reduced productivity, low staff morale and high staff churn. It’s important to address any issues as soon as they arise in an amicable way by encouraging open dialogue and active listening with all parties involved."

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She added:

"Keep records of incidents that have taken place, such as inappropriate behaviour (stealing), confrontational situations, and the like. This will help you provide evidence if needed, but also give context to situations should you be unsure as to whether your experience is real or not (e.g. bullying, narcissism, gaslighting, etc).
"Implementing mindfulness practices such as meditation and journaling can help with stress reduction and relaxation to be able to manage your energy resources."

Fans empathise with Prince Kaybee

Social media weighed in on the star's post. Some people shared their thoughts, while others shared similar experiences.

@Mawi_Mtshi said:

"@PrinceKaybee_SA don't be quick to fire him/her. Try to talk to the employee if uyavuma he/she really stole and returns whatever he/she stole and is also remorseful give the person a warning."

@PhilMphela commented:

"Bra! A friend scammed me. A brother that I trusted, chilled with… I hosted him and his woman in my house, etc. Trust nobody in JHB."

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@WhyUfikelate said:

"Replace whoever with me, l won't steal, l just need to earn little."

@tshepo_maphepha commented:

"Sorry,bro. That is something you can't prevent in a business."

@Melo_Malebo noted:

"That was so uncalled-for and I hope he knows there’s no going back. He ruined it all."

Faith Nketsi blasted after revealing her Malawian helpers robbed her

In more entertainment news, Briefly News reported that Faith Nketsi Njilo detailed how her helpers from Malawi stole some valuable items from her mother's house and fled.

The reality television star said she had allowed the workers to stay at another property she purchased next to her mother's house.

Source: Briefly News

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